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- Welcome to the DU Mental Health Support Group Skinner Admin Tue Nov-23-04 09:49 AM0
- On again, Off again flight anxiety a la izquierd... Wed Sep-23-09 12:09 AM4
- I'm a loser, baby...(getting it off my chest) AlienGirl Sun Mar-12-06 11:03 AM16
- Childhood depression, depression heritability, and the next step AlienGirl Tue Jun-27-06 01:02 PM10
- I'm having software problems AlienGirl Mon Dec-21-09 11:27 PM5
- Well, I don't post here often, and I am not a great writer. amyrose2712 Mon Oct-27-08 07:47 AM2
- I keep breaking down in tears.. amyrose2712 Mon Mar-09-09 09:39 AM1
- amyrose2712 Thu Apr-02-09 08:44 PM2
- Does anyon have any experience with Depakote ER?... amyrose2712 Sun Apr-19-09 03:04 AM2
- They say the definition of "crazy is doing the same things... amyrose2712 Sun May-03-09 12:14 PM1
- Science Daily :Long-distance Brain Waves Focus Attention(possible links to mental illness) amyrose2712 Thu Jun-04-09 08:11 AM0
- I suck.... amyrose2712 Tue Jun-30-09 06:44 AM4
- Changes proposed to key psychiatry manual amyrose2712 Thu Feb-11-10 01:52 PM2
- Does anyone have any experience switching from Depakote ER to Generic.?nt amyrose2712 Mon Mar-08-10 12:31 PM2
- Hello, I was just put on two new meds.(and long vent) amyrose2712 Tue Mar-16-10 10:50 AM3
- Music.... amyrose2712 Thu Mar-25-10 01:00 PM4
- is it me, or just all the crap in my life? anarch Sat Jul-28-07 12:42 AM2
- Just diagnosed with dysthymic disorder.... AngryOldDem Sat Jun-16-07 12:58 PM11
- Is this typical? AngryOldDem Wed Jul-11-07 01:53 PM11
- How do you deal with people who just don't understand depression? AngryOldDem Tue Feb-12-08 11:47 PM10
- Just got a job rejection letter in the mail. AngryOldDem Sat Feb-23-08 07:54 PM3
- Not this shit again! AngryOldDem Tue Feb-03-09 12:50 PM7
- I have entered a strange world. annabanana Tue May-18-10 09:12 PM7
- I have a psych evaluation coming up Ariana Celest... Wed Nov-21-07 01:25 AM7
- Self-Harm AspieGrrl Sun Mar-02-08 09:43 PM13
- My house of cards is falling astral Tue May-01-07 11:42 PM8
- Should I Become More Involved Online? B. P. R. D. Tue Mar-22-05 03:16 PM3
- Cymbalta + Strattera? backscatter71... Thu May-15-08 10:14 PM0
- Brain Region for Overcoming Fear, Anxiety Found BareNakedLibe... Sat Jul-19-08 03:42 PM1
- BeHereNow's daily depression cure.... BeHereNow Tue Jan-01-08 01:42 AM0
- Daughter just diagnosed with Bipolar needed, please. [View All] BeHereNow Thu May-22-08 05:45 PM21
- Does anyone suffer from insomnia like i do? BeHereNow Thu Jan-05-12 04:09 PM3
- question about meds combinations and fatigue/sleepiness bertha katzen... Wed Jun-08-05 09:35 AM16
- winter sets in early, and fibromyalgia is apparently out of remission bertha katzen... Thu Aug-11-05 12:19 PM14
- Has this group ever had a discussion about hospitalization? bertha katzen... Wed Jul-12-06 03:34 PM16
- don't really know if i wanna talk about this bertha katzen... Tue Dec-18-07 12:24 PM3
- new drug bertha katzen... Tue Jan-01-08 12:24 AM3
- Fleeting moments of utter despair or terror bertha katzen... Mon May-19-08 02:30 PM6
- Just thought I would say (in this quiet corner)... bhikkhu Sat Sep-13-08 04:07 PM1
- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? bicentennial_... Tue Jul-17-07 03:02 AM13
- Hi. I think I'm depressed. billyskank Sun Jun-24-07 12:30 PM17
