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- Welcome to the DU Animation Group Skinner Admin Started: Dec-15 12:43 PM0
- I have some great news for Cartoon Network fans: Tom's Back. sakabatou Started: May-19 02:56 PM0
- Powerful Short: "Quantic Dreams - Kara" sakabatou Started: Apr-18 05:42 PM0
- New Rurouni Kenshin Anime's Part I Slated for December 7 sakabatou Started: Nov-02 12:51 AM0
- Director: Live Action Death Note Is Still in the Works sakabatou Started: Oct-31 02:50 AM2
- Hawaii, Vancouver, Toronto, SF to Show 2011 Fullmetal Film sakabatou Started: Sep-17 10:40 PM0
- ASDF short film sakabatou Started: Sep-06 04:52 PM1
- Live Action Rurouni Kenshin film picks up 2 more actors sakabatou Started: Aug-30 06:06 PM0
- Don Hertzfeldt sakabatou Started: Aug-28 07:09 PM3
- Mary & Max film BrendaBrick Started: Aug-27 03:13 PM1
- Some interesting sci-fi shorts Kind of Blue Started: Aug-15 11:55 AM4
- Evolution: What it means and what people think it means sakabatou Started: Aug-06 03:21 PM0
- Top 50 Manga Creators by Sales Since 2010 sakabatou Started: Aug-05 04:27 PM0
- self-delete sakabatou Started: Aug-05 01:47 AM0
- Thunder Cats is back on Cartoon Network sakabatou Started: Jul-30 12:15 AM0
- Totoro Marks 500th Week in Top 300 DVD Chart sakabatou Started: Jul-28 03:01 AM0
- Princess Mononoke Is No Longer a Buena Vista Title sakabatou Started: Jul-28 02:59 AM0
- Mythbusters sakabatou Started: Jul-17 01:36 PM1
- 2011 Fullmetal Alchemist Film's Special Footage Streamed sakabatou Started: Jul-15 09:45 PM0
- Excel Saga Manga Approaches Its Finale After 15 Years sakabatou Started: Jul-04 01:34 AM0
- Tabletop 3D Miku Hastune projection sakabatou Started: Jun-21 09:19 AM0
- New Fullmetal Alchemist Film Celebrated With 23 Dishes sakabatou Started: Jun-21 09:09 AM1
- Aya Hirano Confirms She Stopped Performing Music for Lantis sakabatou Started: May-28 08:13 PM0
- Hatsune Miku Virtual Idol to Perform at Anime Expo sakabatou Started: May-12 10:46 PM0
- Animation Thread Hijacking in "Gungeon" sakabatou Started: Apr-29 09:33 PM0
- Star Trek Actor Petitions Against Akira 'Whitewashing' sakabatou Started: Apr-20 10:59 PM2
- Kanye West's Custom Akira Motorcycle [Was] Listed for Sale sakabatou Started: Apr-14 12:16 AM0
- Saw a great animated in theaters..."Rango" Stuart G Started: Apr-09 06:56 PM2
- 4Kids Files Shareholders' Report on Yu-Gi-Oh! Lawsuit sakabatou Started: Apr-03 03:57 AM0
- Scryed Marks 10th Year with Special Edit of TV Series sakabatou Started: Mar-22 04:06 AM0
- Macross II Producer Hiroshi Kakoi Passes Away in Quake sakabatou Started: Mar-18 04:11 AM0
- Here's a really nice animation from South Korea Kind of Blue Started: Mar-03 11:16 PM0
- What a wonderful group! Kind of Blue Started: Mar-02 08:00 PM0
- Need suggestions as to who to contact re: Selling 'cells'. Paper Roses Started: Mar-02 11:50 AM1
- True Grit Producer in Live-Action Star Blazers Talks sakabatou Started: Feb-23 09:53 PM0
- You know you're waaaaaay to much into Pokemon when you do this. (pic warning) sakabatou Started: Feb-08 12:31 AM0
- New blog for animation lovers and character designers: Lorien Started: Dec-16 01:21 PM3
- One Piece, Nissan Collaborate on Ita-Van, Ads sakabatou Started: Nov-29 02:25 AM2
- From the director of The Triplets of Belleville Fire Walk Wit... Started: Nov-12 03:39 PM1
