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- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Started: Mar-30 01:11 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Christian Liberals/Progressive People of Faith Group Skinner Admin Started: Dec-31 10:06 AM0
- if you have given up on the bigotry in r/t, just post here.e. e. Thats my opin... Started: Dec-05 11:53 PM1
- St. Mark Lutheran welcomes gays, lesbians William769 Started: Dec-02 01:12 PM4
- I just found this group, sad to say I did not know it was here, happy to say that I found it! William769 Started: Dec-02 01:11 PM0
- Facepalm 47of74 Started: Nov-23 11:51 PM0
- I think here is a new willingness Thats my opin... Started: Nov-23 08:50 PM0
- A warning to clergy--I just discovered a parishioner has been following me here. Critters2 Started: Oct-22 04:16 PM1
- Jesus Seminar - On the Road...I'm catching it in Madison this month 54anickel Started: Oct-03 09:08 PM5
- I've been on a Hedges video roll today. This one stuck out today.... 54anickel Started: Sep-24 07:53 PM1
- The God Who Fits Our Agenda: 9/11 Then and Now 54anickel Started: Sep-10 10:45 AM0
- Wonderful 9-11 memorial prayer I found at Clayfire's facebbok page 54anickel Started: Sep-08 04:39 PM2
- McLaren - "This is Not Actually a Blog Post About Homosexuality, Part 2" 54anickel Started: Aug-20 10:33 AM2
- Things have really begun to pick up here. Thats my opin... Started: Aug-18 06:47 PM3
- Is Rick Perry as Christian as He Thinks He Is? Divine Discon... Started: Aug-15 06:41 PM4
- Is anyone familiar with Vineyard churches? ButterflyBloo... Started: Aug-14 02:01 PM5
- Five Scriptures You Won't Hear at Rick Perry's Prayer Event (from a Presbyterian minister) UrbScotty Started: Aug-08 12:36 AM2
- Ugh. Neighbor dropped by a leaflet for the Franklin Graham festival coming up in Milwaukee... 54anickel Started: Aug-06 10:05 AM2
- to all liberal posters--or even those who open these posts Thats my opin... Started: Aug-05 11:37 AM0
- You know that "I do not like your Christians" quote? Gandhi probably didn't say it after all UrbScotty Started: Jul-24 03:26 PM4
- Great line from this morning's sermon Lydia Leftcoa... Started: Jul-10 06:31 PM3
- This is My Song - Indigo Girls 54anickel Started: Jul-08 02:04 PM4
- Let me reply to all of you Thats my opin... Started: Jun-24 07:51 PM4
- Does anyone even check this out any more? Thats my opin... Started: Jun-21 05:32 PM2
- I am an Episcopalian.... jme0318 Started: May-17 01:16 PM5
- Many of us a looking at a spirited liberal religious forum Thats my opin... Started: May-16 01:14 PM6
- OUR MOST NOBLE VISIONS Thats my opin... Started: Apr-27 01:06 PM1
- The Easter sermon of St. John Chrysostom Lydia Leftcoa... Started: Apr-24 04:57 PM1
- Feliz Pascua a todos. demosincebirt... Started: Apr-24 02:58 PM1
- Good Friday sermon (a must-read, IMHO)... regnaD kciN Started: Apr-23 12:49 AM2
- Happy Good Friday wryter2000 Started: Apr-22 11:35 AM2
- PASSOVER, EASTER AND THE SURVIVAL OF HOPE (4/20) Thats my opin... Started: Apr-20 11:30 PM2
- Trying for a life well lived... BanzaiBonnie Started: Apr-14 10:57 AM0
- Could this be the biggest find since the Dead Sea Scrolls? gateley Started: Apr-03 11:40 PM0
- Boy, did I jump into a hornet's nest! demosincebirt... Started: Mar-30 10:54 PM5
- "How to get more young people in church"... TreasonousBas... Started: Mar-14 01:11 PM2
- Thought you'd enjoy a funny predicament I'm in wryter2000 Started: Mar-02 02:50 PM9
- Just wanted to put this out there as a possible idea for next baseball season. Ken Burch Started: Feb-23 04:53 PM0
- Please pray for the union workers and their supporters in murielm99 Started: Feb-19 12:27 AM1
- Charlie Pride Singing A Gospel Medley Dinger Started: Nov-19 11:32 PM0
