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- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Wed Mar-30-05 01:11 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Catholic and Orthodox Christian Group Skinner Admin Mon Nov-22-04 03:00 PM0
- Has anybody here seen my old friend Abraham? Padraig18 Fri Feb-25-05 01:15 PM4
- Why do people still think Catholics don't read the Bible? [View All] hedgehog Sat Dec-10-11 01:15 AM31
- A Saint for 9/11 hedgehog Fri Sep-09-11 12:06 AM3
- Are we being victims of right wing politicking and/or an ignorant hedgehog Sun Apr-17-05 09:43 PM7
- I am reading Kerry Kennedy's book "Being Catholic Now" and chieftain Mon Dec-22-08 10:37 PM2
- I saw Gulianni receive Holy Communion at St. Patrick's chieftain Thu Apr-24-08 08:52 AM5
- Miami priest joins Episcopal church hedgehog Fri Jun-05-09 09:49 AM13
- Mikhail Gorbachev admits he is a Christian regnaD kciN Sun Apr-27-08 09:39 PM4
- Pope to make climate action a moral obligation theredpen Wed Sep-26-07 07:39 AM2
- what time of day do you feel closest to God? cleveramerica... Tue Jul-20-10 06:42 PM3
- " Dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return." Genesis 3:19 rug Sun Feb-21-10 03:51 PM6
- "260 reports of abuse yearly in Protestant churches " DemBones DemB... Sun Jun-24-07 07:13 PM12
- "Be Patient" FarLeftRage Mon May-31-10 08:31 PM3
- "Benedict vs. the War Party" by Justin Raimondo DemBones DemB... Mon Jun-18-07 12:40 PM2
- "Benedict XV may have been one of the finest popes in hedgehog Wed Apr-20-05 08:45 AM1
- "blah blah blah Whiny atheists" SemiCharmedQu... Mon Jan-03-05 05:15 PM6
- "Castro blesses new seminary" Joe Chi Minh Fri Nov-05-10 01:02 PM2
- "Christian" adoption agency shuns Catholics The Jacobin Tue Jul-19-05 11:43 AM0
- "Did Jesus Exist?" elshiva Sun Jan-15-06 10:30 AM8
- "gay priests are no more likely than straight clergy to sexually abuse minors." hedgehog Mon Nov-23-09 10:09 PM1
- "In Damascus to Escape the Iraqi Nightmare" DemBones DemB... Tue Jun-26-07 02:28 AM1
- "Now look what a fine mess you've gotten us into...!" Joe Chi Minh Sun May-24-09 12:08 PM1
- "O Jesu, O Jesu, give me patience with that boy." CBHagman Sat May-21-05 05:39 PM5
- "Pray for the Geeks" Interview with a wired nun Book Lover Thu Nov-01-07 08:19 AM1
- "She toured (UK) like a rock star": St Theresa of Lisieux Joe Chi Minh Sat Nov-07-09 05:41 PM1
- "The Church is really supposed to be about Jesus Christ, not about the Pope. " hedgehog Mon Apr-05-10 06:32 PM1
- "The Incredible Shrinking Catholic Church" hedgehog Mon Feb-16-09 03:22 PM4
- "The issue of parish closings turns on more than demographics and money." hedgehog Tue Feb-03-09 12:36 PM0
- hedgehog Wed Dec-12-07 01:21 PM5
- "They stoned Paul and dragged him outside the town, thinking he was dead. Joe Chi Minh Wed May-13-09 04:32 PM0
- "Well done good and faithful servant! . . . merh Sat Apr-02-05 08:24 PM5
- "What goes on in conservative white churches on Sunday?" hedgehog Wed Mar-19-08 10:45 PM1
- "You are precious in my sight...and I love you..." Isaiah 43:4 elshiva Tue Feb-14-06 10:08 PM6
- hedgehog Sun Feb-08-09 09:19 PM1
- 'Christianity ended the cold war peacefully' by Adrian Pabst in today's Guardian. Joe Chi Minh Wed Nov-11-09 12:36 PM0
- 'Exorcist' Jesuit dies Stunster Fri Mar-04-05 06:53 PM0
- 'Nazi' Pope helped Jews flee Holocaust DemBones DemB... Sun Sep-30-07 08:06 PM5
