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- Welcome to the DU Interracial/Multi-ethnic Relationship Support Group Skinner Admin Sat Dec-18-04 10:06 AM0
- Wow....who started this group? / Roll call thread [View All] TroubleMan Sat May-20-06 06:24 PM68
- How long have you been in your current interracial relationship? [View All] bigwillq Sat Nov-26-11 12:01 AM54
- So where do you live? [View All] bliss_eternal Sat May-20-06 06:10 PM40
- Your Feelings about Television/film or other media portrayals [View All] bliss_eternal Tue Oct-24-06 12:45 PM27
- Need some support., please..... [View All] bliss_eternal Wed Jul-19-06 08:02 AM23
- Has anyone seen those eHarmony commercials? legally blond... Sun Jun-19-05 09:33 PM16
- Transracial adoption article: Can a white mother love a blk. baby...? bliss_eternal Wed Oct-18-06 02:04 PM16
- Acting or sounding white... bliss_eternal Sun Sep-27-09 05:27 AM16
- Do you have favorite Multi-ethnic celebs or couples? bliss_eternal Tue May-26-09 10:49 AM15
- Best Places to Live DesertedRose Wed Jul-05-06 12:15 PM14
- How do you know if someone is being prejudiced towards you? mutley_r_us Fri Aug-12-05 12:58 AM14
- Spin-off of media topic: I confess... I watched Bachelorette. Lisa0825 Thu Jun-02-05 07:20 AM13
- Bi-racial or mixed race...? bliss_eternal Tue Aug-05-08 08:31 PM13
- How did you learn about bigotry...? bliss_eternal Wed Aug-30-06 08:05 PM12
- Multi-ethnic relationships comparison to gay marriage issue- bliss_eternal Sun Feb-06-05 01:12 AM11
- What would you say are the most interracially friendly states/cities? Lost-in-FL Wed Nov-15-06 12:06 PM11
- What are some of the challenges you've faced? bliss_eternal Fri Apr-06-07 02:13 PM10
- Here is a funny/pathetic story for ya'll judaspriestes... Tue Sep-19-06 12:28 PM10
- Rascist comments about Eva Longoria with no makeup pic judaspriestes... Sat Apr-07-07 12:42 AM10
- AA hair care mzteris Thu Dec-15-05 05:40 PM9
- Interracial couple in Louisiana denied marriage license bliss_eternal Mon Dec-14-09 09:03 AM9
- Happy New Year Everyone...! bliss_eternal Thu Jan-04-07 03:12 AM8
- I promised my girlfriend (DUer Gilmore) I would behave, but look at ComerPerro Sat Feb-18-06 10:42 PM7
- Anyone catch Oprah yesterday???? Black women and white men! jeffrey_X Tue Mar-21-06 11:54 AM7
- this is my contribution : knowbody0 Mon Oct-16-06 04:45 PM7
- Did anyone watch the MTV News Special "I'm in an interracial relationship" bigwillq Sun Sep-04-05 12:31 AM6
- Prince Albert of Monaco has a black son kwassa Tue Sep-19-06 12:46 PM6
- Want to take a psychological test that determines racial bias? Dover Tue Nov-01-05 04:37 PM6
- We Will Be Having a Happy Day on Friday, 3/31! MarianJack Thu Apr-27-06 06:50 AM6
- Doll choices piss me off....! bliss_eternal Tue Sep-19-06 12:20 PM6
- Why I hate the movie Jungle Fever., let's talk movies...! bliss_eternal Fri Nov-03-06 01:54 AM6
- I am wondering where I can get KitchenWitch Mon Feb-28-05 06:32 PM5
- So how does everyone feel about the new movie, "Guess Who?"... bliss_eternal Tue Mar-29-05 11:50 PM5
- Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Woods Marnieworld Thu Aug-11-05 03:01 AM5
- Wow! A smiley that is perfect for this group! mutley_r_us Mon Aug-22-05 03:03 PM5
- Shows featuring diversity... bliss_eternal Wed Nov-07-07 07:28 PM5
- Dog the Bounty Hunter's Racist Rant (son dating black woman)... bliss_eternal Thu Nov-15-07 02:18 AM5
- Couple has 'black-and-white twins' twice marybourg Mon Mar-23-09 02:45 PM5
