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- Welcome to the DU African-American Issues Group Skinner Admin Mon Nov-15-04 10:24 AM0
- Black history that doesn't make it into the history books [View All] Lurking_Argyl... Sun Nov-13-11 07:03 PM236
- Graphic examples of the racially-based social caste system [View All] Lurking_Argyl... Fri Sep-23-11 03:07 PM219
- The Best of DU....? Part 2...! [View All] bliss_eternal Wed Aug-19-09 03:04 AM162
- The best of DU...? [View All] bliss_eternal Fri Sep-28-07 11:15 PM142
- OK! What's up with the "Part Negro," Half White" crap!!!! [View All] Fire1 Tue Aug-11-09 08:15 PM110
- Equating inequality [View All] omega minimo Mon Aug-10-09 05:42 PM87
- Pls share what you believe to be the most important films...? [View All] bliss_eternal Tue Nov-09-10 03:57 AM86
- Introduction Thead! [View All] xultar Wed Feb-20-08 01:49 PM82
- Being black and queer today really fucking sucks. [View All] Chovexani Wed Dec-17-08 09:15 PM70
- Special 'Election' edition--"The Best of DU....?" (part 1) [View All] bliss_eternal Tue Apr-14-09 09:11 PM63
- LOL Chuck D and DL Hughley school Michael Steele on black people [View All] Number23 Fri Jan-08-10 06:55 AM62
- President Obama, I understand ... [View All] Kweli4Real Thu Dec-30-10 01:37 AM62
- "Acting white". [View All] Chovexani Sun Mar-23-08 03:54 PM59
- Is there something in the water? Yet another wayward thread... [View All] mark414 Tue Feb-22-05 06:24 PM57
- Sexualizing the Condi-Bush relationship. [View All] AP Fri Dec-03-04 08:17 PM55
- This GD post literally left me speechless. [View All] Chovexani Sat May-14-05 03:20 AM54
- . [View All] bliss_eternal Wed Jan-06-10 11:58 PM51
- MOQ (Most Obnoxious Questions) [View All] Karenina Thu Feb-17-05 02:20 PM49
- I got an earful at the Beauty Shop today! [View All] FrenchieCat Mon Jul-06-09 06:21 AM49
- We have abandoned this forum. WHY? [View All] Karenina Sun Jun-21-09 05:46 PM48
- Please help set me straight on this! [View All] FrenchieCat Fri Jul-10-09 12:37 PM47
- How many DUers are people of color? An estimate [View All] HamdenRice Thu May-12-05 01:53 PM46
- A couple of things that annoy me when discussing race or racism [View All] Raineyb Thu Mar-12-09 05:45 PM46
- The rise of white rage on cable television. [View All] Number23 Wed Jul-15-09 05:40 PM46
- I was just thanked by a co-worker for "fetching" reports [View All] noiretextatiq... Wed Sep-09-09 07:16 AM45
- Atlanta close to tearing down last housing project [View All] Number23 Mon Aug-03-09 06:22 PM44
- Halle Berry says Hollywood is racist, DU screams "reverse racism" [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Wed Feb-02-05 11:41 PM42
- Please share your thoughts on African American hair... [View All] bliss_eternal Fri Nov-03-06 02:04 AM42
- Do you recall...? [View All] bliss_eternal Tue Jul-14-09 09:38 PM42
- R.I.P. Michael Jackson [View All] vaberella Tue Jul-28-09 05:32 PM41
- Republicans Don't Like That Uppity Man in the White House (Caught on the Interwebs!) [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Sun Dec-06-09 05:00 PM40
- Lord help us! Even the Beatles get trashed around here for showing Michelle some love! [View All] Number23 Thu Aug-06-09 05:18 PM40
- Number23 +2 [View All] Number23 Fri Sep-04-09 12:11 AM40
- I think Blacks should leave the Dem party en masse. Check out the Green [View All] propagandafre... Tue Jan-18-05 06:12 PM38
- Anyone open to sharing their thoughts on Tyler Perry... [View All] bliss_eternal Mon May-25-09 04:33 AM38
- The "Magic Negro expectations" game! [View All] FrenchieCat Wed Aug-19-09 03:38 PM38
- Excuses, Excuses [View All] firedupdem Tue Jul-28-09 05:20 AM36
- I have suspected that a lot of the "disappointment" in Obama [View All] Political Tig... Sat Jul-25-09 01:39 AM35
- Park ranger asks: Where are the black visitors? [View All] Blue_Tires Fri Aug-14-09 12:52 PM35