- My Brother Attempted Suicide Mrs. Venation Started: Nov-15 05:45 PM6
- cbayer Started: Oct-21 02:37 PM3
- Looking for the location in O.T. where shimmergal Started: Oct-17 12:32 AM1
- A lot of Christians are praying today for famous atheist writer Christopher Hitchens (Cancer) Divine Discon... Started: Sep-20 04:43 PM6
- Anyone here interested in "open theism?" bobbieinok Started: Aug-23 05:59 PM2
- Question about who is a Christian uppityperson Started: Aug-21 03:37 PM1
- Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture supernova Started: Jun-22 03:40 PM0
- A promise is a promise, not a hedge maze. Amerigo Vespu... Started: May-30 04:28 PM2
- I started a blog for our church LGBT group wryter2000 Started: May-18 05:08 PM2
- Amazing report in newspaper shimmergal Started: May-01 11:32 AM3
- Of Deities and Deeds: A Sermon ashling Started: Apr-19 12:00 AM0
- I am having cataract surgery Monday. murielm99 Started: Apr-17 01:09 PM13
- Happy Easter Kajsa Started: Apr-04 09:08 AM3
- No matter how bad things are at your church, mine will make you feel better Critters2 Started: Apr-03 02:12 PM17
- Book recommendation: "Thinking Straight" by Robin Reardon LAGC Started: Mar-29 09:25 AM1
- No more crosses: Sermon by a Presbyterian minister in the heart of fundie country. Individualist Started: Mar-28 02:10 PM3
- Thank you, God. RevCheesehead Started: Mar-22 12:50 AM4
- 2010 Theology and Peace Annual Conference Critters2 Started: Mar-16 11:54 AM0
- Any recommendations for liberal/progressive Christian theological seminaries? liberalhistor... Started: Mar-12 01:10 AM18
- I have a friend and her name is Sheryl Stack... silverlib Started: Mar-08 10:05 PM1
- Help for Christian parents of Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgendered children. Call 888-Gay-4-God Divine Discon... Started: Mar-05 12:03 AM4
- Liberalism without Illusions Renewing an American Christian Tradition ashling Started: Feb-20 04:04 AM0
- Its good to be alive (video) demosincebirt... Started: Jan-31 05:47 PM0
- I have to share wryter2000 Started: Jan-24 04:12 PM2
- A Purpose-Driven Life? AlecBGreen Started: Jan-13 01:53 PM18
- Avatar: A Subversive Reading of the Bible? 54anickel Started: Jan-13 08:12 AM3
- A Case For Mary (A Catholic Apologist's Response) emdistortion Started: Jan-04 08:54 PM3
- Ask an ex-Jehiova's Wittness. emdistortion Started: Jan-04 08:47 PM10
- I'm not sure if I should post this yet, but here goes. murielm99 Started: Dec-26 04:59 PM3
- A Blessed Christmas to Each and Every One of You Lydia Leftcoa... Started: Dec-24 11:07 AM6
- David Phelps - O Holy Night (Come in, watch and praise the arrival of our Savior's birth long ago) Divine Discon... Started: Dec-24 02:00 AM5
- Prayers Requested For A Little Boy Who May Not Make It Through The Night Dinger Started: Dec-19 09:24 PM5
- I just thought I'd Post this. Torn_Scorned_... Started: Dec-17 12:05 PM18
- Americans United Praises Senate Vote Against Nelson-Hatch Amendment Adsos Letter Started: Dec-08 07:27 PM1
- There is a moral/religious dilemma that I can't remember the name of underpants Started: Dec-07 08:55 PM2
- Supreme Court Should Reject Religious Discrimination At Public Universities, Says Americans United Adsos Letter Started: Dec-07 01:18 PM0
- Cleveramerican and his family need our prayers. murielm99 Started: Nov-25 06:34 AM2
- If any of you are interested, I posted a progressive interpretation of Psalm 109 in GD. intheflow Started: Nov-18 02:21 AM0
- Stars lined up for new audio Bible Divine Discon... Started: Nov-16 02:55 AM0
- China blocks unregistered church service again Divine Discon... Started: Nov-15 05:23 AM1
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