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- Welcome to the DU Outdoor Life Group Skinner Admin Fri Nov-19-04 09:03 AM0
- Who at DU Hunts? [View All] bobedwards Thu Jan-27-05 08:48 PM97
- Proposal to create a separate DU Group for Hunters and Gun Enthusiasts. [View All] Skinner Admin Sat Jul-12-08 05:29 PM59
- Ah Spring - the Willows have changed to a bright yellow-green [View All] Freebird12004 Sun Mar-13-05 12:47 PM47
- Any knife nuts here in Outdoor Life? [View All] Brucie Kibbut... Sun Jul-12-09 01:29 PM43
- What's your favorite fish to fish for? [View All] Droopy Sun Oct-29-06 12:40 PM40
- I'm thinking about buying a Mauser rifle... [View All] spin Tue Feb-16-10 10:58 PM34
- I wanna say two things - 1) Good luck to all the hunters tomorrow!!! [View All] Rabrrrrrr Fri Oct-20-06 03:33 AM27
- Single action revolver fans [View All] TX-RAT Wed Jun-01-05 09:07 AM27
- Anyone interested in splitting the "Outdoor Life Group"? [View All] theHandpuppet Sun May-20-07 06:58 PM27
- Is the 7.62x39 a legitimate big game round? [View All] TX-RAT Sun Feb-13-05 11:01 PM23
- Hi, guys and gals...I have a problem with illegal hunters. [View All] Maddy McCall Mon Feb-14-05 01:26 PM21
- Odd question probably regarding velocity and stopping power...'60's era... [View All] 6th Borough Tue Jan-25-05 05:26 PM21
- Interested in buying a rifle. Any suggestions? [View All] livvy Fri Nov-24-06 02:27 AM20
- Looking for some advice on getting into deer hunting when you don't have a hunting background. [View All] Brickbat Thu Oct-14-10 05:32 PM20
- If it please the moderators, I would like to post several old mark Sat Oct-11-08 07:00 AM19
- What's the best kind of gun to hunt cats? Bleachers7 Thu Jun-23-05 03:24 PM18
- So how do you get stickers out of your socks? XemaSab Mon Jan-09-06 02:53 AM18
- Anyone care to make a recommendation on a rifle? TheWraith Fri Jul-17-09 11:44 AM17
- I Caught The Fish Of A Lifetime This Morning Paladin Tue Oct-28-08 07:46 PM16
- What was your longest hike? Xithras Mon Feb-28-05 09:44 PM15
- On my first visit to this forum. (a firearm-related question) Drum Tue Sep-05-06 03:40 PM15
- What's the oldest gun you own? benEzra Thu May-22-08 04:41 PM15
- Best home defense shotgun for under 500 dollars? armyowalgreen... Mon Aug-23-10 10:17 AM15
- Seeking recommendations for a handgun, rifle, & shotgun. Kaleva Tue Mar-02-10 09:48 PM15
- Wooo Hooo! First post! Redneck Socia... Sun Nov-28-04 07:54 PM14
- Elk Hunting.....What do they taste like? OnionPatch Fri Aug-10-07 05:17 PM14
- What's your favorite camping food? NightWatcher Fri Sep-11-09 12:54 AM14
- What the F*#k!!! denbot Thu Mar-25-10 05:31 PM13
- Anyone started fishing yet? Redneck Socia... Fri Oct-20-06 03:18 AM12
- Need some advice on buying binoculars..... Pert_UK Fri Jul-29-05 09:08 AM12
- So I picked my weapon, signed up for hunter ed, looking for a tutor. politicat Sun Sep-03-06 02:03 PM12
- O.K. So I went to the "guns" forum to talk about guns tmfun Tue Sep-05-06 03:14 PM12
- Need hunting rifle advice tmfun Fri Nov-03-06 04:43 PM12
- Mobil 1 synthetic makes a fantastic gun oil. (Caution: Geek Stuff.) benEzra Wed Dec-07-11 06:23 PM12
- Post your hunting pics here! alwynsw Fri Feb-11-05 08:47 PM11
