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- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Wed Mar-30-05 01:11 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Catholic and Orthodox Christian Group Skinner Admin Mon Nov-22-04 03:00 PM0
- All that money the Knights of Columbus spent on getting prop 8 passed 47of74 Fri Nov-21-08 04:37 PM1
- Pastor of my parish was injured in an accident 47of74 Sun Feb-22-09 11:02 AM4
- Pot, meet Kettle 47of74 Sat Jan-24-09 07:46 PM0
- Theologian calls for Benedict to step down. 47of74 Sat Feb-07-09 11:20 AM3
- Vatican says Williamson must recant 47of74 Thu Feb-05-09 07:09 AM3
- Austrian Priests are not happy. 47of74 Sun Feb-15-09 01:50 AM1
- Wagner declines promotion 47of74 Tue Feb-17-09 11:00 PM1
- Argentina to Holocaust Denying Bishop: Get Out! 47of74 Fri Feb-20-09 06:57 PM1
- Blessed Damien de Veuster is to be named a Saint 47of74 Thu Mar-05-09 09:53 PM4
- St. Francis, Dyersville 47of74 Sun Mar-08-09 01:38 AM4
- Street stalls demolished for Papal visit 47of74 Mon Mar-16-09 12:27 AM2
- Right wing Catholics all upset about Obama speaking at Notre Dame 47of74 Wed Mar-25-09 12:28 AM3
- Gingrich converts to Catholicism 47of74 Thu Apr-02-09 08:45 AM2
- Former St. Louis Archbishop apologizes for attacking fellow Bishops 47of74 Tue Apr-07-09 08:41 AM0
- Which Easter service do you attend? (Poll) 47of74 Fri Apr-17-09 05:01 AM3
- Something I've been wondering about 47of74 Fri Apr-24-09 07:07 AM1
- Priest working with people facing foreclosure 47of74 Sat May-16-09 06:21 AM1
- Small group of people stage protest at Cathedral 47of74 Wed Apr-29-09 10:13 AM0
- Priest forgives attacker who stabbed him 47of74 Sat May-09-09 11:24 AM1
- Bishops publish guidelines for swine flu and the liturgy 47of74 Sun Jun-14-09 03:35 PM8
- Did your parish have roses for sale today? 47of74 Sun May-10-09 10:47 PM0
- Did your parish ask you to wear red this weekend? 47of74 Tue Jun-02-09 02:43 PM6
- I sent this LTTE to the local paper yesterday morning; 47of74 Fri Jun-05-09 02:38 AM1
- NCR excerpt of Archbishop Weakland's book 47of74 Sat Jun-06-09 08:54 PM1
- Dubuque may lose a Catholic parish 47of74 Sat Jul-18-09 06:56 PM7
- How petty is this? 47of74 Sat Aug-08-09 12:54 AM6
- I was struck by today's second reading 47of74 Tue Aug-25-09 07:22 AM6
- Unusual happening at church this evening 47of74 Sun Aug-09-09 11:10 PM0
- Lookie where I was 47of74 Sat Aug-22-09 10:44 PM3
- Maine churches had a 2nd collection to fight gay marriage 47of74 Fri Nov-06-09 11:21 PM5
- Albania wants Mother Teresa back, India says no 47of74 Sat Oct-17-09 05:48 PM2
- Way to make me feel good about sending children to Catholic schools 47of74 Fri Nov-13-09 05:37 PM2
- Olbermann had an interesting segment on 47of74 Mon Nov-16-09 09:27 PM4
- Posted on GDP: Catholic website has "Catholic Hall of Shame"... 47of74 Sun Nov-15-09 09:17 PM2
- Interesting petition at Mass 47of74 Sat Nov-21-09 09:07 AM1
- Kennedy barred from communion 47of74 Tue Nov-24-09 11:47 PM8
- John Paul II closer to Sainthood 47of74 Tue Jan-12-10 07:25 PM4
- Woman knocks down Pope 47of74 Sat Dec-26-09 10:07 AM2
