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- Important message about the candidate supporters' groups. Skinner Admin Started: Nov-23 08:05 PM0
- Welcome to the DU John Kerry Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-19 03:34 PM0
- ByeBye to DU2 Mass Started: Dec-11 08:28 AM3
- Kerry is in Eqypt karynnj Started: Dec-10 03:20 PM2
- Why we need socialized medicine Mass Started: Dec-09 12:54 PM3
- Does anybody know why Kerry did not vote on Cordray's nomination? Mass Started: Dec-08 01:29 PM3
- Kerry defends Obama on Israel karynnj Started: Dec-06 10:07 AM2
- A couple of photos and Kerry sighting this weekend Mass Started: Dec-05 09:29 AM9
- Help for military victims of sexual assult in the Senate defense bill , it passed the House earlier karynnj Started: Dec-02 04:49 PM1
- Mass Started: Dec-01 10:18 AM1
- Can you imagine Kerry do that? Mass Started: Nov-30 01:19 PM1
- Mass Started: Nov-28 03:04 PM8
- Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry at the U.S. Consulate in Montreal ObamaKerryDem Started: Nov-24 04:14 PM7
- Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Luftmensch067 Started: Nov-24 03:07 PM3
- Spotlight Back on Kerry, but Reshaped Role Eludes Him Mass Started: Nov-24 08:20 AM16
- Fantatstic Bob Shrum defense of Kerry and attack on Romney, not as flip flopper, but shapeshifter! karynnj Started: Nov-23 08:55 AM2
- Breaking: positive article on JK in Herald and...a grandson on the way! Luftmensch067 Started: Nov-23 03:04 AM8
- Super committee had glimpse of elusive compromise Inuca Started: Nov-22 12:14 PM1
- How Medicare looses money... Mass Started: Nov-21 12:45 PM3
- Mostly useful article in Globe re JK and Supercommittee Luftmensch067 Started: Nov-21 07:17 AM2
- Kerry calls Romney a flip-flopper Mass Started: Nov-20 06:01 PM6
- a little OT (but relevant) article on Warren in NYT mag MBS Started: Nov-19 08:03 AM2
- JK and Jon Kyl will be on Meet the Press this Sunday karynnj Started: Nov-18 01:36 AM12
- Kerry demands a retraction from Sweitzer [View All] karynnj Started: Nov-17 09:16 AM24
- OT, but I am puzzled. According to this, 1 % of people have more than 9 M in assets? Mass Started: Nov-15 02:20 PM1
- Condi Rice actually praises Kerry's foreign policy knowledge in her book karynnj Started: Nov-15 11:44 AM2
- Insider Trading in Congress? Mass Started: Nov-14 08:30 AM4
- Kerry and Brown and the veteran bill - very biased karynnj Started: Nov-11 12:11 PM7
- Kerry warns of economic disaster if deficit committee fails ObamaKerryDem Started: Nov-08 10:55 AM10
- HATE the Herald but this was too cool not to share! ObamaKerryDem Started: Nov-07 10:04 PM4
- Generic WP article on campaigning to be President in NH karynnj Started: Nov-07 09:36 AM0
- Article on Kerry and his staff supporting Ayanna Pressley for re-election karynnj Started: Nov-06 04:59 PM6
- FYI C-Span3 showing Senate committee from 1991... YvonneCa Started: Nov-06 04:03 PM1
- Kerry: Dover family on the front lines with autism research Mass Started: Nov-05 08:12 AM0
- Kerry fighting Republican effort to end net neutrality karynnj Started: Nov-04 06:00 PM0
- Does anybody know what Kerry is up to these last few days? [View All] Mass Started: Nov-02 07:54 AM23
- Likely lots more fun than the supercommittee, JK gave an award to to the songwriter for "At Fenway" karynnj Started: Oct-28 12:07 PM0
- Kerry most popular pol in MA (according to this poll) Mass Started: Oct-26 06:09 PM6
- Not really OT - Super Committee Democrats Unveil Budget Proposal [View All] Inuca Started: Oct-26 11:48 AM31
