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- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Started: Mar-30 01:11 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Catholic and Orthodox Christian Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-22 03:00 PM0
- See you on the other side! rug Started: Dec-11 01:41 AM0
- The Obama Administration wants all employer supplied health insurance hedgehog Started: Dec-07 06:02 PM3
- Confession rug Started: Dec-04 09:32 AM2
- Fluff piece on new translation 47of74 Started: Nov-19 10:59 PM7
- Timeline of the Sex Scandals Matilda Started: Nov-07 09:09 PM0
- Father Bob forced out by Catholic Church Matilda Started: Nov-04 01:15 AM1
- 16-year-old Latin whiz finds new liturgy language lacking Matilda Started: Nov-02 09:58 PM2
- What is the sin of Bishop Finn? Matilda Started: Oct-31 02:18 AM1
- Wall Street protests gain Vatican support Matilda Started: Oct-26 07:38 PM5
- Ground level ecumenicism - if you attend a non-Catholic service, (Poll) hedgehog Started: Oct-10 08:25 AM7
- I was reading ahead this evening at Mass... 47of74 Started: Oct-09 08:06 PM0
- Jamey Rodemeyer was one of ours - i recognize the church hedgehog Started: Sep-27 11:46 AM0
- The local diocese is running a program in all the parishes pushing stewardship hedgehog Started: Sep-26 12:39 PM1
- At church tonight they were pushing for the DREAM Act. 47of74 Started: Sep-25 10:10 PM1
- (Australian Senator) Xenophon threatens to name abuse priest Matilda Started: Sep-12 08:29 PM2
- At Mass the priest wore a white chasuble with a red cross on it. rug Started: Sep-11 03:20 PM4
- Trad Vs. Liberal or Roman Vs Pagan? hedgehog Started: Sep-08 08:58 AM2
- Sacrilege or bold re-appropiation of an image and of Mary? hedgehog Started: Sep-01 09:08 AM4
- Love it or hate it? hedgehog Started: Aug-31 04:59 PM5
- A Saint for 9/11 hedgehog Started: Aug-31 04:57 PM3
- Anyone seen any recent footage of the Pope? My Dad says hedgehog Started: Aug-20 07:28 PM14
- Can anyone suggest a non-reactionary Catholic blog? hedgehog Started: Aug-17 07:08 PM5
- I had no idea neanderthals like this still existed. Brigid Started: Aug-11 07:30 PM8
- Lisbon cardinal summoned to Rome following ordination comments Matilda Started: Aug-10 03:16 AM2
- Rejoice with me! blue_roses_li... Started: Aug-07 07:27 PM2
- What If We Just Said Wait? Matilda Started: Aug-03 12:25 AM5
- St. Mary's Abbey rug Started: Jul-23 07:26 AM0
- Pope taps Chaput for Philadelphia Matilda Started: Jul-18 09:09 PM2
- Is this happening in your diocese too? Brigid Started: Jul-15 08:55 PM1
- The recurring case of the idiot priest rug Started: Jul-15 06:37 PM7
- How's the Bishop's Annual Appeal doing in your diocese? hedgehog Started: Jul-12 06:36 PM3
- I love it when this happens. Brigid Started: Jul-10 07:40 PM1
- Looking for some beautiful and unusual rosaries? Brigid Started: Jun-25 09:30 PM0
- Society of St Pius I Matilda Started: Jun-21 01:45 AM0
- The case of Father Corapi: hedgehog Started: Jun-18 10:43 AM3
- Back to the Future. Matilda Started: Jun-16 04:01 AM9
- Hans Kung urges peaceful revolution against Roman absolutism Matilda Started: Jun-12 04:42 AM3
- Maranatha rug Started: Jun-02 12:08 PM3
- New Statue of the late John Paul II not a big hit in Rome. Brigid Started: May-23 10:03 PM0
- Today's recessional was "Now We Remain". rug Started: May-22 12:34 PM3
- Mary: clearly a bridge between Islam and Christianity demosincebirt... Started: May-07 09:31 PM0
- Vatican forces outspoken Qld bishop to retire Matilda Started: May-01 09:00 PM11
- Another facepalm moment for the church 47of74 Started: Apr-30 07:23 PM1
- Christ is Risen! Brigid Started: Apr-24 10:30 AM1
- The last acceptable prejudice rides again. demosincebirt... Started: Apr-23 04:05 PM5
- So I went to the Good Friday service at my parish today and . . . Brigid Started: Apr-22 06:18 PM1
- For Good Friday: Brigid Started: Apr-21 09:32 PM1
- An image for Holy Thursday: hedgehog Started: Apr-19 11:47 AM1
- Happy Feast of the Annunciation! UrbScotty Started: Mar-25 02:22 PM3
- Archbishop washes feet of Irish abuse victims Matilda Started: Feb-20 08:23 PM0
- I just posted this is GD XanaDUer Started: Feb-17 06:51 PM0
- Distributism: A Primer for Orthodox Christians nxylas Started: Feb-03 11:52 AM2
- Christina Green's casket came from New Melleray 47of74 Started: Jan-13 02:11 AM2
- Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom rug Started: Jan-06 06:04 PM1
- Merry Christmas everybody or... nxylas Started: Dec-24 12:25 PM2
- Midnight Mass - any takers? 47of74 Started: Dec-22 02:21 AM8
- Found good article in the Christian Liberal Group. demosincebirt... Started: Dec-12 11:35 PM0
- Quite the interesting letter to the editor this morning 47of74 Started: Dec-12 09:15 PM2
- Allowing Priest to Marry Iolanthe15 Started: Dec-09 11:19 AM1
- If it was up to me 47of74 Started: Dec-04 01:01 AM0
- Pope Looks to the Future by Naming 24 new Cardinals(VIDEO) HS News Started: Nov-20 10:29 AM0
- A fascinating and beautiful article in the Guardian by Austin Ivereigh Joe Chi Minh Started: Nov-17 06:59 PM3
- HS News Started: Nov-14 03:48 PM5
- HS News Started: Nov-13 01:43 PM2
- "Castro blesses new seminary" Joe Chi Minh Started: Nov-04 05:12 PM2
- Another movie about exorcism is coming out next year (the Rite) - hedgehog Started: Oct-21 09:45 AM1
- Australia's first saint to be canonised on Sunday. Matilda Started: Oct-14 08:09 PM4
- The new "improved Mass translation - closer to the original hedgehog Started: Oct-11 04:20 PM0
- Just got back from Italy 47of74 Started: Oct-08 06:43 PM3
- Mainstream Catholics will be pleased to have heard the Pope Benedict's visit to the UK Joe Chi Minh Started: Sep-27 10:32 AM2
- This weekend's first reading was a keeper. 47of74 Started: Sep-19 07:55 PM1
- What is it with the churches up in NW Dubuque county? 47of74 Started: Sep-18 04:15 PM0
- Speak up for our women religious hedgehog Started: Jul-28 11:52 AM1
- I'm as evil as a child rapist - the Vatican says so! hedgehog Started: Jul-19 11:21 AM4
- This deserves to be read and passd on: hedgehog Started: Jul-17 01:52 PM1
- Vatican calls women's ordination a grave crime against the Church, Matilda Started: Jul-16 11:15 PM1
- A wonderful tradition: hedgehog Started: Jun-27 05:16 PM2
- I Bind To Myself Today BeatleBoot Started: Jun-24 07:57 PM4
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