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- Welcome to the DU Science Fiction Group Skinner Admin Wed Nov-17-04 08:36 AM0
- Star Trek and Monty Python 47of74 Thu Jan-08-09 11:37 AM0
- Ladies and Gentlemen, here's what my lightsaber would look like... 47of74 Sat Dec-19-09 04:51 PM8
- The Klingon Empire is dying... 47of74 Thu Nov-04-10 07:00 PM6
- Star Trek / Elias Vaughn 47of74 Mon Sep-20-10 01:14 PM4
- 'Grease' actor Jeff Conaway has died 47of74 Fri May-27-11 09:23 PM0
- I just finished watching Battlestar Galactica.... Damn. alittlelark Sun Jun-22-08 10:39 PM1
- Battlestar Galactica epiphany. alittlelark Mon Feb-16-09 02:08 PM9
- The Master to be in Doctor Who season 3 AllegroRondo Tue Jan-30-07 04:41 PM2
- Anyone read "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy? AllegroRondo Sat Apr-28-07 02:16 PM9
- No Dr Who tonight? AllegroRondo Wed Sep-05-07 05:20 PM4
- Torchwood is here! *spoilers* AllegroRondo Mon Sep-10-07 08:47 PM2
- Whats your favorite multi-Doctor story? (Poll) AllegroRondo Wed Nov-14-07 08:36 AM4
- Anyone going to watch Tin Man on Sci-Fi? AllegroRondo Wed Dec-05-07 04:50 PM7
- Ever wanted a crochet dalek? AllegroRondo Wed Dec-12-07 01:06 PM0
- Iain M. Banks? anarch Sat Jan-28-06 01:51 AM10
- What will be the next Star Trek incarnation? Anarcho-Socia... Wed Nov-24-04 01:21 AM12
- What will be the main story arc in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith? (Poll) Anarcho-Socia... Mon Nov-22-04 06:44 PM3
- What is your unique original sci-fi idea? Anarcho-Socia... Wed Dec-01-04 01:46 PM2
- Best Star Trek opening episode? (Poll) Anarcho-Socia... Thu Dec-02-04 04:37 PM3
- What race from the Star Trek universe would you want to be? Anarcho-Socia... Sun Dec-26-04 03:38 AM16
- Futurama fans, check in [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Tue Jan-18-05 12:38 PM22
- New 'Doctor Who' leaked onto internet (via bit torrent) Anarcho-Socia... Sun Mar-20-05 10:09 PM4
- Torchwood season 2 Anarcho-Socia... Thu Feb-28-08 02:12 PM4
- Does anyone have dirt on... and-justice-f... Tue Feb-27-07 12:35 AM1
- Space: Above and Beyond and-justice-f... Fri Jun-01-07 07:43 AM13
- Sunshine and-justice-f... Sun Jan-13-08 01:31 AM1
- 'Secretive' JJ Abrams film?? and-justice-f... Wed Sep-05-07 01:01 PM4
- AvP: R and-justice-f... Wed Jan-02-08 09:50 PM1
- Peter Jackson, New Line and MGM to Produce The Hobbit and Its Sequel and-justice-f... Wed Mar-12-08 08:47 AM7
- The Orion's Arm Universe Project. and-justice-f... Fri May-02-08 03:01 AM0
- 'FRINGE' - The new J.J. Abrams series. and-justice-f... Fri Jan-09-09 05:41 PM6
- Pandorum and-justice-f... Wed Mar-25-09 05:23 AM0
- District 9 and-justice-f... Wed Mar-25-09 05:36 AM0
- DUNE: reimagined and-justice-f... Fri Aug-21-09 10:41 PM3
- Avatar and-justice-f... Wed Aug-26-09 06:03 PM9
- The Fourth Kind and-justice-f... Tue Aug-25-09 04:15 PM6
- Alien prequal(s)?....something I did not know... and-justice-f... Tue Aug-25-09 05:24 PM3
- Does LOTR stuff go here? and-justice-f... Sat Oct-10-09 06:40 AM6
- V on ABC and-justice-f... Sun Dec-27-09 02:16 PM7
- Predators and-justice-f... Thu Apr-15-10 06:56 PM1
