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- Welcome to the Fantasy Literature Group elad Admin Started: Nov-28 03:43 PM0
- My SANTA novels have just been republished... RobertDeverea... Started: Dec-04 03:21 PM0
- How Hollywood De-fanged Potter's Radical Politics XemaSab Started: Aug-17 12:47 AM2
- so, who's finished A Dance With Dragons? (spoileriffic) lazarus Started: Jul-21 09:31 AM5
- "It's hard killing off so many characters" semillama Started: Jul-19 07:48 AM2
- And finally: Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield! semillama Started: Jul-18 02:01 PM0
- Balin and Dwalin semillama Started: Jul-15 11:35 AM0
- Bombur, Bifur, and Bofur! semillama Started: Jul-14 11:38 AM0
- Fili and Kili revealed from The Hobbit semillama Started: Jul-12 02:25 PM2
- More Dwarves! Oin and Gloin semillama Started: Jul-12 11:19 AM1
- Fans, stars say farewell to Harry Potter Matilda Started: Jul-07 08:01 PM2
- Hobbit first look: Nori, Ori, and Dori semillama Started: Jul-07 11:35 AM0
- First pictures from scenes in The Hobbit semillama Started: Jul-01 11:45 AM1
- I am looking for a children's book that is long out of murielm99 Started: Jun-07 02:02 PM5
- help keep this group in DU3 lazarus Started: May-19 01:35 PM0
- Tiassa, by Steve Brust lazarus Started: Apr-03 08:49 PM18
- Law and Order: Ankh-Morpork? Salviati Started: Mar-23 08:34 PM0
- Baby's First Book of Seriously Fucked-Up Shit... RobertDeverea... Started: Mar-23 08:29 PM0
- FINALLY: Dance with Dragons has a release date!!!! semillama Started: Mar-03 11:21 AM3
- Record sale for Potter books. Matilda Started: Feb-07 07:48 PM0
- My fantasy novel A Flight of Storks and Angels now on Kindle... RobertDeverea... Started: Feb-07 02:18 PM1
- Ozymanithrax Started: Jan-09 09:18 PM0
- My stack of books to read just got really tall semillama Started: Dec-28 03:59 PM2
- There's a new Bartimaeus novel coming Sabriel Started: Nov-25 11:46 PM2
- I finally figured out why I don't like Twilight and similar books davidinalamed... Started: Nov-24 11:37 PM3
- Yay! Harry Potter movie!!! XemaSab Started: Nov-19 06:05 AM7
- Anybody else here read the Hunger Games trilogy? Kablooie Started: Nov-08 03:55 AM2
- Against All Things Ending (by Stephen R Donaldson) lazarus Started: Oct-26 01:43 AM1
- Ladies and Gentlemen -I present to you the cast of the Hobbit (so far) semillama Started: Oct-22 08:50 AM3
- The Hobbit -Finally some news semillama Started: Oct-20 11:42 AM2
- The eye of argon comtec Started: Sep-20 04:40 AM7
- Jennifer Fallon's Tide Lords travelingtypi... Started: Sep-19 02:10 AM0
- One of the chapters in a book I was writing, years ago. RandomThought... Started: Sep-06 10:50 PM0
- Started reading some Brandon Sanderson semillama Started: Aug-23 12:53 PM1
- Deathly Hallows Books XemaSab Started: Jun-02 07:58 PM0
- Australian Fantasy novelist Sara Douglass is dying... 1monster Started: May-24 01:45 PM1
- Holy Shit! How Did I Miss This???? Song Of Ice And Fire Going To Be On HBO!!! Beetwasher Started: May-06 12:13 PM2
- New Fantasy titles for 2010 semillama Started: Apr-08 01:54 PM5
- This one cracks me up Kind of Blue Started: Mar-21 02:11 PM4
- New Robin Hobb book comes out this month semillama Started: Jan-08 04:01 PM5
- Steve Brust, "Iorich" lazarus Started: Jan-08 01:17 AM4
