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- Welcome to the DU Catholic and Orthodox Christian Group Skinner Admin Mon Nov-22-04 03:00 PM0
- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Wed Mar-30-05 01:11 PM0
- Let's start a Lenten Rosary [View All] pres2032 Wed Mar-23-05 09:23 PM150
- Prayer Requests and Answers [View All] pelagius Sat Aug-30-08 10:45 PM63
- How many Catholics have heard their priests denounce homosexuality? [View All] imenja Wed Jul-20-05 01:47 AM53
- Cradle Catholic or convert? (same question for Orthodox) [View All] Maeve Fri Dec-03-10 01:09 AM52
- We have a Pope! [View All] Matilda Tue Apr-19-05 08:09 PM52
- I am really angry about T. Schiavo [View All] XanaDUer Mon Mar-21-05 03:57 AM49
- At first I really loved this group now It makes me sad. [View All] ChavezSpeakst... Sun Apr-03-05 01:04 PM47
- Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger [View All] IronLionZion Sun Apr-17-05 06:02 PM44
- Prayer vigil for Terri Schiavo [View All] Cuban_Liberal Thu Mar-31-05 04:35 PM41
- I don't get it [View All] mrgorth Wed Mar-30-05 04:21 PM41
- Condolences from an atheist [View All] Az Sun Apr-03-05 02:20 AM40
- Catholics for Faithful Citizenship Says Santorum Must Apologize [View All] DemBones DemB... Fri Aug-05-05 08:10 PM39
- I have a question about Giuliani and Holy Communion . [View All] chieftain Mon Nov-19-07 02:04 PM39
- The anti-Catholic bigotry here is utterly sickening [View All] WildEyedLiber... Sun Jan-04-09 05:11 PM38
- I've been told by an atheist that as a Catholic I have to obey [View All] hedgehog Sat Nov-29-08 08:07 PM35
- Well guys its gonna be a tough next few days [View All] JohnKleeb Wed Apr-20-05 04:40 PM34
- For people who practice intinction (dipping the host into the wine): [View All] pnwmom Thu Jun-18-09 11:11 AM34
- What type of Catholic are you? [View All] Pirate looks ... Wed Feb-23-05 05:39 PM32
- Proposition: One reason the bishops responded so poorly [View All] hedgehog Sun Apr-17-05 02:43 PM32
- Why do people still think Catholics don't read the Bible? [View All] hedgehog Sat Dec-10-11 01:15 AM31
- Pope Benedict - not the hardline horror that some of us feared. [View All] Matilda Fri Jul-14-06 11:01 AM31
- What are the biggest misconceptions about Catholicism? [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Wed Dec-08-04 10:29 PM30
- For those who might need to talk [View All] RevCheesehead Mon May-09-05 07:15 AM30
- Can I come and play over here? [View All] RevCheesehead Wed Mar-30-05 12:01 PM29
- What do folk think about the da Vinci Code? [View All] tjwmason Thu Jun-15-06 08:44 AM29
- I learned something last night at our instructional Mass [View All] Pirate looks ... Wed Oct-03-07 09:43 AM29
- The Church's teaching on contraception [View All] Stunster Fri Feb-04-05 03:38 PM27
- Cuban Liberal invited me here, and I have just one "question". [View All] MyPetRock Wed Apr-27-05 05:52 PM27
- What are you giving up for lent? [View All] Reverend_Smit... Fri Feb-11-05 12:49 PM26
- Non-Catholic with a Catholic question. [View All] CubsFan1982 Wed Jul-01-09 10:38 PM26
- Pope's condition 'grave' [View All] Padraig18 Fri Feb-25-05 02:17 PM26
- I am sick of the intolerance towards Catholics [View All] JohnKleeb Sat Dec-18-04 11:28 PM25
- As a non-practicing Catholic, may I post here for the first time... [View All] Longgrain Sun Apr-03-05 09:50 AM25
- Favorite Christmas Carols and Songs. [View All] Matilda Fri Jan-05-07 12:25 AM25
- CLEF Discussion #3 - Why Does the Right get to dictate the definition of Pro-Life? [View All] skater314159 Sat Aug-25-07 07:29 PM25
- Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. [View All] ChavezSpeakst... Wed Sep-22-10 11:22 PM24
