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- Welcome to the Fantasy Literature Group elad Admin Sun Nov-28-04 03:43 PM0
- Any one read Sara Douglass's new book THE SERPENT BRIDE? 1monster Tue Jun-26-07 02:29 PM0
- Great song re: Deathly Hallows posted on YouTube. Note this was posted before the book came out.. 1monster Sat Sep-15-07 08:16 PM9
- Australian Fantasy novelist Sara Douglass is dying... 1monster Tue May-25-10 05:53 PM1
- Anyone read "The Dark Is Rising" series... AbbyR Fri Jul-27-07 10:29 PM10
- New Tolkein book to be published in April AllegroRondo Sun May-27-07 07:14 AM6
- Robert Lynn Aspirin has died AllegroRondo Wed May-28-08 09:29 AM4
- Fantasy books that don't paint women as...subservient? [View All] AllyCat Wed May-30-07 09:01 PM46
- My Essay on Eowyn and Feminism, if you're interested (LONG) :) antigone382 Sun Jan-02-05 12:26 AM7
- Harry Potter heads up architect359 Thu Dec-21-06 08:14 PM3
- Beowulf and Grendel Astarho Thu Dec-30-04 02:38 AM3
- Ok, Tell Me About The "Baroque Cycle" Beetwasher Mon Mar-14-05 01:17 PM8
- The Black Company by Glen Cook Beetwasher Mon Nov-19-07 04:15 PM7
- Yikes! Anyone Reading Anything ELSE Besides HP? Any "Black Company" Fans? Beetwasher Tue Oct-18-05 03:23 PM15
- Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen Beetwasher Sun Jan-22-06 12:11 PM2
- Steven Brust's DZUR Is Out!!! Beetwasher Sat Oct-28-06 01:35 AM2
- Steven Erikson: Malazan Book of the Fallen Series-THE BEST SERIES EVER?!?! Beetwasher Wed Sep-13-06 06:35 PM5
- Dance W/ Dragons Coming In Sept. Beetwasher Tue May-26-09 09:51 PM2
- Holy Shit! How Did I Miss This???? Song Of Ice And Fire Going To Be On HBO!!! Beetwasher Thu May-06-10 01:17 PM2
- Because 11 Harry Potter threads aren't enough. Blue-Jay Fri Dec-24-04 04:48 PM5
- Please spoil it for me, someone. Please. bob_weaver Sun Jul-22-07 08:04 AM7
- Need shapeshifter myths, know any? booley Sun Jul-17-05 10:38 PM6
- Potter fans: A wicked poll on Bellatrix Lestrange (SPOILERS). (Poll) CBHagman Wed Sep-12-07 10:08 PM6
- Fantasy Fic Videos! CBHagman Sun Aug-09-09 09:45 AM2
- Has anyone read His Dark Materials? Chovexani Tue Dec-14-04 02:15 AM8
- What was the first fantasy book you ever read? [View All] Chovexani Thu Aug-18-05 02:22 PM50
- Has anyone read the Dhampir trilogy? Chovexani Fri Mar-25-05 07:35 PM0
- HP Fandom is Completely Insane. Chovexani Wed Jul-27-05 03:45 PM11
- The eye of argon comtec Wed Sep-22-10 01:58 PM7
- Question for Harry Potter fans re: Year 2 Coventina Wed Jul-27-05 08:02 PM15
- My Harry Potter romance predictions, sure to anger everyone! Coventina Tue Oct-03-06 10:45 PM11
- Sudden thought about Aunt Petunia (Harry Potter related) Coventina Mon Jul-18-05 05:21 PM11
- HP&HBP came!!! & I'm already up to page 128! *early spoilers* Coventina Tue Jul-19-05 11:16 AM2
- About Madam Pince (spoiler) Coventina Fri Jul-22-05 04:14 PM3
- I think I've found an error in "Half Blood Prince" ***spoiler*** [View All] Coventina Tue Jan-03-06 04:33 PM25
- My sister's theory about "Half Blood Prince" ending. *SPOILER!* Coventina Sun Jun-18-06 02:48 AM15
- Robert Anton Wilson Needs Our Help crikkett Wed Oct-04-06 01:01 PM0
- Any other John Crowley fans here? crispini Tue Jan-25-05 02:08 AM2
- Is anybody else here a Tolkien fan? [View All] Crunchy Frog Thu May-19-05 01:21 AM52
