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- Welcome to the DU Mental Health Support Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-23 09:49 AM0
- Does anyone suffer from insomnia like i do? BeHereNow Started: Dec-11 04:04 AM3
- sorry, delete. nt. polly7 Started: Dec-10 12:16 PM0
- Left, right or mixed handed? It might be related to why you read this group (Poll) HereSince1628 Started: Dec-09 05:04 PM0
- This is why stigmatizing language re mental health is OK on DU HereSince1628 Started: Dec-08 02:58 PM7
- I'm more and more convinced that some things don't ever get better. HereSince1628 Started: Dec-05 06:22 PM4
- today was so good i'm anxious fizzgig Started: Nov-29 02:32 AM0
- Has anyone seen BrklynLiberal lately? Lorien Started: Nov-28 03:36 AM0
- Comedian Marc Maron on Depression... BrendaBrick Started: Nov-21 02:52 PM1
- What is possible. Tobin S. Started: Nov-19 11:14 AM4
- Has anyone else found Recovery Internationl helpful? Critters2 Started: Nov-16 04:05 PM1
- Somedays it is all I can do to just fricking hang on until tomorrow... BrendaBrick Started: Nov-16 12:54 AM1
- A bit of good here undergroundpa... Started: Nov-03 12:48 AM3
- *Pain of Depression:Journey through the Darkness elleng Started: Oct-25 09:25 PM1
- Has anyone else noticed BrendaBrick Started: Oct-25 02:14 PM1
- thank you wbez- out of the shadows mopinko Started: Oct-24 09:24 AM0
- don't think i can deny it anymore mzteris Started: Oct-23 01:21 PM2
- Ths thread is fucking cruel undergroundpa... Started: Oct-22 06:25 PM3
- Warning...Graphic... U can't help if you don't understand that HereSince1628 Started: Oct-12 08:47 PM2
- My youngest turned up today with his girl. EFerrari Started: Sep-25 09:44 PM2
- MTHFR hedgehog Started: Sep-22 10:33 AM1
- How much doesn't DU-Gen Discussion understand about mental illness? HereSince1628 Started: Sep-06 11:50 AM3
- I just want to get this out of the way right now. EFerrari Started: Sep-02 12:51 AM2
- Hello y'all undergroundpa... Started: Aug-31 11:27 PM1
- Loving DU has made me...bananas HereSince1628 Started: Aug-17 04:53 PM2
- my therapist lied to me. mopinko Started: Aug-14 03:23 PM17
- eesh. nickelodeon. mopinko Started: Aug-12 11:29 AM0
- Hello friends. Forkboy Started: Aug-05 03:52 AM15
- InkAddict fades into oblivion InkAddict Started: Aug-01 10:45 AM3
- Roseanne Barr talks about her dissociative disorder a bit EFerrari Started: Jul-25 02:47 PM1
- Ugh, the Norway shooting has really brought out the bigots that think the mentally ill... Odin2005 Started: Jul-24 04:52 PM5
- I've been out of the loop so long I can't imagine how to be within it. HereSince1628 Started: Jul-20 10:23 PM4
- Stories from the Road: A little madness in your glass? Tobin S. Started: Jul-17 03:17 PM0
- Good Lord! This place is about to shrivel up and die! Tobin S. Started: Jul-05 07:02 PM4
- Need some long, soothing music Tripper11 Started: Jun-20 06:17 AM16
- Help? Posted this elsewhere today, haven't heard. Waddy'all think? elleng Started: Jun-14 05:05 PM9
- can I join? I need to talk... [View All] w8liftinglady Started: Jun-07 08:24 PM22
- Any of you have PTSD? Evoman Started: May-25 02:59 PM4
- Yesterday I found out my father died last September EFerrari Started: May-24 01:34 PM12
- Been around a while? Help save this place, the ax is coming to DU forums HereSince1628 Started: May-19 01:45 PM6
- When is music therapy akin to swimming in quicksand? HereSince1628 Started: May-16 09:26 AM2
- Having a very hard day here. intheflow Started: May-13 08:04 PM8