- (Australian Senator) Xenophon threatens to name abuse priest Matilda Wed Sep-14-11 12:53 PM2
- . YellowRubberD... Tue Apr-19-05 12:02 PM0
- 10,000 Catholics for Obama ad mrs_p Wed Aug-27-08 02:04 PM3
- 16-year-old Latin whiz finds new liturgy language lacking Matilda Tue Nov-15-11 11:16 PM2
- 2,147 to 4 hedgehog Sun Dec-13-09 05:24 PM0
- 27 years ago today ih8thegop Sat Oct-15-05 11:01 PM0
- ? Someone asked me the other day what the large candle augie38 Wed Mar-30-05 02:15 PM8
- ? about monks and priests MountainLaure... Tue Mar-22-05 01:09 PM4
- ? Why does the U.S. have 16 Cardinals ( I think...) augie38 Sun Apr-03-05 07:53 PM4
- A 'World Cup' Conclave Stunster Sun Apr-10-05 02:39 AM3
- A big thank you and good news to boot Hans Delbrook Sat Mar-26-05 09:07 AM7
- A bit of fun. Matilda Wed Dec-26-07 08:55 PM6
- A Blessed Christmas to all... elshiva Wed Dec-26-07 08:57 PM5
- A Blessed Easter to you all! hedgehog Tue Mar-25-08 07:31 AM5
- A collection of emails gathered by CNN of all outlets.. Princess Tura... Mon Apr-04-05 03:48 AM0
- A DU atheist/agnostic sending out thoughts to you all Bluebear Sat Apr-02-05 08:57 AM6
- A fascinating and beautiful article in the Guardian by Austin Ivereigh Joe Chi Minh Fri Nov-19-10 08:08 PM3
- A few quotes that I found Pendrench Sat Apr-23-05 01:37 PM6
- A good myth book of saints? 4_Legs_Good Mon Jun-06-05 03:04 PM8
- A great article by Melanie McDonagh in the Guardian: Joe Chi Minh Fri Oct-02-09 06:51 PM0
- A Happy Catholic Post. - albeit a vanity one. Midlodemocrat Thu Apr-21-05 09:55 AM9
- A list of possible sucessors I found JohnKleeb Sun Apr-03-05 10:50 AM12
- A Little History Class Help??? Bzzzz Sat Oct-28-06 08:24 PM3
- A modest proposal hedgehog Fri Apr-22-05 02:40 AM13
- A moment please, for Philip Pullman and his new book, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ hedgehog Sun May-02-10 01:15 PM0
- A must-read aritcle from Sr. Prejean: XanaDUer Thu Apr-07-05 02:17 AM5
- A nice, non-controversial holiday question..favorite carols?... Princess Tura... Wed Jan-05-05 05:19 PM10
- A part of my childhood has a passed on ... CarolinaPerid... Sun Apr-03-05 07:30 PM2
- A Personal Anecdote about John Paul II DemBones DemB... Fri Feb-25-05 10:13 AM7
- A petition to support Notre Dame's invitation to President Obama hedgehog Thu Mar-26-09 02:06 PM0
- A post which might interest Catholic Du'ers, re: Mr. Obama, the 'Prize' and the Vatican..nt Princess Tura... Sat Oct-10-09 10:45 PM0
- A prayer for my nana who is dying JohnKleeb Mon Jan-31-05 06:04 PM9
- A Prayer Request ezekiel333 Wed Mar-23-05 08:54 PM6
- A Priest's Wise Comments on "Judge not, that you be not judged" (Matthew 1:7, DRV) DemBones DemB... Fri Mar-30-07 08:06 AM4
- A profound moment at today's Good Friday service. hedgehog Fri Mar-25-05 05:28 PM1
- A question hedgehog Tue Jun-07-05 08:26 PM2
- A question to gets some posts moving here RGBolen Wed Feb-01-06 10:20 AM1
- A question: I'm getting hints of right wingers coming together with hedgehog Wed Jun-25-08 05:24 PM3
- A Quintessential Question from Dorothy Day, Founder of Catholic Worker DemBones DemB... Fri Jul-15-05 03:03 AM6
- A return to anti-Catholic bias of JFK era ok_cpu Mon Nov-01-10 04:13 PM7
- A side question about the situation in Haiti: Last Sunday I saw several stories about Haitians hedgehog Mon Jan-25-10 09:28 AM2
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