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- Welcome to the DU Animation Group Skinner Admin Wed Dec-15-04 12:43 PM0
- Favorite Disney animated feature? (Non-Pixar) (Poll) [View All] mac56 Wed Oct-21-09 02:25 AM32
- Must see obscurities? [View All] Old Mouse Fri May-04-07 06:05 PM22
- Animation Review: Avatar The Last Air Bender seasons 2 and 3 [View All] ZombieHorde Fri Sep-18-09 08:19 PM21
- Okay, let's kick this off with a discussion question. [View All] mac56 Thu Dec-16-04 09:04 PM20
- BLEACH TimeChaser Sat May-02-09 11:27 PM17
- Favorite Adult Swim Show? Khephra Fri Jan-14-05 03:45 AM16
- List your animated DVDs ChavezSpeakst... Fri Oct-26-07 10:09 PM16
- I hereby dedicate this group to Hayao Miyazaki and Chuck Jones (R.I.P) ChavezSpeakst... Wed Dec-15-04 05:17 PM14
- Recommendations for Japanese anime auburngrad82 Wed Jan-19-05 07:17 PM14
- Why didn't anyone tell me that HELLSING was on Encore Action? Khephra Wed Dec-22-04 06:53 PM13
- Howl's Moving Castle auburngrad82 Mon Mar-07-11 05:21 PM12
- Any opinions on Samurai Champloo? Khephra Sat Jan-01-05 05:24 PM11
- How do you watch Anime? (Poll) Az Wed Feb-09-05 02:46 AM10
- I have a confession to make... daleanime Sat Mar-27-10 11:21 AM10
- Anybody seen Ghost in the SHell II: Innocence? ChavezSpeakst... Sun Jan-09-05 02:26 AM9
- Princess Mononoke auburngrad82 Sat Feb-19-05 10:48 AM9
- Favorite non-Disney, non-Pixar animated feature? (Poll) mac56 Tue Jan-18-05 03:41 PM9
- What's your favorite "special feature" on an animation dvd? auburngrad82 Thu Feb-24-05 03:19 PM8
- Anime on Adult Swim ContraBass Bl... Fri May-26-06 02:15 PM8
- B o o n d o c k s ! ! mdmc Fri Jan-09-09 03:04 AM8
- Has anyone seen Tokyo Godfathers? auburngrad82 Sun May-27-07 07:21 AM8
- Gundam 00 TimeChaser Tue Jan-06-09 11:37 PM8
- Has anyone here, who is a fan of the show, seen the Avatar movie yet? ZombieHorde Fri Jul-30-10 04:11 PM8
- The classic issue Dubbed or Subbed (Poll) Az Mon Jan-10-05 12:01 PM7
- I miss Toonami sakabatou Wed Jul-15-09 08:32 PM7
- Bible Black ZombieHorde Sat Aug-01-09 06:55 PM7
- Seems that Evangelion is getting a touch-up sakabatou Sat Aug-01-09 11:30 PM7
- Why do so many great animations have to end bittersweet? sakabatou Wed Feb-24-10 07:07 PM7
- corpse bride and the genius that is tim burton! cleofus1 Mon Sep-19-05 03:08 AM6
- Good news everybody! Salviati Fri Jun-23-06 02:11 AM6
- Once again... another AMV sakabatou Thu Oct-05-06 06:16 PM6
- Animation Review: New Fist of the North Star ZombieHorde Wed Sep-23-09 02:43 PM6
- Who's seen Waking Life? ChavezSpeakst... Sun Jan-09-05 02:38 AM5
- Are any of these anime movies worth watching? TrogL Sun Jan-09-05 02:35 AM5
- What's "The puffy Ami/Yumi show"? Lorien Tue Jan-10-06 05:55 AM5
- Has anyone here gotten the FullMetal Alchemist DVD? tedoll78 Mon Oct-10-05 08:59 AM5
- what software cleofus1 Wed Aug-10-05 04:11 PM5
- superman the animated series cleofus1 Fri Jul-15-11 09:30 PM5
- Cowboy Bebop tlsmith1963 Sun Dec-21-08 05:52 PM5
- Elfen Lied sakabatou Thu Jul-09-09 07:20 PM5
