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- Welcome to the Classical Music Group elad Admin Sun Nov-28-04 05:32 PM1
- Ok, so who do ya despise? [View All] curse10 Sat Mar-20-10 11:36 PM93
- List your 5 favorite classical pieces [View All] Gothic Sponge Wed Mar-02-05 02:07 AM34
- What are your favorite obscure works? [View All] demzilla Sun Oct-11-09 09:42 PM33
- Post a movie soundtrack you love. [View All] Gothic Sponge Sat Jun-25-05 12:56 PM32
- What was your introduction to classical music? [View All] Barad Simith Sat Nov-20-10 12:49 AM28
- Do you have a favorite period? (Poll) [View All] Barad Simith Sun Mar-21-10 12:11 AM25
- What classical station do you listen to the most? [View All] Reverend_Smit... Sat Mar-20-10 11:21 PM25
- Anybody Here Want To Share About Meeting Famous Classical Artists? [View All] Dinger Wed Jul-14-10 04:51 PM22
- Opera, anyone? [View All] troubleinwint... Fri Dec-17-04 12:18 AM20
- Do you play classical music? What instruments? Vocal? [View All] curse10 Fri Dec-09-05 11:27 AM20
- This Group has been selected for possible deletion in 7 days. Please Read. Skinner Admin Tue Jul-25-06 02:19 AM17
- Classical recommendations jaredh Sat Jun-30-07 03:22 AM16
- Well I for one am happy this Group is here... rasputin1952 Thu Dec-02-04 01:18 AM15
- Some ?'s. How many recordings do you own? Inventory them?.. Princess Tura... Fri Dec-28-07 09:41 AM15
- Sincere question about classical music: Does classical have a death wish? HamdenRice Sat Dec-25-04 03:18 AM13
- Classical music news and obituary thread. CBHagman Tue Jun-17-08 01:27 PM13
- Mahler's Third Symphony: your opinions please (Poll) Barad Simith Mon Apr-11-05 09:55 PM12
- Let's get personal: Your favorite singers. CBHagman Wed Dec-22-04 09:55 PM11
- Man, I love Schubert curse10 Sun Aug-14-05 01:08 AM11
- Benjamin Britten. What do you think of him? BlackVelvetEl... Fri Dec-30-05 02:13 PM11
- What is "classical" music ALago1 Wed Dec-15-04 04:37 PM10
- The Proms Season has been announced. tjwmason Mon Jul-10-06 07:52 AM10
- A very interesting piece on 60 Minutes about a 12 year old being compared undergroundra... Tue Nov-30-04 11:32 PM9
- WETA board approves all-talk format CBHagman Sun Mar-13-05 10:40 PM9
- Is classical music good for relieving stress? Stump Fri Nov-27-09 01:55 AM9
- Looking for music to buy (recommendations) amandae Fri Dec-24-04 05:01 PM8
- Karl Haas dies at 91 LibInTexas Tue Jul-25-06 03:39 AM8
- What's your favorite classical radio station? fortyfeetunde... Sat Jun-11-05 09:42 PM8
- WETA is back to all classical! GoddessOfGuin... Sat Feb-03-07 12:29 PM8
- Excellent documentary about Ralph Vaughan-Williams Lydia Leftcoa... Mon Oct-27-08 11:56 PM8
- Andrea Bocelli IA_Seth Fri Jan-07-05 01:22 AM7
- How to find work of an obscure composer Karl Eduard Hering? Quakerfriend Mon Jan-31-05 06:14 PM7
- I have to give a presentation on Beethoven's 9th symphony... Reverend_Smit... Wed Mar-02-05 01:43 AM7
- What are you listening to now? FuzzySlippers Tue Mar-08-05 01:59 AM7
- Dan Snyder, Bonneville set to eliminate DC classical station. CBHagman Tue Dec-12-06 09:51 AM7
- Bonneville puts classical station WGMS on weaker signal. CBHagman Mon Jan-09-06 12:10 PM6
- "To the NEA, News-Laden NPR Is Making a Classical Mistake" CBHagman Fri Dec-08-06 05:03 PM6
- Can someone help me with the name of a musical composition? raccoon Thu Oct-22-09 07:04 PM6
