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- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Wed Mar-30-05 01:23 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Atheists and Agnostics Group Skinner Admin Tue Nov-16-04 05:22 PM0
- 2 ad agencies compete to make a better ad for the end of all religion phantom power Tue Sep-13-11 06:19 PM6
- Anne Rice Talks About Quitting Christianity Ian David Thu Aug-05-10 07:43 AM0
- Arkansas to become less bigoted? Strong Atheis... Mon Feb-23-09 08:13 AM0
- Ian David Mon Feb-14-11 06:50 AM3
- Melinda Barton: Bigoted sack of shit, incredibly ignorant asshole, or just a (Poll) [View All] Strong Atheis... Mon Feb-23-09 10:22 PM24
- Perspective mr blur Fri Feb-04-11 10:47 AM2
- Say Hebbo! To Tarvuism Ian David Sat Mar-19-11 10:40 PM6
- This Week In Holy Crimes WillParkinson Mon Sep-06-10 10:28 AM3
- ". . . on earth, as it is in Heaven . . ." montanto Wed Sep-02-09 07:17 AM14
- "... out of many, we are one..." YankeyMCC Fri Nov-14-08 12:01 PM10
- "...the years wasted in useless prayer..." onager Tue Feb-08-11 01:36 PM0
- "All equationy and scientistic" progressoid Sun Mar-28-10 03:11 PM3
- "Anti-religious bigotry" Tobin S. Sat Oct-17-09 01:13 AM3
- cynatnite Mon Apr-12-10 04:02 PM1
- "Are There Dangers in Being Spiritual But Not Religious?" realisticphis... Fri Jun-18-10 07:56 AM6
- "Ask an Atheist" show moving from Public Access TV to radio brooklynite Thu Nov-25-10 10:54 PM0
- "Atheist's Lullaby" -- a one-minute, animated video lwcon Mon Jun-08-09 01:29 PM1
- "Atheists beleive in strict empiricisms" Oy Vey!!! Odin2005 Sun Jul-19-09 07:24 PM4
- "Being a pastor is like being the lunch lady for cafeteria Christians" and other things I didn't say laconicsax Mon Aug-09-10 12:43 PM5
- "Charlotte Allen: Why I can't stand atheists" Strong Atheis... Thu May-28-09 02:59 AM12
- "Chrisitan America used to be the glue that held the word together" LMFAO. sarcasmo Tue Jun-23-09 06:32 PM14
- "Consciousness rules everything" ? Duppers Mon Sep-29-08 09:48 AM1
- "Does God Exist" Debate - Live on Radio and Internet - Buckner v. Rankin Synnical Mon Feb-22-10 01:35 AM4
- "Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us" and-justice-f... Thu Aug-13-09 10:02 AM1
- "God bless you" When you sneeze. What say you? [View All] amyrose2712 Wed Nov-16-11 11:04 AM31
- "God hates you" Taverner Sat Apr-02-11 03:52 PM3
- "God Is Ready To Forgive" Duppers Fri May-28-10 06:16 PM1
- "God No!" Sam Harris, On the Media/NPR laconicsax Mon Dec-08-08 05:08 PM5
- "Great Awakening" laconicsax Wed Sep-29-10 06:47 PM0
- "Hell House" - If you thought Jesus Camp was batshit crazy, check out this movie! piratefish08 Sun May-17-09 05:03 AM5
- "I Believe" YankeyMCC Thu Dec-18-08 10:41 AM4
- "I see God all over this!" onager Wed Dec-15-10 09:08 AM9
- "I think life begins at conception but noooooo, I'm not a fundie!" Commie Pinko ... Mon Dec-21-09 06:54 PM6
- "I wonder what it's like to go to heaven" cynatnite Wed Oct-21-09 06:50 PM12
- "I would rather walk with God in the dark than go alone in the light." Mojambo Wed Sep-29-10 09:18 PM12
- "I'm an atheist, but ... " DavidD Sat Sep-27-08 10:02 AM13
- "If you knew going to church would wipe out malaria would you go?" TZ Thu Sep-10-09 11:44 AM8
