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- Welcome to the DU Science Fiction Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-17 08:36 AM0
- Alien Probes ellisonz Started: Mar-29 09:25 PM0
- 11/22/63 salvorhardin Started: Nov-22 02:55 PM4
- Need help from someone familiar with old (1930-1950) SF ... eppur_se_muov... Started: Nov-18 01:06 AM2
- Intergalactic Academy: Reviews of SF for young adults.. Fumesucker Started: Nov-12 09:08 PM0
- Melacholia jayfish Started: Nov-10 01:11 PM3
- Rome, Sweet Rome: Could a modern day Marine infantry battalion destroy the Roman Empire.. Fumesucker Started: Nov-08 05:51 PM8
- Doctor Who - Cast & Crew Special Music Video Ian David Started: Oct-30 10:05 PM1
- Ian David Started: Oct-20 06:01 PM0
- Interview with Rod Serling on his start of Twilight Zone and katty Started: Sep-20 02:50 PM1
- Readme (Neal Stephenson) goes on sale today phantom power Started: Sep-20 12:50 PM3
- Ian David Started: Sep-20 10:28 AM1
- Anybody read "Ready Player One"? n2doc Started: Aug-16 11:48 AM2
- REBECCA BLACK + STAR WARS Friday Parody 'Primeday' Ian David Started: Aug-05 07:26 AM1
- Kind of Blue Started: Jul-28 10:10 AM0
- I Am Become Death- Thrilling new eBook for anime and comic-loving liberals RoccoRyg Started: Jul-20 08:45 PM0
- A Planet Named Shayol Dr. Strange Started: Jul-18 11:08 AM1
- The History of Science Fiction [Unfreakingbelieveable Infographic] phantom power Started: Jul-11 04:59 PM2
- I love Iain Banks' work, but he *really* should stay away from chemistry. eppur_se_muov... Started: Jul-08 09:38 PM2
- Watched "Pioneers of Television" on PBS tonight ... eppur_se_muov... Started: Jul-04 02:13 AM0
- Torchwood, "Miracle Day," a STARZ original series Kind of Blue Started: Jul-01 05:38 PM0
- Another "top 100" book list Fire Walk Wit... Started: Jun-29 06:55 PM0
- Remember those silly space Operas? Riftaxe Started: Jun-25 02:55 AM4
- The legacy of Jim Baen Riftaxe Started: Jun-24 12:15 AM1
- Just finished the Dune prequel series semillama Started: Jun-16 11:29 AM1
- Cherie Priest phantom power Started: Jun-07 05:52 PM2
- 'Grease' actor Jeff Conaway has died 47of74 Started: May-27 09:23 PM0
- Leonard Nimoy and Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [Official Alternate Version] Ian David Started: May-27 01:01 PM0
- help keep this group in DU3 lazarus Started: May-19 01:35 PM4
- David Brin lays out the plot for a great "Aliens 4" movie.. Fumesucker Started: May-01 01:04 AM0
- Years ago I read a novel pscot Started: Apr-24 05:52 PM5
- Free Fiction for 4/23/11 Forkboy Started: Apr-23 04:30 PM0
- I am in the middle of reading "The Dervish House", by Ian McDonald. friendly_icon... Started: Apr-20 09:55 PM12
- Midichlorian Rhapsody (Star Wars themed parody of Bohemian Rhapsody) Ian David Started: Apr-10 05:06 PM0
- Exclusive: "Star Wars the Musical," in its entirety! Ian David Started: Apr-08 02:55 PM0
- I went to see Source Code today. SheilaT Started: Apr-04 06:23 PM2
- searching for a book mysuzuki2 Started: Apr-02 11:22 PM0
- Any old folks remember this short story? guyton Started: Apr-01 04:34 PM13
- Saw The Adjustment Bureau the other day. SheilaT Started: Mar-30 06:47 PM5
- Gary the Cylon - Episode 13 Ian David Started: Mar-25 05:27 PM0
- FIREFLY" Lands at Science Channel Premieres Sunday jayfish Started: Feb-24 04:09 PM1
- So, anybody with Hard Science Fiction recommends? scubadude Started: Feb-19 07:02 PM10
