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- Welcome to the Fantasy Literature Group elad Admin Sun Nov-28-04 03:43 PM0
- Khephra Fri Dec-24-04 01:43 PM0
- "Beedle the Bard" available for Christmas ... [View All] Matilda Sun Jan-11-09 02:02 AM22
- "It's hard killing off so many characters" semillama Sun Jul-31-11 10:33 PM2
- "Ringers: Lord of the Fans" Hits Slamdance Khephra Tue Dec-14-04 05:12 PM0
- "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" Heads For Movies Khephra Tue Jan-11-05 11:00 AM5
- 'Potter' author Rowling has 3rd child dwickham Fri Jan-28-05 12:02 PM2
- ****GO READ THE JKR INTERVIEW **** Thread lildreamer316 Sun Aug-07-05 03:55 PM5
- *Ending of HBP Spoiler Thread* [View All] XemaSab Mon Jul-25-05 09:10 PM26
- *HORCRUX SPOILER THREAD* [View All] XemaSab Wed Aug-17-05 08:23 PM25
- *Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes* now available at online bookstores... RobertDeverea... Mon Aug-25-08 07:42 AM0
- *SPOILER* Harry Potter book 7 question: kay1864 Thu Jul-26-07 11:05 PM8
- *SPOILER* Don't go to TSHIRTHELL.COM!!! *SPOILER* *PROFANITY* dhinojosa Thu Jul-28-05 11:08 AM1
- *Spoiler* In an interview, Rowling said the character who got the reprieve was XemaSab Thu Jul-26-07 02:11 AM0
- *SPOILER* The Power of Potions intheflow Thu Jul-28-05 09:47 PM2
- -Please Help!- I am looking for the title of a 4th grade fantasy novel. mikelgb Wed Feb-28-07 11:07 AM1
- 101 days [View All] dwickham Sun May-08-05 11:29 AM20
- 33 more days! XemaSab Fri Jun-29-07 09:13 PM2
- 76 days to Half-Blood Prince. Anyone interested in a re-read circle? [View All] politicat Sat Jul-16-05 09:54 PM56
- 76 days until GOF comes out in theatres!!!! dwickham Mon Oct-03-05 02:43 PM17
- A book that's a true hoot - Grunts - by Mary Gentle Walt Starr Mon Jan-17-05 09:46 AM2
- A complaint about Terry Pratchett's Discworld series Orrex Fri Dec-14-07 09:25 AM3
- A Feast for Crows is done and at the publisher for a fall release LeftyMom Thu Sep-08-05 08:20 PM13
- A heated discussion here robbedvoter Tue Nov-30-04 01:26 AM1
- A novel I would highly recommend hyphenate Tue Aug-19-08 08:44 AM2
- A question about Pratchett's Discworld... turtlensue Thu Feb-28-08 02:11 PM13
- A question for Potter fans: [View All] semillama Sat Sep-29-07 05:03 AM21
- A thought on the 7th Potter book May be SPOILERS hyphenate Tue Apr-10-07 05:42 PM10
- About Madam Pince (spoiler) Coventina Fri Jul-22-05 04:14 PM3
- Against All Things Ending (by Stephen R Donaldson) lazarus Thu Oct-28-10 07:54 AM1
- Ahem - Apparently this came out yesterday: semillama Wed Mar-31-10 12:17 PM9
- is shipping A Feast for Crows LeftyMom Tue Apr-12-11 12:44 AM16
- An evening with Harry, Carrie and Garp Reciprocity Sun Aug-13-06 12:58 PM1
- Anansi Boys (Gaiman) is great! politicat Mon Jan-02-06 12:06 AM5
- And finally: Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield! semillama Mon Jul-18-11 02:01 PM0
- Any Buffy Fans? politicat Tue Nov-28-06 07:32 PM8
- Any John Christopher fans in here? petersond Fri Sep-15-06 04:56 AM2
- Any Manga fans? politicat Wed Nov-02-05 05:38 PM2
- Any one read Sara Douglass's new book THE SERPENT BRIDE? 1monster Tue Jun-26-07 02:29 PM0
- Any one reading the 7 series by Nora Roberts?/ and herJ.D. Robb Series? Liberalynn Mon Feb-07-11 12:18 PM1
