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- Welcome to the Fantasy Literature Group elad Admin Sun Nov-28-04 03:43 PM0
- SPOILER THREAD! SPOILER THREAD! [View All] XemaSab Fri Jul-29-05 09:09 PM227
- DEATHLY HALLOWS DISCUSSION: SPOILERS [View All] jgraz Sat Sep-29-07 05:27 AM174
- Share a fantasy author that you really love: [View All] LWolf Thu Dec-08-11 02:54 AM146
- 76 days to Half-Blood Prince. Anyone interested in a re-read circle? [View All] politicat Sat Jul-16-05 09:54 PM56
- Is anybody else here a Tolkien fan? [View All] Crunchy Frog Thu May-19-05 01:21 AM52
- What was the first fantasy book you ever read? [View All] Chovexani Thu Aug-18-05 02:22 PM50
- BREAKING NEWS: Harry Potter is not the only series out there! [View All] MalachiConsta... Fri Jan-04-08 12:18 PM47
- Fantasy books that don't paint women as...subservient? [View All] AllyCat Wed May-30-07 09:01 PM46
- Some of my favorite fantasy falls into the "young adult" category. [View All] LWolf Fri Dec-14-07 08:21 PM44
- Nine Days - Who Will Die? [View All] Matilda Mon Jul-23-07 11:58 AM43
- Casting for Dolores Umbridge [View All] dwickham Fri Feb-17-06 03:49 PM42
- HP is the only fantasy I've ever read. Suggest other books I might like! [View All] Gryffindor_Bo... Sun Jan-23-05 12:59 PM41
- Favorite Character in Martin's Song of Ice & Fire? [View All] Khephra Tue Nov-01-11 04:07 PM36
- How will the non-Harry Potter fans take to the plot in the Deathly Hallows? SPOILERS [View All] The Backlash ... Thu Aug-30-07 09:25 PM34
- Harry Potter: Book 6 Predictions! [View All] Gryffindor_Bo... Sat Apr-16-05 08:15 AM32
- I'm thinking Dean Thomas is the HBP (Harry Potter) [View All] XemaSab Sat Sep-15-07 09:21 AM32
- Will Harry live past Book 7? [View All] Pithy Cherub Thu May-19-05 12:28 PM32
- Anyone Else Waiting Patiently for "A Dance With Dragons" by George R.R. Martin [View All] MiltonF Tue Apr-12-11 12:19 AM32
- SPOILER THREAD: The secret of the Avada Kedavra [View All] Walt Starr Wed Aug-17-05 02:55 PM31
- What is the HUGE secret to be revealed about Lilly Potter? [View All] Pithy Cherub Mon May-02-05 11:38 AM28
- Do many men read Harry Potter? [View All] Matilda Fri Sep-08-06 03:58 AM27
- Do you believe Severus Snape is a good guy? (Poll) [View All] dhinojosa Fri Jan-06-06 08:35 PM27
- Lavender(LOL), "Phlegm", Ginny, Hermione, Luna (SPOILERS AHEAD) [View All] Pithy Cherub Thu Jul-21-05 12:17 PM26
- *Ending of HBP Spoiler Thread* [View All] XemaSab Mon Jul-25-05 09:10 PM26
- Best book so far? (Poll) [View All] XemaSab Mon Jul-16-07 03:11 AM26
- Is Severus Snape a vampire? (Poll) [View All] eridani Sat May-14-05 04:49 PM25
- *HORCRUX SPOILER THREAD* [View All] XemaSab Wed Aug-17-05 08:23 PM25
- I think I've found an error in "Half Blood Prince" ***spoiler*** [View All] Coventina Tue Jan-03-06 04:33 PM25
- So, what book is everybody reading? [View All] Reciprocity Fri Oct-20-06 03:57 AM25
- Snape is definitely a good guy. [View All] WMliberal Fri Aug-05-05 01:07 PM24
- Rank the books, rank the films [View All] XemaSab Thu Sep-03-09 04:46 PM24
- favorite Mercedes Lackey novel [View All] dwickham Tue Jun-26-07 03:23 PM23
- Let's play a Harry Potter game!!!! (probable spoilers) [View All] XemaSab Fri Aug-31-07 11:46 AM23
- Is anyone else disappointed with the Harry Potter movies? [View All] Matilda Sun Feb-26-06 05:55 PM22
- "Beedle the Bard" available for Christmas ... [View All] Matilda Sun Jan-11-09 02:02 AM22
- My 'To Read' List Is Shrinking Too Fast! [View All] Shiver Wed Apr-08-09 10:38 PM22
- Charles de Lint [View All] dwickham Wed Aug-01-07 01:21 PM21
- A question for Potter fans: [View All] semillama Sat Sep-29-07 05:03 AM21