- Manga/Anime 'Opera' Goes on Tour in Europe Saturday sakabatou Started: Oct-23 12:45 AM4
- Anyone else here has watched Highschool of the Dead? sakabatou Started: Sep-10 03:26 PM3
- Satoshi Kon, RIP Richard D Started: Aug-25 09:38 PM4
- I'm watching Serial Experiments Lain sakabatou Started: Aug-06 03:58 AM4
- Has anyone here, who is a fan of the show, seen the Avatar movie yet? ZombieHorde Started: Jul-26 10:49 PM8
- Live-Action Akira Film Plans Get New Writer sakabatou Started: Jun-20 08:40 PM2
- Carl Macek passes 1951-2010 keroro gunsou Started: Apr-19 10:27 AM0
- Live Action "Bleach" Movie in talks sakabatou Started: Apr-18 04:45 PM2
- Nujabes, of Samurai Champloo fame, dead sakabatou Started: Mar-19 01:40 AM1
- I have a confession to make... daleanime Started: Feb-08 05:16 PM10
- Why do so many great animations have to end bittersweet? sakabatou Started: Jan-17 04:29 AM7
- Can't decide on a costume sakabatou Started: Oct-24 12:08 AM5
- I bring you... Bleach: the Rock Musical (subbed) sakabatou Started: Sep-25 06:17 AM4
- Animation Review: Avatar The Last Air Bender seasons 2 and 3 [View All] ZombieHorde Started: Sep-13 04:43 PM21
- Can you recommend a good site to check out student and/or pencil animations? omega minimo Started: Sep-04 06:57 PM1
- 11 Seconds Club. Anybody done or won it? omega minimo Started: Sep-01 01:03 AM0
- Animation Review: Hellsing ZombieHorde Started: Aug-28 01:48 PM1
- Animation Review: Twilight of the Dark Master ZombieHorde Started: Aug-25 12:08 AM3
- Newest Anime Music Video: "Wolfwood's Hallelujah" sakabatou Started: Aug-16 11:23 PM4
- Animation Review: Avatar The Last Air Bender ZombieHorde Started: Aug-13 09:57 AM1
- Animation Review: Blood The Last Vampire ZombieHorde Started: Aug-11 04:11 PM4
- Animation Review: Pet Shop of Horrors ZombieHorde Started: Aug-02 08:56 PM3
- Seems that Evangelion is getting a touch-up sakabatou Started: Jul-31 08:34 PM7
- Animation Review: Anal Sanctuary ZombieHorde Started: Jul-28 11:39 PM4
- Animation Review: New Fist of the North Star ZombieHorde Started: Jul-19 02:37 PM6
- Animation Review: Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs ZombieHorde Started: Jul-13 06:51 PM0
- I was thinking about picking up the Death Note series, but I have only seen the first episode. ZombieHorde Started: Jul-05 10:01 PM0
- Bible Black ZombieHorde Started: Jul-04 01:57 PM7
- Any fans of Gantz here? (OP does not contain spoilers, but future posts probably will) ZombieHorde Started: Jul-03 11:36 PM2
- I miss Toonami sakabatou Started: Mar-18 03:57 AM7
- Made a music video for a married couple I know sakabatou Started: Jan-04 11:44 PM0
- The Brave Little Toaster. uppityperson Started: Dec-21 08:46 PM3
- Kuroshitsuji TimeChaser Started: Dec-20 04:05 AM0
- Moribito... But.... Started: Dec-05 02:26 PM1
- Animated music video... freshwidow Started: Nov-18 11:00 PM1
- Question...Did Carl Stalling score the music for Steamboat Willie? Stuart G Started: Nov-18 10:42 PM2
- This is a special for you... Stuart G Started: Nov-17 08:43 PM0
- Gundam 00 TimeChaser Started: Oct-21 12:31 AM8
- CNN slimes animation great...Betty Boop.. Stuart G Started: Oct-08 07:54 AM0
- BUGBOTS Storyboards. yellerpup Started: Sep-02 12:57 PM0
- Cowboy Bebop: Is it Real? sakabatou Started: Aug-17 12:27 AM1
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