- Any other John Crowley fans here? crispini Tue Jan-25-05 02:08 AM2
- Any Robert Chambers fans? Swede Tue Feb-21-06 09:00 PM0
- Any Steven Erikson Fans? Kellanved Sat Feb-12-05 07:23 PM0
- Any Wheel of Time/Robert Jordan Fans here? TZ Sat Aug-01-09 02:49 PM3
- Anybody else here read the Hunger Games trilogy? Kablooie Mon Dec-27-10 04:37 PM2
- Anybody else watch "Hogfather" last night? hobbit709 Mon Nov-26-07 12:59 PM1
- Anyone doing a reread? XemaSab Wed Jul-15-09 09:06 PM3
- Anyone else eagerly awaiting mzteris Fri Aug-19-05 07:01 PM6
- anyone else reading Charlene Harris' Sooke Stackhouse books dwickham Mon Feb-07-11 11:58 AM14
- Anyone Else Waiting Patiently for "A Dance With Dragons" by George R.R. Martin [View All] MiltonF Tue Apr-12-11 12:19 AM32
- Anyone ever read "Tolkien's World" by Randel Helms? Orrex Thu Sep-18-08 11:39 PM0
- Anyone ever read Jennifer Roberson's Sword-Dancer series? Nikepallas Mon Mar-14-05 04:24 PM5
- Anyone hear of The Harry Potter Lexicon? Nikepallas Sat Mar-12-05 04:50 PM0
- Anyone here read Kushiel's Dart? wryter2000 Wed Dec-01-04 06:12 PM5
- Anyone here read Neil Gaiman's "American Gods"? Joolz Fri Dec-31-04 02:47 PM8
- Anyone read "The Dark Is Rising" series... AbbyR Fri Jul-27-07 10:29 PM10
- Are there any comic books that a 5-year-old girl would like? porkrind Sun Jan-09-05 12:53 AM14
- Are there any fantasy illustration fans here? Lorien Sat Jul-26-08 01:37 AM2
- Are there any writers in this group dwickham Sat Jul-30-05 10:53 PM13
- ASOIAF: Who killed Joffrey Lanister? (ASOS spoilers abound) LeftyMom Tue Apr-12-11 12:46 AM13
- Attending membership to World Horror Con for sale... RobertDeverea... Fri Feb-01-08 08:56 AM0
- Australian Fantasy novelist Sara Douglass is dying... 1monster Tue May-25-10 05:53 PM1
- Author chosen to complete Wheel of Time series semillama Sun Jan-06-08 11:27 PM7
- Baby's First Book of Seriously Fucked-Up Shit... RobertDeverea... Wed Mar-23-11 08:29 PM0
- Balin and Dwalin semillama Fri Jul-15-11 11:35 AM0
- Bartimaeus: Ptolemy's Gate mzteris Thu Mar-02-06 02:53 PM2
- Beautiful Snape tribute video - "Always"/Bon Jovi Matilda Tue Feb-05-08 12:19 PM3
- Because 11 Harry Potter threads aren't enough. Blue-Jay Fri Dec-24-04 04:48 PM5
- Beowulf and Grendel Astarho Thu Dec-30-04 02:38 AM3
- Best book so far? (Poll) [View All] XemaSab Mon Jul-16-07 03:11 AM26
- Best-selling author Terry Pratchett pledges $1 million to the Alzheimer's Research Trust Orrex Sat Mar-15-08 12:19 PM0
- Bombur, Bifur, and Bofur! semillama Thu Jul-14-11 11:38 AM0
- Book cover wryter2000 Wed Apr-25-07 05:53 PM4
- Book-centric online auction to benefit diabetes research... RobertDeverea... Sun May-04-08 01:49 PM0
- Bradbury's FAREWELL SUMMER Orsino Wed Mar-26-08 02:22 AM1
- Bram Stoker Award finalist DEADWEIGHT is back in print! RobertDeverea... Mon Apr-14-08 08:41 PM0
- BREAKING NEWS: Harry Potter is not the only series out there! [View All] MalachiConsta... Fri Jan-04-08 12:18 PM47
- Casting for Dolores Umbridge [View All] dwickham Fri Feb-17-06 03:49 PM42
- Cats (and other critters) in Harry Potter XemaSab Tue Jul-19-05 01:03 PM7
- Charles de Lint [View All] dwickham Wed Aug-01-07 01:21 PM21
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