- I can't think of anything interesting to talk about right now, Lisa0825 Wed Mar-30-05 02:58 PM4
- Heidi Klum and Seal are getting married MissHoneychur... Thu Jun-23-05 08:00 AM4
- Check out this thread in GD alarcojon Thu Sep-15-05 06:47 AM4
- How's everyone here doing? bliss_eternal Wed Dec-14-05 05:44 PM4
- When Your Child Is a Victim of Racism. MarianJack Sun May-13-07 10:10 PM4
- Do you subscribe to the one drop rule/theory...? bliss_eternal Thu May-10-07 09:33 PM4
- Asian Slurs End Shock Jocks' Show on CBS bliss_eternal Thu Jun-07-07 05:16 PM4
- HAPPY NEW YEAR! bliss_eternal Sun Jan-02-05 06:39 PM3
- UGH--Tyra Banks today/tonight--negative IR relationships...! bliss_eternal Sat Oct-21-06 06:27 PM3
- Yellow Fever... bliss_eternal Wed May-09-07 01:38 PM3
- I Just Had a Thought Today That Was a Bit of a Jolt! MarianJack Wed Sep-12-07 09:33 AM3
- Well I am happily back here again Chovexani Wed Nov-07-07 07:26 PM3
- An atheist man and a muslim woman, can-it work ??? Sandrine for ... Mon Feb-08-10 11:44 PM3
- Thank you The Zanti Reg... Tue Dec-21-04 07:31 PM2
- Jazz Funeral For Democracy Swamp Rat Wed Jan-12-05 09:44 PM2
- Did anyone see the IR vs. Gay couple in "Wife Swap" last night? kwassa Mon Feb-14-05 11:54 AM2
- What sort of resources would you like to see...? bliss_eternal Thu Jan-26-06 03:18 AM2
- Do you guys ever wish there were a book of some sort? bliss_eternal Tue Sep-19-06 10:45 PM2
- Do you consider your pets to be interracial too? judaspriestes... Thu Oct-19-06 12:24 AM2
- How much of this issue do you think is about the race of the man...? bliss_eternal Fri Nov-17-06 05:35 PM2
- For an interesting television story line re: biracial child.... bliss_eternal Fri Apr-27-07 02:54 AM2
- Rebecca Walker Measuring Out A Mother's Love.... bliss_eternal Sat May-05-07 08:34 PM2
- I can't be racist, I have interracial sex...! From bliss_eternal Tue Jul-10-07 07:58 PM2
- Youtube Malcolm X: Who taught you to hate yourself? IronLionZion Wed Jun-25-08 01:34 PM2
- ZOMG, the greatest facebook group ever!!! IronLionZion Mon Apr-20-09 07:42 PM2
- 'Passing' Across The Color Line In The Jazz Age Kind of Blue Fri Apr-09-10 08:19 AM2
- MAVIN Foundation: Support for Multiracial Families DesertedRose Wed Aug-09-06 03:39 AM1
- how long will it be before anti-miscegenation laws are reinstated? Ecumenist Sat Feb-18-06 09:10 AM1
- 40th Anniversary of the Loving vs. Virginia case Lurking_Argyl... Thu Jun-21-07 01:20 AM1
- One of the many reasons not to watch Fox news jmm Sat Jul-18-09 04:11 PM1
- self delete Dover Sat Jul-23-05 12:29 AM0
- Site that celebrates "Loving Day" DesertedRose Fri Nov-11-05 03:31 AM0
- Loving Day, a proposed holiday celebrating interracial marriage kwassa Wed Jun-14-06 11:28 AM0
- ...Ever belonged to a interracial relationship support group? bliss_eternal Tue Jul-04-06 06:32 AM0
- "It's nothing you have to live with." Lurking_Argyl... Wed Jul-26-06 07:58 AM0
- Series of children's books aim to combat racism... bliss_eternal Thu Aug-17-06 03:04 AM0
- Just found an interesting site for mixed people... bliss_eternal Mon Sep-18-06 01:52 AM0
- Helpful Links DesertedRose Tue Sep-19-06 12:15 PM0
- One of our members has passed away... bliss_eternal Tue Sep-26-06 05:35 PM0
- DNA curious? kwassa Wed Oct-11-06 11:54 AM0
- What are you...? A book for mixed race young adults... bliss_eternal Wed Nov-15-06 08:51 PM0
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