- Kerry understands fishermen's plight Mass Started: Oct-24 11:15 AM8
- Did Kerry give the justification of voting NO on Mass Started: Oct-20 06:02 PM19
- Heather Higginbottom, former Kerry aide, confirmed as deputy OMB head karynnj Started: Oct-20 11:49 AM2
- Kerry's statement on Qaddafi karynnj Started: Oct-20 11:44 AM6
- Kerry has demanded answers on fishing karynnj Started: Oct-20 08:32 AM1
- Interesting contrast between our pols in MA Mass Started: Oct-18 11:45 AM0
- John Kerry guest speaker at the book signing for "Power, Politics, and Universal Healthcare" Mass Started: Oct-17 09:57 AM2
- Berkshire labor group calls on Kerry Mass Started: Oct-17 06:56 AM1
- Occupy Boston people demonstrating at JK's Boston Residence.. ObamaKerryDem Started: Oct-14 11:12 AM4
- John kerry arrives at the WH for South Korea state dinner karynnj Started: Oct-13 09:53 PM5
- Kerry and the Congressial hockey caucus were wearing ties that support NHL's effort to fight cancer karynnj Started: Oct-13 07:02 PM5
- JK in my Blog.. ObamaKerryDem Started: Oct-13 03:38 PM3
- The Myth Of Effective Attacks On John Kerry Mass Started: Oct-13 02:13 PM8
- The Startling Authenticity of the Lesser One MBS Started: Oct-13 06:14 AM14
- Senator Kerry sides with the Occupy Wall street (etc) people karynnj Started: Oct-11 07:14 AM2
- Kerry: US-China Partnership Important For Economic Stability, Growth Mass Started: Oct-07 08:52 AM0
- John and Teresa went to Les Miserables yesterday for her 73rd birthday karynnj Started: Oct-06 07:27 PM5
- Interesting Globe Article on JK and Brown, though a bit slanted.. ObamaKerryDem Started: Oct-05 10:43 AM0
- New MA Poll: JK Most Popular Senator, More Popular than Brown ObamaKerryDem Started: Oct-04 09:57 PM13
- live streaming of MA Dem senate primary race MBS Started: Oct-04 06:15 PM7
- Senate unanimously confirmed Ford as Ambassador to Syria karynnj Started: Oct-04 10:43 AM1
- Infuriating Glenn Johnson article on Kerry and Brown's interactions karynnj Started: Oct-04 08:53 AM3
- Kerry Hosting Hearing On Mass. Fisheries Mass Started: Oct-03 07:39 AM2
- Neat little anecdote from Twitter re:JK.. ObamaKerryDem Started: Oct-02 08:40 PM5
- JK Artwork! ObamaKerryDem Started: Sep-30 11:23 AM1
- O/ DC Blog ObamaKerryDem Started: Sep-30 10:12 AM8
- BMG post by Kerry after Setti Warren's withdrawal from the Senate race Mass Started: Sep-29 06:06 PM9
- TPM on Super commiteee MBS Started: Sep-28 10:08 PM4
- OT Puzzled by BG editorial about Waxman Mass Started: Sep-26 08:54 AM0
- Vote for Senator Kerry progressive hero Mass Started: Sep-26 06:51 AM6
- OT, but good (on craziness in corporate world vs government) MBS Started: Sep-25 05:22 AM0
- Massachusetts is a Diva State, always has been TayTay Started: Sep-22 05:46 PM6
- The Atlantic Council Honors IMF Chief Christine Lagarde, Senator John Kerry, and the Late Prime Mini Mass Started: Sep-22 02:15 PM1
- Sen. Kerry, Rep. Nadler Introduce Fair Housing Bill for LGBTs Mass Started: Sep-22 10:09 AM2
- Self-delete Luftmensch067 Started: Sep-22 06:40 AM0
- A Statesman Too Late? Mass Started: Sep-22 06:40 AM4
- R.E.M. and JK MBS Started: Sep-22 05:30 AM4
- I'm just sayin', is all... mloutre Started: Sep-21 02:57 PM5
- Mass Started: Sep-21 10:40 AM0
- OT - MA-Sen: Elizabeth Warren takes the lead! Inuca Started: Sep-20 11:35 AM12
- Senator Kerry on the Death of Kara Kennedy ObamaKerryDem Started: Sep-18 05:06 PM5
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