- A short science fiction "essay" Angry Girl Fri Dec-24-04 01:04 PM2
- Stargate SG-1 - "The Road Not Taken" AnnieBW Sat Apr-28-07 11:54 PM0
- Who's The Fifth Cylon? (Poll) AnnieBW Fri May-09-08 04:25 AM12
- Star Trek Movie Comments AnnieBW Thu May-21-09 01:19 PM9
- Razor to the big screen (for some) architect359 Mon Nov-19-07 03:42 PM4
- Was Farscape all that bad??? AsahinaKimi Thu Mar-05-09 08:11 PM7
- Akira Ifukube (Godzilla Music Composer) Atmashine Sat Mar-11-06 02:00 AM2
- CBS allows you to view all Star Trek TOS episodes for free online Babel_17 Sat Mar-01-08 05:10 PM5
- Battlestar Galactica prequel gets thumbs-up from Sci-Fi Babel_17 Thu Mar-20-08 06:06 PM0
- Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury. beam me up sc... Tue Aug-23-05 07:24 AM7
- Who's Psyched for Earthsea and Battlestar Galactica on Sci Fi Channel? Beetwasher Mon Nov-29-04 10:46 PM10
- "If The Human Race Is Going To Survive Beetwasher Fri Jan-14-05 06:39 PM5
- Stargate SG-1 Question Beetwasher Sun Jan-22-06 08:00 PM6
- BSG: Holy Crap! I Didn't Expect That!!!! *SPOILER* Beetwasher Fri Feb-17-06 12:28 PM9
- FUCK!!! Anyway To Download BSG???? Beetwasher Sat Jun-24-06 01:29 AM4
- FINALLY Saw The BSG Season Finale! Questions (*Spoilers*): Beetwasher Mon Jun-26-06 02:47 PM16
- BSG: Razor Discussion Beetwasher Sun Dec-16-07 02:54 PM7
- Anyone Else Digging SG:U? Beetwasher Thu Nov-11-10 05:23 PM6
- Which Trek race attracts the worst actors? (Poll) bezdomny Wed Jan-12-05 12:27 AM9
- Review of Shatner's Esperanto Epic Incubus here BigMcLargehug... Mon Jan-31-05 08:48 PM1
- does anyone listen to Escape Pod? BigMcLargehug... Sun Oct-30-05 05:05 PM4
- Is the author sci/fi, fantasy or what? blindpig Wed Nov-17-04 07:02 PM2
- I need some fresh reading material, suggestions appreciated blindpig Mon Feb-28-05 09:19 PM14
- Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run appreciation thread (Poll) bloodyjack Sat Jan-01-05 03:34 AM0
- Defying Gravity bluescribbler Thu Nov-05-09 09:16 AM10
- Galactica on Sci-Fi channel now Bok_Tukalo Sat Jan-22-05 05:02 PM17
- Anyone see one of the New Voyages? Book Lover Mon Jan-22-07 03:37 PM1
- Kirk casting rumors (warning - very unofficial) Book Lover Tue Oct-02-07 09:37 AM7
- Sad news - Sandy Courage & Joe Pevney... Book Lover Thu May-29-08 10:38 AM0
- John M Ford, 1957-2006. Bridget Burke Wed Oct-04-06 02:49 PM0
- What are you reading now? bullimiami Sun Nov-21-04 06:50 PM12
- Bryan Singer directing six part miniseries 'The Triangle' for sci fi Cannikin Sun Jun-25-06 07:49 AM0
- Superman Returns' Ottman to use John Williams score! Cannikin Sat Jul-08-06 09:41 AM3
- Poor Bryan Singer cant win for losing Cannikin Tue Jul-11-06 07:52 AM4
- Ledger To Play Batman's Joker? Cannikin Fri Oct-20-06 02:55 AM4
- WHV Releases Superman DVDs Details Cannikin Fri Jul-21-06 07:24 PM0
- Specifications of Donners Superman II DVD Cannikin Sat Jul-22-06 09:35 AM0
- Confirmed: Heath Ledger WILL play The Joker in next Batman Cannikin Fri Jul-28-06 03:35 AM5
- Silver: Wonder Woman is close Cannikin Sat Nov-18-06 11:58 AM4
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