- Celexa Verses Lexapro Pharaoh Started: May-11 08:42 AM11
- On Eeyore's 140th B'day, wishing our forelorn friend the best HereSince1628 Started: May-10 08:47 AM4
- Loose ends Tobin S. Started: May-09 09:31 PM1
- But I -wasn't- aware...May is National Borderline Personality Awareness month HereSince1628 Started: May-09 06:50 PM1
- Stories From the Road: Pleasant Memories Tobin S. Started: Apr-27 04:34 PM4
- 11 yo son has been officially diagnosed as having ADHD and a mood disorder. This is a GreenPartyVot... Started: Apr-25 04:23 PM18
- Don't forget that April is Autism Awareness Month. Odin2005 Started: Apr-17 07:07 PM3
- Do you intellectualize as a means of escaping your feelings? HereSince1628 Started: Apr-12 09:02 AM6
- "Life is the classroom. Love is the lesson." Tobin S. Started: Apr-03 11:23 AM3
- Just to remind everyone . . . this is a public conversation HereSince1628 Started: Apr-03 09:22 AM8
- Green Tobin S. Started: Apr-02 10:18 AM3
- State Mental Health Cuts are a National Crisis- A NAMI press release Tobin S. Started: Mar-27 04:28 PM1
- Who are you calling crazy? HereSince1628 Started: Mar-26 07:59 AM2
- Is anger emotion or behavior? (Poll) HereSince1628 Started: Mar-07 08:38 AM14
- FAIL (Poll) HereSince1628 Started: Mar-07 08:26 AM0
- The outcome of aforementioned mtg... HereSince1628 Started: Mar-04 02:11 PM2
- Tomorrow I meet with all the Directors whose faces I 've been in AND HereSince1628 Started: Mar-02 08:55 PM5
- my mil tried to od and my husband is really fucked up over it fizzgig Started: Feb-27 09:04 PM4
- Ugh.. undergroundpa... Started: Feb-25 11:08 PM5
- I need to talk to someone else with Borderline Personality, please. HereSince1628 Started: Feb-21 02:51 PM11
- people who have dealt effectively with depression- ?? [View All] mopinko Started: Feb-19 10:26 AM25
- Some people don't think dreams mean anything Tobin S. Started: Feb-14 02:29 AM4
- Hi. rbnyc Started: Feb-13 01:34 AM7
- Narcissists and sociopaths may not be likeable but this DU thread needs stomping on HereSince1628 Started: Feb-12 03:27 PM1
- Music/Poetry Therapy Thread--got a favorite to share? [View All] HereSince1628 Started: Jan-30 08:45 AM40
- I called the suicide hotline the other night. First time, last time. crim son Started: Jan-29 11:20 AM11
- I need some feedback, please. HereSince1628 Started: Jan-28 02:53 PM8
- A video that shows what Schizophrenia is like..for the person with it. undergroundpa... Started: Jan-18 09:57 PM8
- What do you think of Abilify ? UndertheOcean Started: Jan-18 12:37 AM1
- It seems like it's been so long ago. Tobin S. Started: Jan-14 05:01 PM5
- HereSince1628 Started: Jan-12 02:46 PM6
- waiting for the med to kick in mopinko Started: Jan-09 11:03 AM10
- They are REALLY afraid of us here comes another layer of stereotyping HereSince1628 Started: Jan-09 08:53 AM14
- Worried about putting my little boy an A.D.D. med. It's one thing for me [View All] GreenPartyVot... Started: Dec-29 07:36 PM20
- Semi official holiday week check in thread [View All] EFerrari Started: Dec-23 04:27 PM20
- Ron Artest To Donate NBA Salary To Mental Health Charities mdmc Started: Dec-19 08:27 AM5
- How are you all doing this holiday season? Tobin S. Started: Dec-16 05:59 PM5
- Been waiting since July 13th for I'm told 7 more months HereSince1628 Started: Dec-06 04:19 PM14
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Home » Discuss » DU Groups » Health & Disability » Mental Health Support Group | Add to My Forums [?] Donate to DU

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