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- Welcome to the DU Outdoor Life Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-19 09:03 AM0
- Talking Fishing Blues struggle4prog... Started: Dec-12 01:29 PM0
- How to clean from a rifle's breech, even with lever-actions, revolvers... SteveM Started: Dec-07 06:17 PM0
- I got a goose XemaSab Started: Nov-20 09:12 PM1
- ok breakbarrel enthusiasts..question backwoodsbob Started: Nov-19 08:11 AM0
- Discount camping clubs - experiences? Why Syzygy Started: Nov-15 06:42 PM0
- A curious DUer wants to know elleng Started: Nov-09 12:16 AM0
- General gun deer season opened Nov. 5 in Texas: SteveM Started: Nov-07 03:43 PM0
- What to do with a grouse tail? Brickbat Started: Oct-22 11:15 AM1
- I can now say that Ruger's new 25-round mag for the 10/22 works just fine krispos42 Started: Oct-15 10:54 PM0
- World Record Buck shot in West Texas (Good Gawd!!!!!) Are_grits_gro... Started: Oct-05 02:51 AM2
- Help with game cameras, please. flamin lib Started: Aug-31 01:14 PM0
- Something to look forward to. Thinking about doing sailboat race... Bonhomme Rich... Started: Aug-24 10:16 AM4
- Saw a Lee-Enfield for $270ish. Should I buy it? TheMightyFavo... Started: Aug-16 09:42 PM0
- Anybody want to talk about sailboats and sailing? cbayer Started: Jul-31 07:37 PM4
- Attn Fly Tyers Po_d Mainiac Started: Jul-31 05:40 PM0
- The ballistic coefficient of a Remingtol Golden Bullet 36gr hollowpoint is .125 krispos42 Started: Jul-11 12:18 AM3
- Self Delete Logical Started: Jun-11 05:11 PM0
- Just picked up a FNH FNX 9mm and love it..... Logical Started: Jun-11 05:08 PM3
- Thinking about a 1911 build.... burrfoot Started: May-23 12:49 AM0
- Scented fishing baits do they work? Berserker Started: May-15 08:49 PM2
- Never caught so many fish since I tried using these Berkley Powerbait 5" Heavy Weights Fat SinkWorm NNN0LHI Started: May-11 07:05 AM4
- Flip the Bail to End Frustrating Spinning Reel Tangles NNN0LHI Started: May-01 02:18 PM6
- Spyderco Superleaf or Esee 3 (or 4)? Deep13 Started: Apr-18 10:44 AM2
- *DUPE* Deep13 Started: Apr-18 10:42 AM0
- Some photos from the recent Iditarod sled dog race. Blue_In_AK Started: Apr-12 02:01 AM0
- Anybody here shoot an S&W 5906? benEzra Started: Apr-05 06:42 PM1
- Looking for a good nocturnal camcorder and/or camera The Backlash ... Started: Apr-04 08:45 PM0
- Holy Crap! Glassunion Started: Mar-18 11:03 AM0
- In northern NY. Tripod Started: Mar-14 12:33 AM3
- I'm moving from TN to CA and don't think my Keltec sub-2000 can go Wiley50 Started: Feb-06 07:14 AM0
- Question: (crossposted from the guns forum) Demoiselle Started: Jan-10 06:12 PM2
- ok count em up backwoodsbob Started: Dec-24 12:53 PM0
- Are caribou hard of hearing? rocktivity Started: Dec-10 12:00 AM1
- Got a new .22 rifle guitar man Started: Dec-03 09:01 PM4
- 94-year-old deer hunter gets lucky shot safeinOhio Started: Nov-18 08:42 PM1
- Baked crappie safeinOhio Started: Nov-10 07:29 PM0
- Finally, Mr. Dinger's Game Camera Got A Pic Of A Decent Buck: Dinger Started: Oct-31 08:04 PM3
- CNBC Remington Under Fire - Safety Hazard Remington 700 Rifle? RamboLiberal Started: Oct-21 02:20 AM3
- Have you ever seen a bear in the woods? Crystal Clari... Started: Oct-18 09:51 AM7
- This year, I'm going to hunt with an old single shot shotgun. old mark Started: Oct-16 02:37 PM1
- got me a sweet (for this area) 8 pointer tonight backwoodsbob Started: Oct-15 06:26 PM1