- Quark (1977) Ian David Started: Feb-18 10:03 PM0
- OK, so I'm about to dive into the Wheel of Time books... SidDithers Started: Feb-18 09:21 AM12
- Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue With His Century Vol. 1 (a very brief review) salvorhardin Started: Feb-10 01:21 PM8
- The Purpose of Science Fiction by Robert J Sawyer.. Fumesucker Started: Jan-29 04:30 PM7
- Isaac Asimov on Bill Moyers World of Ideas pt 1 Ian David Started: Jan-28 02:06 PM1
- BBC seeks new owner for Douglas Adams-created H2G2 on-line community encyclopedia Ian David Started: Jan-26 09:44 AM0
- Stargate Universe Cancelled jayfish Started: Dec-16 04:24 PM7
- Warped Werewolves, Venal Vampires, And The Top 5 Myth Bastardizations6 Comments Ian David Started: Dec-05 02:29 PM6
- Caprica cancelled. Make way for Blood and Chrome. Dr. Strange Started: Nov-05 03:24 PM6
- Behold the cover to Greg Bear's first Halo novel in its full glory Swede Started: Oct-26 08:54 PM0
- Anyone Else Digging SG:U? Beetwasher Started: Oct-14 10:00 PM6
- Ridley Scott returns to sci-fi for BBC n2doc Started: Oct-08 05:32 AM7
- "Blindsight" by Peter Watts.. Fumesucker Started: Oct-01 11:48 PM1
- Read a classic short online: Ray Bradbury "A Sound of Thunder".. Fumesucker Started: Sep-22 12:09 PM3
- Micheal F Flynn "Eifelheim" Fumesucker Started: Sep-19 07:28 PM4
- Can somebody explain the cosmology of Pullman's Dark Materials to me? phantom power Started: Sep-19 12:17 AM1
- Just finished "The City and the City" by China Mieville.. Fumesucker Started: Sep-17 09:47 PM6
- new concept art of Panzer 88's Nazi-fighting monster Swede Started: Sep-14 04:09 PM0
- Star Trek / Elias Vaughn 47of74 Started: Sep-12 11:31 PM4
- 11.12.10: Skyline Fumesucker Started: Sep-08 12:55 PM17
- BSG Season 3 Episode 10 'The Passage' (SPOILER) Iggo Started: Sep-05 02:35 AM3
- Ten tropes you'll find in science fiction - over and over again Swede Started: Sep-02 07:52 PM1
- Art Appreciation 101: The two rules of awesome SF/fantasy art Swede Started: Aug-27 09:28 PM2
- The Knowledge of Heaven and Earth, Book Two phantom power Started: Aug-25 11:32 PM0
- Is the 'two unconnected things actually are' trope more common, or am I just noticing it more? X_Digger Started: Aug-21 12:46 PM6
- How Edgar Rice Burroughs became one of the twentieth century's biggest scifi authors Swede Started: Aug-18 10:15 PM2
- "Fire upon the Deep" sequel "The Children of the Sky" coming spring 2011. HiFructosePro... Started: Aug-18 09:15 PM11
- Trek In The Park: Like Shakespeare, But With Flying Kicks Kind of Blue Started: Jul-31 11:50 AM0
- Swede Started: Jul-28 09:13 PM1
- Cool poster for AMC's The Walking Dead. Forkboy Started: Jul-23 01:25 PM0
- New TRON Legacy trailer from ComiCon Hong Kong Cav... Started: Jul-23 10:12 AM10
- Star Wars Subway Car Ian David Started: Jul-16 07:08 AM1
- How to talk to a Trekkie semillama Started: Jul-09 04:06 PM2
- Anybody else here read "the lost fleet" series by Jack Campbell? n2doc Started: Jul-01 12:43 PM0
- Downloaded a bunch of Andre Norton e-books ChairmanAgnos... Started: Jun-22 04:26 PM5
- Just finished "Quest for the Future" by van Vogt. One of the worst books I've ever read. Orrex Started: Jun-20 09:26 PM0
- Build your own backyard Stargate! Ian David Started: Jun-16 09:19 AM2
- The "new" Dr Who JitterbugPerf... Started: Jun-14 11:08 AM9
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