- I finally figured out why I don't like Twilight and similar books davidinalamed... Sat Jan-29-11 07:22 PM3
- HBO To Tackle (A Song of) Ice And Fire deadparrot Wed Feb-14-07 12:25 AM8
- Funny that we didn't have the book a week, but in 6 days.... dhinojosa Sun Jul-24-05 05:02 PM0
- Harry Potter and the half-witted grown-ups dhinojosa Mon Jul-25-05 08:58 PM3
- *SPOILER* Don't go to TSHIRTHELL.COM!!! *SPOILER* *PROFANITY* dhinojosa Thu Jul-28-05 11:08 AM1
- Do you believe Severus Snape is a good guy? (Poll) [View All] dhinojosa Fri Jan-06-06 08:35 PM27
- Some HP pics from the new movie dhinojosa Fri Aug-05-05 02:33 PM4
- Tilda Swinton attacks Hollywood studios' "right-wing politics" DinahMoeHum Mon May-08-06 11:25 AM0
- favorite Mercedes Lackey novel [View All] dwickham Tue Jun-26-07 03:23 PM23
- 'Potter' author Rowling has 3rd child dwickham Fri Jan-28-05 12:02 PM2
- Are there any writers in this group dwickham Sat Jul-30-05 10:53 PM13
- Charles de Lint [View All] dwickham Wed Aug-01-07 01:21 PM21
- 101 days [View All] dwickham Sun May-08-05 11:29 AM20
- How many copies of Harry Potter do you have on order dwickham Tue May-17-05 07:32 PM3
- Just wrote a letter to a fantasy/sci fi publishing company dwickham Tue Jun-21-05 11:46 PM1
- San Fran mayor declared July 15 All Potters Eve dwickham Mon Jul-04-05 01:40 PM0
- Magic for grown-ups dwickham Fri Jul-15-05 03:34 PM2
- Harry days are here again dwickham Sat Jul-16-05 11:16 PM5
- The first chapter of Half Blood Prince-not really a spoiler but may be dwickham Sun Jul-24-05 10:31 PM9
- I had one pissed off co-worker today dwickham Tue Jul-26-05 03:49 PM4
- If you haven't finished HBP, don't read this dwickham Thu Aug-11-05 09:02 AM4
- 76 days until GOF comes out in theatres!!!! dwickham Mon Oct-03-05 02:43 PM17
- Casting for Dolores Umbridge [View All] dwickham Fri Feb-17-06 03:49 PM42
- Ordered my GOF tickets! dwickham Sat Nov-19-05 01:28 PM8
- SF Chron review of GOF dwickham Fri Nov-18-05 10:33 AM4
- I finally bought Feast for Crows dwickham Wed May-31-06 09:40 AM8
- Piers Anthony Incarnations of Immortality dwickham Fri May-04-07 06:10 PM8
- anyone else reading Charlene Harris' Sooke Stackhouse books dwickham Mon Feb-07-11 11:58 AM14
- Piers Anthony fans check in here. ember dawn Thu Sep-03-09 05:37 PM18
- Is Severus Snape a vampire? (Poll) [View All] eridani Sat May-14-05 04:49 PM25
- Harry Potter fanfic article from the Torygraph eridani Thu Jul-19-07 01:17 AM0
- self-delete dupe GreenJ Tue Aug-23-05 01:36 PM1
- Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time, Book 11) GreenJ Sun Jan-29-06 06:10 PM14
- Harry Potter: Book 6 Predictions! [View All] Gryffindor_Bo... Sat Apr-16-05 08:15 AM32
- HP is the only fantasy I've ever read. Suggest other books I might like! [View All] Gryffindor_Bo... Sun Jan-23-05 12:59 PM41
- Who is the Half-Blood Prince? Make your predictions here. Gryffindor_Bo... Mon Jan-10-05 01:53 AM15
- Neville Longbottom Gryffindor_Bo... Tue Dec-07-04 09:57 PM6
- HYSTERICAL comic about fantasy lit! Gryffindor_Bo... Tue Dec-07-04 10:33 AM2
- MAGNIFICENT Potter puppet show! Gryffindor_Bo... Sat Dec-18-04 12:18 PM2
- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Release Date by tomorrow! Gryffindor_Bo... Thu Dec-23-04 10:14 PM12
- Philip Pullman's The Dark Materials gulfcoastlibe... Sun Jul-30-06 06:41 PM7
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