- Funny how those who hate Christians for "forcing their views" ... [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Thu Dec-30-04 04:52 AM24
- The open hostility to Catholicism at DU is shocking. [View All] Padraig18 Sun Feb-20-05 09:42 AM24
- As a progressive Catholic - I NEED A GROUP HUG NOW!!! [View All] ChavezSpeakst... Tue Apr-19-05 10:29 PM24
- I will not read pope/Church LBN posts, I will NOT read pope/Church LBN [View All] 4_Legs_Good Mon Aug-15-05 08:20 PM24
- OK, fellow Catholics and Orthodox, it's time for [View All] DemBones DemB... Sat Feb-17-07 04:17 PM24
- Slate: Can the Latin Mass make a comeback? [View All] Book Lover Sun Oct-07-07 10:37 AM24
- How do we effectively deal with bigotry? [View All] AngryOldDem Sun Dec-12-04 03:03 PM23
- Church Music [View All] hedgehog Mon Mar-20-06 06:02 PM23
- Strange CCD / Vatican response vs. my recent confession attempt [View All] mdmc Sat Apr-03-10 11:00 AM23
- The next pope [View All] Stunster Thu Mar-10-05 04:39 PM22
- Does the Church you attend have a pro-life group? [View All] Midlodemocrat Wed Mar-16-05 04:19 AM22
- DU Catholic women-do you wear a mantilla or otherwise [View All] scarlet_owl Sun May-01-05 09:18 PM22
- What are your thoughts on Opus Dei? [View All] leftyladyfrom... Thu Apr-20-06 12:15 PM22
- What are YOUR favorite spiritually inspiring books? [View All] DemBones DemB... Sun Jul-24-05 10:25 PM21
- What is Mass like at your parish? [View All] hedgehog Sat Aug-06-05 06:02 PM21
- Ugh! My Cafeteria Catholic Dilemma - Teaching my kids Catholicism [View All] bleedingheart Fri Mar-16-07 12:17 PM21
- Nov. 1, Feast of All Saints -- Tell everyone your favorite saint(s). [View All] DemBones DemB... Thu Dec-25-08 07:21 AM21
- If you've heard the new Mass translations and want to stop them, [View All] hedgehog Thu Dec-17-09 09:23 AM21
- So Ive been staying out of GD lately and I am curious to know [View All] JohnKleeb Thu Jan-06-05 03:15 PM20
- He's gone, and my eulogy [View All] JohnKleeb Sat Apr-02-05 05:20 PM20
- The Holy Father's political views are being misunderstood [View All] IronLionZion Fri Jul-29-05 03:47 AM20
- Awful church music. Tracer Tue Nov-30-04 07:11 PM19
- The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition Stunster Mon Feb-28-05 10:54 PM19
- Can you all help me understand the choice of Ratzinger? imenja Tue Apr-26-05 07:49 PM19
- The Traditional Latin Mass tjwmason Sun Jun-12-05 10:56 PM19
- How would you respond to this email? rug Fri Jun-29-07 11:30 AM19
- If getting a vasectomy is self mutilation, what is self flagellation? hedgehog Mon Apr-26-10 03:01 PM19
- Two Rulings Expected on Public Displays of Nativity DemBones DemB... Mon Dec-27-04 12:11 AM18
- Oh good grief, I just realized that Cardinal Law will be one of the hedgehog Tue Apr-05-05 05:56 PM18
- Is there really such a thing as a "cafeteria catholic?" hedgehog Fri Apr-29-05 09:17 PM18
- I need a favor... YellowRubberD... Sun May-01-05 09:32 PM18
- Can you stand another prayer request? CBHagman Tue Jun-21-05 09:10 PM18
- To people ask why we stay in the Church despite hedgehog Wed Oct-12-05 08:49 AM18
- Interior decorating, Catholic style hedgehog Thu Mar-01-07 08:23 PM18
- Anyone else had a crisis of faith? Hans Delbrook Sun Jan-16-05 10:05 AM17
- Sigh JohnKleeb Sat Feb-05-05 02:23 AM17
- Someone help me take a deep ass breath JohnKleeb Fri Apr-01-05 11:34 AM17
- If YOU were a cardinal, who would you elect as Pope? ih8thegop Tue Apr-19-05 01:04 AM17
- And the new Pope is the former Cardinal Ratzinger! DemBones DemB... Tue Apr-19-05 12:56 PM17
- So, when does this group close down? regnaD kciN Wed May-11-05 04:53 AM17
- I am petitioning mods for a pro-life dems DU Group started mrgorth Wed Aug-01-07 06:53 PM17
- Are people here pro-life? undeterred Thu Sep-25-08 03:06 PM17
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