- My mother was recently diagnosed with dementia. BlackVelvetEl... Mon Jan-17-05 10:53 PM2
- For the women in this forum frustrated with mood disorders. bling bling Thu Jul-19-07 12:27 PM17
- Awesome website you can use to check drug interactions for drugs you take. bling bling Sat Jul-07-07 04:19 PM2
- Researchers link estrogen to Borderline Personality Disorder bling bling Thu Jul-12-07 12:51 AM0
- A close relative is mentally ill and I need some peer-to-peer blondeatlast Wed Apr-26-06 05:33 PM9
- "Katrina kicked off troubled souls' odyssey" bloom Wed Sep-28-05 02:11 AM1
- midterms and mutant genes bloom Fri Oct-21-05 06:02 PM0
- What do you think I should do? bloom Wed Apr-26-06 09:00 AM5
- Autism, Schizophrenia, and sulphites bloom Mon Apr-17-06 07:24 PM1
- "Mentally Ill?" bloom Sun May-07-06 12:44 PM9
- Anticonvulsant drug found to help bipolar alcoholics blue neen Thu Jan-13-05 09:50 PM8
- Has anyone tried the Emsam patch? blue neen Wed May-16-07 09:50 PM1
- Effexor withdrawals are killing me! Any advice??? [View All] blueblitzkrie... Sat Mar-05-05 01:37 PM29
- Anyone tried Buspar for anxiety attacks? blueblitzkrie... Thu Apr-07-05 04:37 PM9
- Another week, another new medication!: Lexapro blueblitzkrie... Tue May-03-05 03:16 PM9
- Sociopaths - anyone have any ideas on how to deal with them? [View All] bluefish Sun Sep-17-06 05:09 PM21
- looking for a little advice blueraven95 Mon Jun-30-08 09:48 AM7
- i'm struggling with myself- and Bluerthanblue Thu Sep-15-05 03:52 AM9
- I wish I knew what to do blues90 Tue Jul-11-06 06:45 PM7
- I really need some help and insight on a problem that is tearing [View All] Blue_Roses Tue May-03-05 08:09 PM34
- Does fatigue make you depressed? Blue_Roses Fri Apr-29-05 04:22 AM6
- Do you ever feel like you just want to pull your hair out? Blue_Roses Wed May-11-05 07:29 PM8
- HELP--Managing money with ADHD--does it cause you problems with [View All] Blue_Roses Thu Jun-02-05 10:49 PM23
- Is there any federal help for disabilities Blue_Roses Thu Jun-02-05 10:38 AM11
- I'm trying to start an ADHD support group in my Blue_Roses Fri Jun-03-05 03:10 PM2
- I think I'm going crazy Blue_Roses Mon Aug-15-05 03:42 AM4
- Do you ever have days where you say Blue_Roses Sat Aug-27-05 01:47 PM3
- Are the holidays taking a toll on you? Blue_Roses Tue Dec-06-05 10:24 PM6
- I am so depressed. What the hell is wrong with me? Blue_Roses Mon Feb-13-06 01:38 PM14
- I'm getting divorced. Blue_Roses Wed May-17-06 09:10 PM10
- Is anyone familiar with Narssisitic Personality Disorder? Blue_Roses Thu Jul-19-07 09:17 PM11
- How do you deal with someone who has a narcissitic personality disorder? Blue_Roses Tue Jan-01-08 01:54 AM8
- An important article, and another effort and confronting stigma bobbolink Wed Nov-24-10 02:24 PM0
- I thought I had read somewhere there is a disability group bratcatinok Thu Feb-10-05 07:53 AM2
- Has anyone else noticed BrendaBrick Tue Oct-25-11 06:48 PM1
- Somedays it is all I can do to just fricking hang on until tomorrow... BrendaBrick Wed Nov-16-11 11:05 AM1
- Comedian Marc Maron on Depression... BrendaBrick Mon Nov-28-11 03:40 AM1
- Need help with my bipolar Dad Bryan Mon Apr-25-05 07:29 AM3
- Law & Order SVU rips Tom Cruise BuffyTheFundi... Thu Jun-01-06 01:01 AM11
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