- His Dark Materials lazarus Started: Dec-29 08:47 PM3
- Hobbit casting thread semillama Started: Dec-11 10:22 PM1
- Ahem - Apparently this came out yesterday: semillama Started: Oct-28 11:39 AM9
- Zilpha Keatley Snyder's "Below the Root" trilogy XemaSab Started: Sep-21 03:16 AM1
- Who should play Bilbo Baggins in "The Hobbit?" (Poll) semillama Started: Sep-18 12:12 PM2
- Fantasy Fic Videos! CBHagman Started: Aug-08 09:08 PM2
- Any Wheel of Time/Robert Jordan Fans here? TZ Started: Jul-27 02:15 PM3
- Rank the books, rank the films [View All] XemaSab Started: Jul-15 03:57 PM24
- Anyone doing a reread? XemaSab Started: Jul-09 11:48 PM3
- RIP David Eddings semillama Started: Jun-17 08:22 AM4
- I just met Ann McCaffrey's son semillama Started: May-26 12:52 PM1
- Dance W/ Dragons Coming In Sept. Beetwasher Started: May-19 11:34 AM2
- Piers Anthony fans check in here. ember dawn Started: Apr-15 10:03 AM18
- My 'To Read' List Is Shrinking Too Fast! [View All] Shiver Started: Dec-29 12:34 PM22
- "Beedle the Bard" available for Christmas ... [View All] Matilda Started: Nov-28 09:36 PM22
- Is anybody going to watch "Legend of the Seeker" on TV this weekend? turtlensue Started: Oct-30 01:49 PM18
- Ursula Le Guin is coming to town. LWolf Started: Oct-25 12:05 PM5
- Anyone ever read "Tolkien's World" by Randel Helms? Orrex Started: Sep-18 11:39 PM0
- So Warner Brothers is suing Bollywood Orrex Started: Aug-26 05:26 PM0
- *Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes* now available at online bookstores... RobertDeverea... Started: Aug-25 07:42 AM0
- New novel *Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes* out soon... RobertDeverea... Started: Aug-12 07:02 AM3
- Just read "The Golden Compass" phostur Started: Aug-10 06:40 PM3
- A novel I would highly recommend hyphenate Started: Aug-06 10:43 PM2
- I like Robin Hobb, Jacqueline Carey, and Mercedes Lackey. travelingtypi... Started: Jul-24 03:17 AM17
- Are there any fantasy illustration fans here? Lorien Started: Jul-23 09:43 PM2
- Free ebooks and wallpapers at until July 27th Lorien Started: Jul-22 01:28 AM2
- I had a realization yesterday about The Golden Compass... XemaSab Started: Jul-19 03:34 PM0
- I'm going to come out and say the one thing that really bugs me about Deathly Hallows XemaSab Started: Jul-18 05:59 PM2
- Elfquest finally headed to theaters semillama Started: Jul-09 11:58 AM0
- Vellum by Hal Duncan MrCoffee Started: Jul-09 11:58 AM0
- The Harry Potter prequel is now online! kay1864 Started: Jun-11 02:01 PM5
- Pullman leads revolt against age banding for children's books semillama Started: Jun-10 11:41 AM9
- anyone else reading Charlene Harris' Sooke Stackhouse books dwickham Started: Jun-07 09:24 PM14
- For you Harry Potter fans...short prequel to be free online after auction kay1864 Started: May-29 09:58 AM2
- Robert Lynn Aspirin has died AllegroRondo Started: May-23 12:15 PM4
- Has anyobdy hee read Patric Rothfuss' Name of the Wind? JonathanChanc... Started: May-14 06:51 AM7
- Any one reading the 7 series by Nora Roberts?/ and herJ.D. Robb Series? Liberalynn Started: May-08 07:41 PM1
- Book-centric online auction to benefit diabetes research... RobertDeverea... Started: May-04 01:49 PM0
- Director chosen for The Hobbit Orrex Started: Apr-24 09:16 PM5
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