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- Welcome to the DU Ancient Wisdom and Pagan Spirituality Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-16 04:56 PM0
- We have moved on to DU3... icymist Started: Dec-12 07:35 PM0
- The Myth of Monotheism icymist Started: Dec-11 12:01 AM0
- Anyone know any Pagan Christmas / Winter Solstice Songs? Ian David Started: Dec-04 09:42 PM1
- Happy Howl-o-Ween everyone! Tyrs WolfDaem... Started: Oct-30 04:39 PM2
- Ancient art supplies found in South African cave icymist Started: Oct-14 01:52 PM0
- So I'm thinking of studying Rosicrucianism mrgorth Started: Oct-14 09:29 AM3
- I visited an occult shop in Seattle and they were selling 'Atlas Shrugged'! icymist Started: Oct-13 01:35 PM2
- Wisconsin Witch Accused of Sex Assault in Alleged Prison Hostage Plot icymist Started: Sep-18 10:16 PM0
- DC40 Calls Out the Pagans icymist Started: Sep-18 10:05 PM1
- Phoenix Goddess Temple Raided by Police icymist Started: Sep-18 09:47 PM1
- Bulgarian archaeologist claims he found the ancient Temple of Dionysus icymist Started: Sep-01 11:18 PM0
- The hidden charms of occult books icymist Started: Sep-01 04:38 AM1
- Ancient stone chamber unearthed in garden icymist Started: Sep-01 04:24 AM1
- Shamanic Initiation and the Legacy of Suffering icymist Started: Sep-01 04:09 AM0
- Report shows rise in world restrictions on religion icymist Started: Aug-12 11:27 PM0
- Vikings With Vanity: Vivid Colors, Flowing Silk, Fashionable Until Advent of Christianity icymist Started: Aug-04 09:07 AM1
- Traditional Canoes Cross the Pacific icymist Started: Aug-04 09:04 AM0
- Rome's Pantheon may have been built as a massive sundial researchers reveal icymist Started: Aug-04 08:58 AM0
- Happy Lughnasadh to one and all! Ignis Started: Aug-01 06:32 PM2
- Paganism returns to the Holy Land icymist Started: Jul-17 07:05 PM0
- World's oldest ritual discovered icymist Started: Jul-15 06:53 AM3
- Humans 'Predisposed' to Believe in Gods and the Afterlife icymist Started: Jul-15 06:44 AM2
- icymist Started: Jul-01 02:19 PM3
- Ancient Dancing Outbreak Believed to Be a Case of Social Contagion icymist Started: Jun-30 07:38 PM5
- It is almost time for the Summer Solstice Tyrs WolfDaem... Started: Jun-17 07:12 PM3
- The witches of Antrim icymist Started: May-31 09:54 PM1
- Something About a Witch icymist Started: May-24 09:39 PM2
- Did Oathbreaking Lead to the Dark Ages? icymist Started: May-23 09:30 PM0
- icymist Started: May-22 05:31 PM0
- Overcoming Inner Blockages to Magickal Success (Bella Online) icymist Started: May-20 09:52 PM0
- Time to post in the AWPS forum on the DU3 Preview to keep this group. icymist Started: May-19 09:48 PM2
- Taweret rituals and blessings? Zephie Started: Apr-05 07:28 AM0
- Global Prayer for Japan - Noon, Thursday - Dr. Emoto SpiralHawk Started: Mar-30 09:40 AM0
- Happy Imbolc! Ignis Started: Feb-01 12:45 PM0
- Happy Solstice Everyone! Tyrs WolfDaem... Started: Dec-18 05:39 AM2
- Just dropping in to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Still Blue in... Started: Nov-24 03:33 PM0
- Hope you had a great Samhain, all. Ignis Started: Nov-01 11:23 AM0
- Pagans in Politics Still Blue in... Started: Oct-11 12:14 PM0
- Delaware Wiccan Speaks Out on Christine O'Donnell AnnieBW Started: Oct-06 10:19 PM0
- I posted this on General Discussion Hestia Started: Sep-19 01:49 PM2
- Isaac Bonewits has passed AnnieBW Started: Aug-12 09:46 PM4
- Burning Man: Religious Event or Sheer Hedonism? icymist Started: Jul-07 01:59 PM0
- The Wicca That Never Was icymist Started: Jul-01 03:18 PM0
- William Butler Yeats icymist Started: Jul-01 03:01 PM0
- About Dion Fortune icymist Started: Jul-01 02:48 PM1
- The Baltics in Midsummer mode icymist Started: Jun-17 02:58 PM1
- Don't Grovel Before the Divine icymist Started: Jun-16 01:41 PM1
- Crystals - who are we fooling? icymist Started: Jun-13 01:09 PM1
- 'We were so sickened by witch deaths, we've erected a memorial' icymist Started: Jun-09 12:03 PM0
- icymist Started: Jun-09 11:59 AM0
- Roman gladiator cemetery found in England icymist Started: Jun-08 11:17 PM0
- Wicca 103-Who was Doreen Valiente? icymist Started: Jun-08 11:08 PM0
- Israel unearths 3,500-year-old religious artifacts icymist Started: Jun-08 10:56 AM0
- Egyptian Christians file complaint over "insulting" novel icymist Started: Jun-08 10:27 AM0
- Onward Pagan soldiers: 100 UK servicemen classed as witches and druids icymist Started: Jun-07 12:51 PM0
- About being a woman, wife, wiccan, and the practice of witchcraft (pt 1) icymist Started: Jun-05 02:51 PM0
- The Great Wicca Hoax - Part 1 icymist Started: Jun-04 01:08 PM4
- A Brief History of Nakedness by Philip Carr-Gomm icymist Started: Jun-03 12:54 PM0
- A Journey To Goddess icymist Started: Jun-03 12:44 PM0
- Rory Reynolds: Even Paganism isn't beyond belief icymist Started: May-13 06:52 PM2
- From Muslim to Pagan icymist Started: May-13 06:40 PM0
- Ukraine Wants to Ban Psychics and other Pagan News of Note (Wild Hunt Blog) icymist Started: May-13 06:31 PM0
- Animal Totems icymist Started: May-13 01:44 PM0
- Why my baby really is magic: Woman claims fertility spell helped her conceive after six years of try icymist Started: May-13 01:34 PM1
- VIDEO: Wiitches, wands and how to cast a spell icymist Started: May-10 01:20 PM0
- Pagan police officers get their holidays off. Christian 'news' reporters freak out. icymist Started: May-10 01:15 PM0
- Pagan festival draws Sheriff's Office attention icymist Started: May-04 01:29 PM1
- Sexuality and Paganism (Answer by Starhawk) icymist Started: May-04 01:23 PM1
- Rude Roman pots halt city revamp icymist Started: May-04 12:34 PM0
- Wheel of the Year: Beltaine icymist Started: May-02 01:32 PM0
- icymist Started: May-02 01:19 PM0
- Thousands join Beltane Fire Festival spring rituals icymist Started: May-02 12:56 PM0
- Happy Beltaine everyone! icymist Started: May-01 12:55 PM3
- icymist Started: Apr-29 07:46 PM0
- All hail Salisbury's King Arthur icymist Started: Apr-29 07:19 PM0
- Modern-day witch reveals her secrets icymist Started: Apr-29 07:03 PM0
- Beltaine - The Great Rite icymist Started: Apr-29 06:56 PM0
- Using numerology to choose your Craft name icymist Started: Apr-29 06:54 PM0
- Japanese drummers join Beltane fire festival icymist Started: Apr-29 06:41 PM0
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