- Blame It...... [View All] firedupdem Sat May-30-09 12:09 PM34
- Holder: US is nation of cowards on racial matters [View All] Number23 Fri Mar-06-09 08:00 PM33
- First BARRY, then LUTHER and now, my beloved MICHAEL. [View All] Fire1 Tue Jun-30-09 10:41 PM33
- How important is your racial identity to you? [View All] Number23 Wed Jul-22-09 02:34 AM33
- Powell vs. Clinton in New York -- how would you vote? [View All] HamdenRice Wed Jan-05-05 01:39 PM32
- How do you deal with racism within the Democratic party and society in general? [View All] FreeState Sat Oct-03-09 09:16 AM32
- Two Black Role Models Done In By Hubris [View All] firedupdem Fri Dec-18-09 03:43 PM32
- need a little help [View All] noiretextatiq... Sat May-15-10 12:53 AM32
- African American Literature [View All] tammywammy Mon Nov-22-10 07:58 AM32
- Please help me? Am I wrong thinking that the talk here [View All] xultar Mon Jan-31-05 02:03 PM31
- Anybody else here absolutely FLOORED at the ignorance of many here [View All] Number23 Mon Jun-15-09 03:31 PM31
- NYT article on Black Hair (mentions "Good Hair" movie) [View All] AspenRose Tue Sep-15-09 11:03 AM31
- The Princess and the Frong [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Tue Dec-22-09 07:42 PM31
- Cops beat down 90 year old black woman in Columbus Ohio. [View All] Fire1 Sat Aug-15-09 02:07 PM30
- Is DU the right place for Black Progressives? [View All] angee_is_mad Wed Aug-18-10 09:30 AM30
- In the Black World, Obama isn't even really considered "light Skinned" [View All] FrenchieCat Fri Jan-15-10 04:33 PM30
- Joking about murder is okay when it's a black kid... [View All] firedupdem Wed Jun-17-09 11:11 AM29
- Having a hard time with a Black President [View All] firedupdem Thu Jul-02-09 08:25 PM29
- Oh, my God! "Butts three shades darker than our faces..." [View All] Kind of Blue Sun Aug-30-09 01:58 AM29
- My ignore list is GROWING!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! [View All] Fire1 Sat Jun-27-09 09:48 PM28
- Wow, we've turned on Obama already... [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Fri Jan-21-05 06:48 PM27
- Armstrong Williams - White House Paid him to push 'No Child Left Behind' [View All] undergroundra... Thu Jan-13-05 12:40 PM27
- Tiger Woods, y'all. It's all good, y'all... [View All] Number23 Thu Dec-17-09 02:21 PM27
- Nobody wants to talk about it, so it's up to me (sigh): [View All] msgadget Thu Feb-03-05 11:01 PM26
- Slavery thread in GD "...slaves treated like family members" [View All] Solly Mack Sat May-07-05 10:24 AM26
- What is the future of race relations in this country? [View All] RagingInMiami Mon Sep-12-05 11:25 PM26
- Happy holiday, everyone...! [View All] bliss_eternal Thu Nov-27-08 07:16 PM26
- Race/Equality Forum? [View All] Number23 Wed Dec-23-09 05:20 PM26
- Hey Everybody!!! My birthday is TODAY!!!!! [View All] Fire1 Mon Dec-21-09 09:28 PM26
- I picked the wrong time to take a break from this joint [View All] Number23 Tue Sep-01-09 12:59 PM25
- The Tookie posts in GD [View All] fortyfeetunde... Tue Dec-13-05 11:58 PM24
- Are there any topics [View All] Karenina Fri Sep-07-07 11:35 PM24
- So many Sallies and Johnnies. So little sense. [View All] Chovexani Thu Nov-20-08 10:12 PM24
- Barack Obama in the White House [View All] RoyGBiv Fri Jan-15-10 12:07 AM24
- Tiger Woods! If he didn't know it THEN, he sho knows it NOW!!! [View All] Fire1 Thu Jan-07-10 12:09 PM24
- Why is it that [View All] mzteris Sun Jan-30-11 11:34 AM24
- Black Folk Art or racist objects? [View All] GOPFighter Wed Jan-12-05 05:11 PM23
- Condi and affirmative action bashing ... [View All] HamdenRice Sat Jan-29-05 12:57 PM23
- On "acting white" for being a good student [View All] Lurking_Argyl... Sat Oct-21-06 06:11 PM23
- Backwards B Girl [View All] firedupdem Wed Apr-08-09 12:17 PM23
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