- Real nice place to listen on line troubleinwint... Fri Dec-03-04 02:05 AM5
- 'Boston Brass' with pipe organ oneighty Fri Dec-10-04 03:54 PM5
- Barber Violin Concerto Bluebear Thu Mar-03-05 03:55 PM5
- The Gershwin Piano Concerto in F leyton Tue Mar-01-05 01:43 AM5
- Need help locating a piece of music FuzzySlippers Fri Mar-11-05 11:00 PM5
- Mozart piano concerti leyton Wed Nov-21-07 02:37 PM5
- D.C. area music lovers - anyone want to see the NSO? demnan Thu Apr-28-05 12:26 AM5
- Ah... a Kirsten Flagstad marathon. God's gift to humanity, Kirsten. Rabrrrrrr Sat Jul-22-06 08:56 AM5
- Humorist Anna Russell, aged 94, dies. CBHagman Tue Jan-01-08 08:05 PM5
- MET Opera Star's Son Busted in 1991 Rape & Murder stopbush Mon Oct-12-09 09:06 AM5
- Can anyone recommend some other Faure stuff besides "Magic Fire Music?" raccoon Fri Mar-11-11 05:56 PM5
- 4 ways to build your collection (for the beginner) Barad Simith Tue Dec-28-04 12:05 AM4
- Classical Music Performers (Poll) fortyfeetunde... Tue Dec-07-04 11:30 PM4
- A Vienna Philharmonic Joke For You stopbush Wed Mar-02-05 02:02 AM4
- Sixten Ehrling has died, led Detroit Symphony Bluebear Wed Feb-23-05 05:58 PM4
- Michael Tilson-Thomas's amazing recording of Mahler's 6th... regnaD kciN Fri May-06-05 08:31 PM4
- How do I get started? StellaBlue Sun Jan-08-06 07:06 PM4
- Happy Birthday, Mozart--250 years of great music! spindrifter Fri Mar-17-06 03:08 PM4
- Are any of you into cross-over classical? spindrifter Wed Aug-02-06 09:41 PM4
- I am older and not too computer literate can anyone tell me mitchtv Sun Apr-20-08 01:22 PM4
- I just heard the most beautiful choral version of Barber's Adagio for Strings liberalhistor... Wed Nov-25-09 11:18 AM4
- Nixon in China, now Anna Nicole; can you come up with another contemporary hedgehog Wed Jul-13-11 06:20 PM4
- On the Lighter, (or perhaps sicker) Side... La Petomaine (sp?)... rasputin1952 Sat Dec-04-04 07:23 AM3
- Poll: Professional, Amateur, or Listener? (Poll) Seabiscuit Sat Jan-15-05 02:50 PM3
- This Robert Shaw CD is AWFUL!! Rabrrrrrr Tue Apr-05-05 04:05 PM3
- What does "Kamenniy-ostrov" (Anton Rubinstein) mean? Sparkly Sat Apr-30-05 07:28 PM3
- Has anyone else performed in The Dream of Gerontius? Lydia Leftcoa... Tue May-24-05 04:26 PM3
- Get a free CD of modern percussion music - Rabrrrrrr Sat Jul-09-05 12:41 PM3
- Classical radio sucks! Can anyone recommend a good stream? stopbush Fri Aug-19-05 10:30 AM3
- Introduction music in the movie 'A Space Odyssey' oneighty Tue Aug-30-05 04:59 PM3
- It's that time of year again for choir members! Lydia Leftcoa... Thu Mar-09-06 12:09 AM3
- Great Moments in Messiah Performances -- gotta hear this one Sparkly Mon Dec-19-05 03:22 PM3
- Favorite Movement of "The Planets"? (Poll) catbert836 Sun Mar-21-10 12:01 AM3
- More Mozart Than You Can Shake a Baton At (NYT) spindrifter Tue Sep-05-06 05:14 AM3
- You really need Bang on a Can's new recording of Riley's "In C" Rabrrrrrr Sat Sep-09-06 09:49 AM3
- Complete Mozart Scores Available Online for Free - Link to Scores stopbush Fri Apr-27-07 03:39 AM3
- Bach's Chaconne spindrifter Thu Feb-14-08 03:31 AM3
- Paul Potts radfringe Wed Jul-18-07 01:27 AM3
- Best recording of Mozart's Requeim? mitchtv Sat Feb-09-08 04:43 PM3
- Recorder ensembles Karl_Bonner_1... Fri Aug-22-08 11:48 PM3
- Which cello albums should I buy? dixiegrrrrl Mon Apr-20-09 05:34 PM3
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