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- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Wed Mar-30-05 01:23 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Atheists and Agnostics Group Skinner Admin Tue Nov-16-04 05:22 PM0
- Religion as a series of movies. A HERETIC I A... Sun Jun-21-09 09:45 PM5
- WWJD image. A new favorite. A HERETIC I A... Mon Jul-06-09 06:50 PM8
- Ten minutes of your time well spent (Amusing YouTube vid) A HERETIC I A... Sat Jul-11-09 02:24 PM1
- My apologies if this has been posted before; Great quote from Madelyn Murray O'Hair A HERETIC I A... Sun Sep-18-11 06:06 AM6
- I don't know if this quote is attributed accurately, but I like it; A HERETIC I A... Mon Nov-07-11 01:22 PM12
- Your daily Atheist quote generator; A HERETIC I A... Mon Oct-13-08 07:42 PM6
- Flowcharts show the difference between science and faith A HERETIC I A... Mon Nov-10-08 02:12 PM8
- The wisdom of Cab drivers expressed in a 3 panel toon. A HERETIC I A... Sun Nov-16-08 11:59 AM2
- Funny, irreverent Xmas cards from A HERETIC I A... Tue Dec-16-08 08:00 AM2
- Short note to Evangelical Christians from The Apocalypse A HERETIC I A... Wed Dec-24-08 07:53 PM0
- history of xmas for the non-christian child? akwapez Sun Dec-13-09 05:17 PM5
- Hello! I've recently stumbled upon this AlabamaLibrul Mon Apr-04-11 12:40 PM10
- Why is there a prayer before the Congress starts... amyrose2712 Mon Oct-19-09 12:05 PM6
- So , where does one get married? [View All] amyrose2712 Thu May-20-10 02:33 AM21
- Well, now this changes EVERYTHING.... amyrose2712 Mon Jan-25-10 02:06 AM8
- Selective Brain Damage Modulates Human Spirituality, Research Reveals amyrose2712 Fri Feb-12-10 02:07 PM1
- Maybe I'll get an answer here, What happened to the share icons? amyrose2712 Sat Jan-23-10 08:06 AM5
- Any of you heathens need a star? amyrose2712 Tue May-25-10 10:24 AM8
- Hey, I need some help please. amyrose2712 Tue Sep-28-10 11:59 AM3
- Wow, Guess what? amyrose2712 Thu Oct-14-10 08:39 AM8
- Have you seen this ridiculousness? amyrose2712 Sun Oct-17-10 05:54 PM16
- Why do Xians eat lamb at Easter? [View All] amyrose2712 Wed Dec-01-10 01:35 AM24
- Don't know the rules on X-posting other OPs, but amyrose2712 Wed Nov-17-10 09:34 AM7
- I have a question and it may seem redundant or stupid but... amyrose2712 Mon Jan-17-11 03:26 PM13
- OYE! amyrose2712 Sat Feb-19-11 12:33 PM11
- Atheist Kittah... amyrose2712 Tue May-10-11 11:36 AM3
- Hi, I'm obsessed with atheism... amyrose2712 Mon Jul-04-11 10:45 PM14
- Cosmos for Rednecks amyrose2712 Mon Oct-31-11 11:44 PM5
- Linus explains what Christmas is all about.... amyrose2712 Wed Nov-16-11 05:31 PM10
- "God bless you" When you sneeze. What say you? [View All] amyrose2712 Wed Nov-16-11 11:04 AM31
- The only place I have the guts to post this.... amyrose2712 Sun Nov-13-11 03:58 PM5
- As my FB friend said "Here's an excellent way to get yourself stabbed in the eye after a meal. " amyrose2712 Tue Nov-22-11 02:22 PM3
- To add to Funny Friday--David Cross - Religion amyrose2712 Fri Dec-02-11 11:50 AM1
- People Think Atheists Are Just As Bad As Rapists? Christ. amyrose2712 Mon Dec-05-11 09:17 PM5
- I NEED TO RANT!How do I combat this? amyrose2712 Mon Dec-05-11 06:57 PM18
- I'm not ashamed! amyrose2712 Sat Dec-10-11 08:47 PM3
- Am I an atheist? amyrose2712 Sun Aug-08-10 02:49 PM9