- Lupin III is coming back to Adult Swim this weekend! JonathanChanc... Wed Mar-21-07 02:52 PM5
- Animation software (free) alfredo Sun Aug-15-10 01:14 PM5
- I'm DOCKTOR ROCKSO! The rock and roll clown! I do COCAINE!!!" YOY Sun Dec-21-08 05:54 PM5
- Any one remember the series HISTERIA..? Stuart G Tue Sep-23-08 07:59 PM5
- Can't decide on a costume sakabatou Thu Oct-29-09 09:30 PM5
- Is there any problem with InuYasha? TrogL Fri Dec-31-04 06:41 PM4
- Shout out to BigMcLargeHuge - our very own moderator! ChavezSpeakst... Wed Dec-22-04 11:08 PM4
- Finally Miyazaki's earlier works are getting rereleased (trailer) ChavezSpeakst... Thu Dec-23-04 11:37 AM4
- What does everyone think of Cowboy Bebop the Movie? auburngrad82 Tue Jan-04-05 10:39 PM4
- R.I.P. Khephra ChavezSpeakst... Thu Mar-16-06 03:05 PM4
- Which cartoon would you like to see made into live action? (Poll) Nikepallas Tue Mar-22-05 01:56 PM4
- Miyazaki reminder nykiera Thu Feb-24-05 03:14 PM4
- Spoiler alert. Okay, I'm kind of a dim bulb. mac56 Wed Mar-30-05 08:11 PM4
- Steamboy democracyinda... Tue Nov-18-08 11:32 PM4
- Does anyone collect old public domain cartoons? solinvictus Tue Sep-20-05 04:02 AM4
- Anybody seen Howl's Moving Castle yet? ChavezSpeakst... Wed Aug-10-05 04:09 PM4
- Looking for easy animation software. Libby2 Sat Jun-10-06 01:27 PM4
- Just finished up Excel Saga... JonathanChanc... Sat May-19-07 12:48 PM4
- Animation Review: Anal Sanctuary ZombieHorde Sun Aug-02-09 04:17 PM4
- Animation Review: Blood The Last Vampire ZombieHorde Mon Aug-17-09 01:26 PM4
- Newest Anime Music Video: "Wolfwood's Hallelujah" sakabatou Mon Sep-14-09 09:32 PM4
- I bring you... Bleach: the Rock Musical (subbed) sakabatou Mon Dec-21-09 10:31 PM4
- I'm watching Serial Experiments Lain sakabatou Sun Sep-26-10 09:21 PM4
- Satoshi Kon, RIP Richard D Fri Oct-15-10 01:44 AM4
- Manga/Anime 'Opera' Goes on Tour in Europe Saturday sakabatou Sun Oct-24-10 09:27 PM4
- Some interesting sci-fi shorts Kind of Blue Mon Aug-15-11 04:23 PM4
- Other Anime features that we like: Slayers and Haunted Junction yellowdoginte... Thu Dec-16-04 08:05 AM3
- Unpopular anime opinions you hold. Chovexani Wed Dec-22-04 06:35 PM3
- Case Closed Nikepallas Tue Dec-21-04 08:52 PM3
- Help with Hellsing... Streetdoc270 Tue Jan-04-05 10:31 AM3
- Watched Ghost in the Machine this weekend auburngrad82 Wed Feb-09-05 07:42 AM3
- New Yorker: Miyazaki article democracyinda... Sat Jan-15-05 04:28 PM3
- Big-O fans, Help 7th_Sephiroth Thu Feb-17-05 01:49 PM3
- Naruto got licensed Az Fri Feb-18-05 01:55 PM3
- Creature Comforts auburngrad82 Wed Jul-06-05 06:18 AM3
- What is the best four year college for an Animation/Gaming degree? The Backlash ... Tue Jul-19-05 08:20 PM3
- 1942 propaganda toon - Superman as saboteur mdmc Tue Oct-31-06 05:15 PM3
- "The human whose name is written in this note shall die" Death Note! TimeChaser Fri Oct-13-06 06:28 AM3
- New AMV - Sasuke vs. Naruto sakabatou Sat Oct-28-06 01:13 AM3
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