- Blue gill in the morning, bass in the afternoon and crappies in the evening NNN0LHI Started: Oct-01 07:47 AM2
- Looking for some advice on getting into deer hunting when you don't have a hunting background. [View All] Brickbat Started: Sep-28 10:25 AM20
- Looking for a little advice for purchasing a small fishing boat please NNN0LHI Started: Sep-23 07:25 PM4
- What happened to all the doves? tularetom Started: Sep-18 05:51 PM1
- Just bought a 1957 Sea King 10hp safeinOhio Started: Sep-07 08:51 PM3
- I am a very, very lucky girl.... moriah Started: Sep-05 08:40 PM9
- Openning Day! Got 9 dove on a public hunting field... SteveM Started: Sep-02 01:50 PM0
- Whats your favorite fishing lure? NNN0LHI Started: Aug-28 11:23 AM7
- Gun-owner opinions sought: darkstar3 Started: Aug-23 08:19 AM10
- My wife was reeling in a large mouth bass last evening but there was only half a fish on the line? NNN0LHI Started: Aug-22 04:28 PM4
- Two weeks to dove season here in Tx. bearfan454 Started: Aug-22 10:07 AM2
- Back from a week on the sailboat. It's a good way to.... Bonhomme Rich... Started: Aug-01 11:07 AM3
- Finally got my Bersa 9mm Pro Thunder. Off to.... Bonhomme Rich... Started: Jun-11 08:48 PM4
- Look for copper bullets in the future safeinOhio Started: Jun-07 07:40 AM2
- Just got back from moving the sailboat from New York to the Chesapeake. Bonhomme Rich... Started: May-27 12:28 PM6
- Any paddlers out there? BJ10 Started: May-26 05:20 PM6
- Any input? Question on sportsterizing a WWII bolt action rifle. flamin lib Started: May-16 12:22 PM10
- I subscribed to the "PA Game and Fish" mag, and it really sucks - don't waste your money old mark Started: Apr-30 01:28 PM0
- Ahoy, sailors! Best site for looking at wind predictions! cbayer Started: Apr-18 06:29 PM1
- MineralMan's Minnesota Fishing Blog MineralMan Started: Apr-06 11:13 AM3
- I'm flying to Texas from PA with a pistol in my luggage. Never did this before... old mark Started: Apr-06 11:01 AM4
- I have my photos of the Iditarod sled dog race Blue_In_AK Started: Apr-05 11:51 PM1
- Snaketamer ...pros and cons...and comments Tuesday After... Started: Mar-21 10:48 AM6
- What the F*#k!!! denbot Started: Mar-09 03:11 AM13
- Shotgun hunters: Do you practice a lot or just get the gun out of the closet to hunt? old mark Started: Mar-06 10:59 AM2
- Any good reference sites for firearms used in the Old West? gatorboy Started: Mar-04 12:57 PM4
- Scope suggestions for AR15 carbine??? Deep13 Started: Feb-12 02:36 PM9
- Seeking recommendations for a handgun, rifle, & shotgun. Kaleva Started: Feb-08 12:26 AM15
- DU Paper Plate Web Match dashrif Started: Feb-07 01:30 PM7
- elleng Started: Jan-23 05:23 AM0
- I want to buy water purification tablets for my emergency supplies. Any advice? Arugula Latte Started: Jan-21 08:28 PM1
- Anyone into ATV'ing? Quadding? sixstrings75 Started: Jan-05 03:25 PM0
- What's the best way to keep feet warm? flamin lib Started: Dec-28 10:37 PM8
- The Moral Call of the Wild HuckleB Started: Dec-09 11:41 AM0
- Here In Wisconsin, The Gun Deer Season Just Ended. Mr. Dinger's Deer Pic): Dinger Started: Dec-01 07:02 PM1
- Trout Amid the Cows and Willows in Iowa elleng Started: Nov-27 01:01 AM1
- Search Crew Working to Free Man Stuck in Cave. elleng Started: Nov-26 04:40 AM0
- Anybody used the magpul MBUS? burrfoot Started: Nov-25 07:57 PM0
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