- Big announcements at church this evening 47of74 Mon Mar-01-10 12:39 PM3
- Would've been nice if Robertson had read this before sticking his hoof in his yapper 47of74 Sun Mar-07-10 08:37 PM0
- Pope allegedly had abusive priest transferred 47of74 Wed Mar-17-10 06:45 PM3
- One of our parishes will close Tuesday 47of74 Fri May-28-10 09:19 PM6
- Facepalm 47of74 Sat May-29-10 09:20 AM1
- Nun excommunicated for saving a life 47of74 Sat Jun-05-10 01:06 AM5
- What is it with the churches up in NW Dubuque county? 47of74 Sat Sep-18-10 04:15 PM0
- This weekend's first reading was a keeper. 47of74 Tue Sep-21-10 09:09 PM1
- Just got back from Italy 47of74 Thu Oct-14-10 10:56 AM3
- If it was up to me 47of74 Sat Dec-04-10 01:01 AM0
- Quite the interesting letter to the editor this morning 47of74 Tue Dec-21-10 12:35 AM2
- Midnight Mass - any takers? 47of74 Sat Jan-01-11 10:53 AM8
- Christina Green's casket came from New Melleray 47of74 Thu Jan-13-11 10:21 PM2
- Another facepalm moment for the church 47of74 Sun May-01-11 05:15 AM1
- At church tonight they were pushing for the DREAM Act. 47of74 Wed Oct-12-11 11:44 PM1
- I was reading ahead this evening at Mass... 47of74 Sun Oct-09-11 08:06 PM0
- Fluff piece on new translation 47of74 Wed Nov-30-11 11:36 PM7
- 4_Legs_Good Wed Apr-06-05 11:15 PM9
- What's "Liberation Theology" anyway? 4_Legs_Good Fri Apr-15-05 11:11 PM8
- Okay, to those who are saying give Ratzinger a chance 4_Legs_Good Wed Apr-20-05 05:27 AM16
- What's up with Sodano? 4_Legs_Good Mon May-02-05 11:36 PM2
- Ratzinger and Levada 4_Legs_Good Wed May-18-05 11:18 AM4
- As a practicing Catholic, why is it so hard for me to mention "heaven" 4_Legs_Good Thu May-19-05 09:07 PM4
- A good myth book of saints? 4_Legs_Good Mon Jun-06-05 03:04 PM8
- I will not read pope/Church LBN posts, I will NOT read pope/Church LBN [View All] 4_Legs_Good Mon Aug-15-05 08:20 PM24
- How close were you to the sex abuse scandals? 4_Legs_Good Thu Sep-29-05 09:50 PM11
- Supreme Court Should Reject Religious Discrimination At Public Universities, Says Americans United Adsos Letter Mon Dec-07-09 01:19 PM0
- Americans United Praises Senate Vote Against Nelson-Hatch Amendment Adsos Letter Wed Dec-09-09 12:29 PM1
- Re: "The Teaching Company"... adsosletter Thu Jul-05-07 10:49 AM1
- I have a God Question Angry Dragon Sat Jun-19-10 10:01 AM11
- How do we effectively deal with bigotry? [View All] AngryOldDem Sun Dec-12-04 03:03 PM23
- Tridentine Mass vs. Novus Ordo AngryOldDem Fri Dec-31-04 01:41 AM12
- Religion and respect AngryOldDem Thu Dec-23-04 10:12 PM3
- Sigh....another day, another bash AngryOldDem Mon Jan-03-05 09:01 AM12
- GD Post of the Day -- A GREAT post AngryOldDem Mon Jan-10-05 01:12 AM3
- Need info about Vatican's statements RE: Iraq war AngryOldDem Wed Jan-12-05 07:40 AM3
- Catholic Relief Services tsunami aid update AngryOldDem Thu Jan-13-05 07:31 PM0
- Should the Pope resign? AngryOldDem Thu Feb-24-05 11:56 PM15
- Christ IS in the world AngryOldDem Wed Mar-23-05 11:42 AM9
- Pope to miss Good Friday services AngryOldDem Tue Mar-22-05 07:36 PM1
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