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- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Wed Mar-30-05 01:11 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Christian Liberals/Progressive People of Faith Group Skinner Admin Fri Dec-31-04 10:06 AM0
- Everything Must Change 133724 Mon Oct-08-07 08:11 PM2
- Loser of the Month: W.W. Norton & Company and author David Wallis 133724 Wed Sep-19-07 07:51 PM0
- Suing God 133724 Fri Sep-28-07 04:15 AM1
- Martin Luther: "If you are not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don't want to go there." 133724 Wed Dec-19-07 09:29 PM6
- Somone I know said today 47of74 Wed Oct-14-09 01:39 PM1
- Facepalm 47of74 Wed Nov-23-11 11:51 PM0
- Homework assignment: Why are you part of a "church" community? 54anickel Wed Jan-31-07 12:28 PM12
- Latest Mr Deity - episode 10 54anickel Fri Apr-06-07 09:10 PM0
- Just got home from a Marcus Borg lecture - what an awesome speaker! I've 54anickel Sat May-31-08 12:29 PM9
- Serious question....Why did he have to die? Why did Jesus have to die? [View All] 54anickel Sat Mar-21-09 05:50 AM44
- ELCA released their long awaited social statement proposal and recommendation 54anickel Sun Mar-15-09 06:43 AM7
- AIG Scapegoats 54anickel Thu Apr-23-09 11:43 AM5
- Two interesting and differing views on the "dilemma" facing the Progressive/Liberal Christians 54anickel Wed Apr-22-09 09:16 AM0
- Hi all, haven't been around much and wanted to share my news - I've been accepted into the CPE [View All] 54anickel Thu Feb-04-10 10:50 PM30
- EGADS! We church folk can be so mean! 54anickel Mon Dec-07-09 12:12 PM17
- Avatar: A Subversive Reading of the Bible? 54anickel Tue Jan-26-10 10:57 AM3
- This is My Song - Indigo Girls 54anickel Sun Jul-31-11 08:39 AM4
- Ugh. Neighbor dropped by a leaflet for the Franklin Graham festival coming up in Milwaukee... 54anickel Mon Aug-15-11 09:32 PM2
- McLaren - "This is Not Actually a Blog Post About Homosexuality, Part 2" 54anickel Thu Sep-08-11 02:10 PM2
- Wonderful 9-11 memorial prayer I found at Clayfire's facebbok page 54anickel Sat Sep-24-11 07:47 PM2
- The God Who Fits Our Agenda: 9/11 Then and Now 54anickel Sat Sep-10-11 10:45 AM0
- I've been on a Hedges video roll today. This one stuck out today.... 54anickel Sun Sep-25-11 11:56 AM1
- Jesus Seminar - On the Road...I'm catching it in Madison this month 54anickel Thu Nov-10-11 05:59 PM5
- Americans United calls on President Obama to make this list a priority. Adsos Letter Mon Jan-26-09 02:05 PM0
- Action Alerts from AU Adsos Letter Tue Jan-27-09 12:02 AM2
- Americans United Praises Senate Vote Against Nelson-Hatch Amendment Adsos Letter Wed Dec-09-09 04:26 PM1
- Supreme Court Should Reject Religious Discrimination At Public Universities, Says Americans United Adsos Letter Mon Dec-07-09 01:18 PM0
- Re: "The Teaching Company"... adsosletter Tue Jul-03-07 10:52 PM1
- Hello... adsosletter Thu Jan-24-08 07:07 PM7
- is a question that is causing me some degree of angst.... adsosletter Fri Dec-05-08 02:39 AM17
- I have a question about Episcopal Church Governance AlabamaYankee Wed Jan-12-05 12:52 PM9
- Have a favorite verse from Psalms? AlecBGreen Tue Oct-02-07 09:33 PM2
- A Purpose-Driven Life? AlecBGreen Tue Mar-23-10 09:20 PM18
- A promise is a promise, not a hedge maze. Amerigo Vespu... Sun Jun-06-10 01:39 PM2
- Newsweek article on Billy Graham -- lengthy but good read amybhole Tue Aug-08-06 12:35 PM2
- Can anyone give me a cheat sheet? amybhole Thu May-17-07 12:02 PM6
- Hey ladies! There's a new class just for us! amybhole Thu Aug-23-07 09:58 PM5