- Has anyone else tried managed recoil ammo? alwynsw Thu Dec-16-04 09:13 AM11
- Bow season is a couple of weeks away. bearfan454 Sat Oct-08-05 10:25 AM11
- Any other Democratic Hunters out there? DenaliDemocra... Sat Nov-05-05 01:46 AM11
- Ladies and gentleman, I give you a .600 Nitro Express Pistol. JonathanChanc... Sat Sep-02-06 11:12 PM11
- Grand Canyon hiking. Kerrytraveler... Sun May-27-07 08:11 AM11
- Question Re Fishing Flies Paladin Sun Oct-28-07 01:28 PM11
- OK fellow yachtsmen, what kind of boat/boats do you own pscot Wed Nov-11-09 10:26 AM11
- I just bought another rifle for my "Armory". Wcross Sat Jul-19-08 09:12 AM11
- I put a new stock on the carbine, and added a light. benEzra Sun Jul-19-09 01:07 PM11
- Does anyone here sail on the Chesapeake? Bonhomme Rich... Mon Oct-19-09 08:09 AM11
- anyone own KEL-TEC folding Pistol Caliber Carbine? Wiley50 Mon Nov-20-06 11:32 PM10
- Who's going deer hunting Saturday morning ? bearfan454 Sun Nov-18-07 04:43 PM10
- Bats in the belfry? Hell, I hope so! flamin lib Wed Jan-16-08 06:36 PM10
- Looking for input re: 22 rifles krispos42 Mon Sep-21-09 07:03 PM10
- Any input? Question on sportsterizing a WWII bolt action rifle. flamin lib Sat Sep-04-10 01:04 AM10
- Gun-owner opinions sought: darkstar3 Thu Mar-31-11 01:34 AM10
- Big rains in West TX TX-RAT Mon Nov-22-04 08:39 PM9
- Ok, I'm a liberal, (supposedly,) and anti-war. Archae Sat Apr-09-05 07:56 PM9
- Any birders here? semillama Mon Jan-10-05 06:54 PM9
- New group proposal randr Fri Jan-06-06 04:31 PM9
- Bought a new gun today- bmbmd Fri Oct-20-06 05:24 PM9
- Ruger GP-100 or S&W 686????? Deep13 Sat Jan-21-06 11:11 AM9
- Let's liven this joint up. bmbmd Mon Apr-16-07 01:16 AM9
- Anybody ever owned a P99? MilesColtrane Thu Jul-10-08 10:10 AM9
- Anglers: Catch and release or catch and eat? And why? (Poll) Zookeeper Wed Apr-02-08 10:13 PM9
- So far this season I have one doe and one turkey bearfan454 Fri Dec-14-07 06:13 PM9
- Don't Hate Me, Fly Fishermen Paladin Wed May-28-08 10:41 PM9
- Scope suggestions for AR15 carbine??? Deep13 Tue Mar-02-10 04:11 PM9
- I am a very, very lucky girl.... moriah Mon Oct-25-10 01:28 PM9
- Anyone been to Joshua Tree National Park? sbj405 Tue Jan-25-05 07:47 PM8
- Taking my boat to Shasta Lake for Spring fishin' Ernesto Tue Jan-25-05 10:34 PM8
- Packin heat?. . . a novice shares the choice she made (AP) skippythwndrd... Tue Feb-08-05 10:50 PM8
- Went ice fishing today................ Bonhomme Rich... Tue Feb-08-05 05:19 PM8
- Almost time for trout fishing... MrSandman Thu Feb-24-05 12:27 PM8
- FN 5.7x28 Question TX-RAT Tue Jun-28-05 02:30 PM8
- AK-47 info needed derby378 Thu May-04-06 02:07 PM8
- So I went to a pistol range today... solinvictus Mon Mar-20-06 10:11 AM8
- Geocaching? IA_Seth Sat Feb-25-06 07:23 PM8
- Question.... petersond Sat Oct-21-06 02:55 AM8
- Gun safe recommendations? shireen Mon May-05-08 10:01 AM8
- What's the best way to keep feet warm? flamin lib Sat Mar-06-10 11:01 AM8
- Wounded warrior bags his buck (Blind Iraq Vet gets Deer) RamboLiberal Tue Dec-14-04 10:23 AM7
- Night fishing catmandu57 Thu Jan-27-05 10:18 AM7
- Any sailors out there? Check in. Bonhomme Rich... Sat Mar-19-05 11:45 PM7
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