- What political parallels do you see between HP & now? [View All] Pithy Cherub Wed Dec-15-04 02:45 PM20
- Which has been your favorite Harry Potter Book so far? [View All] Pithy Cherub Tue Feb-01-05 12:47 AM20
- 101 days [View All] dwickham Sun May-08-05 11:29 AM20
- I will be buying the extended LOTR:ROTK today Walt Starr Sun Jan-09-05 06:34 PM19
- What does your boggart look like? YellowRubberD... Sat Oct-07-06 04:09 PM19
- July 21, 2007! XemaSab Wed Jun-27-07 10:17 PM19
- Earthsea movie on Sci-Fi Channel MountainLaure... Fri Dec-17-04 09:20 AM18
- What writings by "classic" authors would you consider fantasy? Longgrain Wed Jan-26-05 10:07 PM18
- Lord of the Rings discussion: Tom Bombadil. Revolutionary... Wed Jan-26-05 09:00 PM18
- Some Harry Potter Fun. Matilda Sun Aug-19-07 09:05 AM18
- Is anybody going to watch "Legend of the Seeker" on TV this weekend? turtlensue Thu Aug-12-10 04:59 PM18
- Piers Anthony fans check in here. ember dawn Thu Sep-03-09 05:37 PM18
- Tiassa, by Steve Brust lazarus Fri Apr-15-11 09:57 PM18
- 76 days until GOF comes out in theatres!!!! dwickham Mon Oct-03-05 02:43 PM17
- Goblet of Fire: Movie Review The Love -The Hate (SPOILER ALERT) Pithy Cherub Fri Dec-09-05 03:20 AM17
- I like Robin Hobb, Jacqueline Carey, and Mercedes Lackey. travelingtypi... Sat Feb-21-09 08:25 PM17
- is shipping A Feast for Crows LeftyMom Tue Apr-12-11 12:44 AM16
- Who is the Half-Blood Prince? Make your predictions here. Gryffindor_Bo... Mon Jan-10-05 01:53 AM15
- Question for Harry Potter fans re: Year 2 Coventina Wed Jul-27-05 08:02 PM15
- My Potter questions (spoilers) Lavender Brow... Fri Jul-29-05 12:14 PM15
- Yikes! Anyone Reading Anything ELSE Besides HP? Any "Black Company" Fans? Beetwasher Tue Oct-18-05 03:23 PM15
- My sister's theory about "Half Blood Prince" ending. *SPOILER!* Coventina Sun Jun-18-06 02:48 AM15
- Are there any comic books that a 5-year-old girl would like? porkrind Sun Jan-09-05 12:53 AM14
- Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time, Book 11) GreenJ Sun Jan-29-06 06:10 PM14
- J.K. Rowling sues over Harry Potter Lexicon. Matilda Sun Sep-28-08 08:59 PM14
- anyone else reading Charlene Harris' Sooke Stackhouse books dwickham Mon Feb-07-11 11:58 AM14
- ASOIAF: Who killed Joffrey Lanister? (ASOS spoilers abound) LeftyMom Tue Apr-12-11 12:46 AM13
- Are there any writers in this group dwickham Sat Jul-30-05 10:53 PM13
- What's the deal with Mrs. Norris?? opiate69 Thu May-19-05 11:45 PM13
- A Feast for Crows is done and at the publisher for a fall release LeftyMom Thu Sep-08-05 08:20 PM13
- so i need to start a new series... MalachiConsta... Tue Feb-21-06 10:49 PM13
- Warning from J.K. Rowling: Matilda Sun Jul-02-06 08:56 PM13
- Here's an HP question I've never seen asked: Is Dumbledore gay? jgraz Tue Oct-23-07 12:02 AM13
- Most unconscionable death in Harry Potter (duh-spoilers) (Poll) XemaSab Thu Feb-28-08 07:40 PM13
- I saw "The Seeker: The Dark is Rising" last night. LWolf Sun Dec-23-07 07:25 PM13
- A question about Pratchett's Discworld... turtlensue Thu Feb-28-08 02:11 PM13
- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Release Date by tomorrow! Gryffindor_Bo... Thu Dec-23-04 10:14 PM12
- HP and Half-Blood Prince - started reading it yet? radfringe Sat Jul-23-05 02:02 PM12
- Do you think y'all could request a HP group?? n/t IA_Seth Fri May-09-08 02:19 AM12
- Potter find of the day: noses. politicat Sun Aug-27-06 04:56 PM12
- Okay--Harry Potter fans; a couple of inconsistencies (May be SPOILERS) hyphenate Sun Nov-28-10 02:16 PM12
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