- Matthew 25 has put together a form for responding directly to Dobson about his projections amybhole Wed Oct-29-08 04:42 PM6
- Why aren't we speaking out? -- DU post AngryOldDem Sat Jan-22-05 01:29 PM19
- Joke. applegrove Mon Jan-02-06 12:44 AM6
- Hello everyone..... aquaman Sun Oct-22-06 06:00 PM4
- For my first post in this forum, I wanted to share this video: Aristus Sat Jun-17-06 08:19 AM2
- Why do so many people follow the teachings of Paul? [View All] arnheim Tue Aug-22-06 04:47 PM25
- Why, oh, why do I venture into R/T? arnheim Tue Aug-29-06 08:06 AM14
- Liberalism without Illusions Renewing an American Christian Tradition ashling Sat Feb-20-10 04:04 AM0
- Of Deities and Deeds: A Sermon ashling Mon Apr-19-10 12:00 AM0
- PBS: Karl Rove's Religion AuntiBush Sun Jun-19-05 12:45 AM0
- Can't find a church where I feel like I belong AwakeAtLast Sun Nov-15-09 05:26 AM11
- On Faith: Guest Voices: Why I Believe ayeshahaqqiqa Sun Aug-26-07 09:52 AM0
- Titus Refuses To Come Out of His Trailer banana republ... Mon Nov-05-07 06:42 PM0
- ??? banana republ... Mon Nov-05-07 06:51 PM0
- Trying for a life well lived... BanzaiBonnie Thu Apr-14-11 10:57 AM0
- Ever read Martin Bell? Specif., "The Porcupine Whose Name Didn't Matter?" bertha katzen... Fri Nov-11-05 12:47 AM3
- New Show on AAR: State of Belief, Examines Religion + Politics, Activism bettyellen Sun Jan-15-06 07:10 PM3
- "State of Belief" on AAR Sunday: Leahy on Alito, Hackett on the Separation bettyellen Sat Jan-21-06 12:40 AM0
- RW Attempting to Takeover Protestant Churches: AAR @5PM on State of Belief bettyellen Sun May-21-06 02:06 PM1
- State of Belief on Air America Sun @ 5PM: The Federal Marriage Amendment bettyellen Sun Jun-04-06 01:20 AM0
- AAR Radio: State of Belief:On the Progressive Bloggers of Faith Con bettyellen Sat Jul-08-06 11:34 AM0
- Danforth (R-Mo): "Onward Moderate Christian Soldiers" bettys boy Tue Jun-21-05 08:49 PM1
- Cartoon explaining Anglican current events bettys boy Sun Jul-24-05 01:51 AM3
- Organization takes straight aim at mainline progressive movement bettys boy Sun Jul-31-05 05:28 PM9
- NYT: Among military chaplains... bettys boy Tue Jul-19-05 06:43 PM4
- Hello all...I think I'm about to dip my toe in the well of faith... bicentennial_... Thu May-01-08 12:10 AM9
- A favorite quote of mine BlackVelvet04 Wed Feb-23-05 07:24 PM4
- As I see it BlackVelvet04 Fri Feb-04-05 04:01 PM3
- A sermon about Iraq by a San Francisco Episcopal clergyman Bleachers7 Tue Nov-22-05 01:12 PM4
- Help! I don't understand... bliss_eternal Fri Nov-18-05 10:16 PM5
- Thank God I returned to church Sunday. For the first time in 25 years blondeatlast Sun Jan-04-09 10:36 PM5
- Sojourners: Petition for Independent Investigation Blue State Bl... Mon Oct-31-05 04:09 PM1
- Common Dreams: How The Christian Left Can Get It Right Blue State Bl... Mon Dec-12-05 08:04 AM3
- I've never been so frustrated by comments made in GD Blue_Roses Wed Mar-16-05 10:09 AM10
- World's largest Gay Church Joins UCC bmbmd Thu Nov-02-06 08:39 PM2
- Anyone here interested in "open theism?" bobbieinok Wed Sep-15-10 06:01 PM2
- Let's get this party started... [View All] boomboom Fri Jan-07-05 10:25 PM29
- Since we're on DU..... boomboom Sat Jan-29-05 10:00 AM5
- OK, I bring this up with trepidation.... boomboom Thu Feb-17-05 02:45 PM16
- OK, I'll ask with all sincerity boomboom Sun May-15-05 04:56 AM7
- Hello all, I am here for support [View All] buddyhollysgh... Thu Oct-06-05 09:30 AM28
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