- "Learn" as used in R/T laconicsax Tue Apr-06-10 03:47 PM8
- "Love song to God" writer commits suicide, SEX charges... onager Sun May-22-11 04:23 PM0
- "No True Scotsman doesn't apply, Jesus has very clear instructions." Odin2005 Sun Jun-27-10 11:03 PM5
- "not a sermon just a thought" TZ Fri Jul-09-10 06:57 AM1
- "Not a sermon just a thought" ; we as atheists live in darkness TZ Mon Aug-09-10 02:31 PM16
- "Nothing Magical about it" YankeyMCC Fri Jan-09-09 10:20 PM2
- "Oh, nobody could take that literally!" onager Tue May-19-09 05:59 PM3
- "Oh, shit, someone posted anti-religion facts that can't be denied. Shit, shit... AHA!" Commie Pinko ... Sat Mar-13-10 03:16 AM14
- "Philosophers without gods" YankeyMCC Thu Oct-02-08 08:59 AM1
- "Prayer of the Unknown Soldier" onager Mon Sep-12-11 01:13 AM0
- "Rapture Ready" by Daniel Radosh onager Fri Dec-26-08 08:34 AM1
- "Religulous" was revealing and hilarious. yellerpup Sun Oct-19-08 10:03 PM16
- "Sarah Palin, a devout member of an anti-Mormon denomination." TheBorealAven... Thu Sep-11-08 02:01 PM5
- "Saved," (From "An Atheist Album") Ian David Sat Oct-15-11 06:01 PM0
- "So, you're the wise one?" beam me up sc... Sat Dec-10-11 11:40 AM9
- "Stone a Heathen Day" at the University of Georgia...What is your opinion? (Poll) [View All] SkyDaddy7 Thu Sep-09-10 11:22 AM22
- "Suffering is sometimes necessary" cynatnite Sat Oct-03-09 10:52 AM8
- "Thank you for coming, and thank you to God...for making me an atheist". PassingFair Tue Jan-18-11 11:23 PM3
- "That's what loving Jesus is all about..." onager Tue Nov-18-08 12:30 PM2
- "The car can be a religious substitute..." onager Mon Jun-28-10 07:49 AM2
- "THE NECESSITY OF ATHEISM" YankeyMCC Sun Mar-28-10 04:53 AM3
- "the R/T forum is really an outlet for a group of radical atheists" cleanhippie Sun May-29-11 02:42 PM4
- "The Tillman Story" on Showtime onager Sun Aug-28-11 02:09 PM0
- "The Trouble with the New Atheists: Part II" Strong Atheis... Mon Jul-27-09 12:59 PM9
- "This atheist has been doing a lot of praying lately" DavidDvorkin Mon Apr-11-11 06:35 AM7
- "To Save Their Souls" onager Sun Nov-20-11 09:49 PM4
- "Tolerance" realisticphis... Tue Sep-07-10 08:22 AM19
- "Trivial" darkstar3 Fri Jun-03-11 12:38 AM1
- "We aren't just angry, we're effective" onager Sun May-15-11 12:18 AM2
- "What Convinced You?" NMMNG Wed Nov-23-11 03:56 PM14
- "What schools need is a moment of science" Strong Atheis... Sat Aug-29-09 11:12 AM0
- "When I believed it, it was a beautiful story." onager Sat Aug-22-09 01:45 PM2
- 'God is a Myth!' Raelian Movement Launches Atheistic Campaign salvorhardin Wed Mar-02-11 07:50 PM4
- Ninjaneer Sat Jun-04-11 11:50 AM4
- 'Should prayer mix with prep [sports]?' Bill McBlueSt... Sun May-10-09 10:47 AM5
- (OT) Anyone seen "The Trotsky?" (The movie, not our poster.) onager Wed Jun-29-11 07:31 AM18
- (Swing State) Ohio: Economy trumps social issues for religious voters Synnical Tue Sep-23-08 06:05 PM0
- ***NEW GAME*** laconicsax Tue Aug-25-09 11:54 PM4
- *cough* [View All] charlie Wed Oct-06-10 01:00 AM36
- *forehead slap* Soylent Brice Wed Jun-10-09 09:36 PM1
- *sigh* TZ Mon Mar-29-10 01:00 PM4
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