- Catholic Church and UK Colluded in Northern Ireland Bomb Cover-Up amyrose2712 Thu Aug-26-10 02:07 PM0
- Is it just me or... and-justice-f... Thu Jul-09-09 09:11 PM5
- The message in disguise. and-justice-f... Wed Apr-01-09 03:47 AM12
- and-justice-f... Thu May-14-09 09:25 AM2
- I started a blog... and-justice-f... Tue Apr-14-09 05:11 PM4
- Why Secular Society Makes Better Moral Decisions Than Organized Religion and-justice-f... Thu May-28-09 10:14 AM1
- The 5000 year old bible... and-justice-f... Sat May-02-09 01:45 AM10
- and-justice-f... Wed Jun-10-09 07:29 AM8
- Church groups head to Frankfort protesting video slot machines and-justice-f... Thu Jun-18-09 12:37 AM2
- Oh look kids... and-justice-f... Sun Jul-12-09 02:37 PM6
- god told me too... and-justice-f... Mon Jun-29-09 06:25 AM0
- AANEWS for Thursday, July 23, 2009 -- Media Alert and-justice-f... Thu Jul-23-09 08:17 PM0
- and-justice-f... Thu Jul-02-09 03:19 PM3
- More fun from the religious DU whiners... [View All] and-justice-f... Fri Jul-24-09 02:09 PM58
- The Secular Student Alliance Is Sending PZ Myers to the Creation Museum and-justice-f... Thu Jul-23-09 01:17 PM7
- CFI's Credibility Project Goes Live and-justice-f... Tue Jul-28-09 05:44 PM0
- The Strange Case of Francis Collins (Sam Harris) and-justice-f... Fri Aug-07-09 06:08 PM0
- Atheist Alliance Alarmed By US Army Secretary Nominee and-justice-f... Fri Aug-07-09 01:58 PM2
- Science Is in the Details and-justice-f... Tue Jul-28-09 04:21 PM13
- God vs. Science - A debate between Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins and-justice-f... Fri Jul-31-09 02:33 AM3
- The Arrogant Atheist... and-justice-f... Sun Aug-09-09 01:32 PM2
- AANEWS for Monday, July 27, 2009 (long) and-justice-f... Thu Jul-30-09 07:55 PM1
- US Military Proselytizes in Afghanistan and-justice-f... Mon Aug-03-09 03:46 AM2
- Action Alert: Is Oklahoma Investigating Richard Dawkins' Free Speech? and-justice-f... Sun Aug-02-09 07:42 PM2
- Christianity is Finished in Britain, says Church of England Bishop and-justice-f... Mon Aug-03-09 03:36 PM7
- League Of Reason and-justice-f... Sun Sep-27-09 02:08 PM1
- Dawkins is finally coming to Indiana, IU to be percise... and-justice-f... Wed Oct-07-09 03:47 PM3
- OK!! Now the Xtian wants an interview.. and-justice-f... Mon Nov-02-09 11:02 AM7
- My friends son recently got in some trouble and-justice-f... Thu Oct-29-09 10:48 AM6
- Shit shit shit!!!! and-justice-f... Tue Oct-27-09 11:17 AM12
- Holy jeebus terds!! and-justice-f... Sat Nov-28-09 12:56 AM0
- Yeah, the history channel... and-justice-f... Wed Nov-18-09 01:43 PM10
- Witch Hunter Sues Humanist Activist in Attempt to Quell Criticism and-justice-f... Sat Dec-12-09 03:06 PM2
- Pennsylvania County Agrees To Remove Religious Symbols From Courthouse Lawn and-justice-f... Thu Dec-17-09 10:17 PM0
- How The Religious Right Stole Christmas and-justice-f... Thu Dec-03-09 12:40 AM0
- Have a Merry Mithras and-justice-f... Thu Dec-24-09 12:09 PM0
- My Zombie Jesus thread got locked in GD!!! and-justice-f... Sun Apr-04-10 05:37 PM10
- I watched AGORA last night... and-justice-f... Wed Nov-17-10 01:25 AM6
- Murders by Atheist...? and-justice-f... Sun Nov-21-10 11:46 PM16
- Hilarious shirt I saw in a magazine... and-justice-f... Tue Nov-16-10 12:46 AM6
- In regards to my previous OP. and-justice-f... Sat Sep-27-08 08:52 PM5
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