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- Welcome to the DU African-American Issues Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-15 10:24 AM0
- So long, DU2 AAIG! Number23 Started: Dec-10 11:26 PM0
- Why Obama Still matters.. HipChick Started: Nov-29 01:39 AM2
- A Dr. King Speech I've never heard. Kind of Blue Started: Oct-22 05:54 AM2
- And so it begins. Again... Number23 Started: Oct-18 07:10 PM6
- On October 15th in Washington DC, The People are Rising Up And Marching for Jobs and Justice! FrenchieCat Started: Oct-10 06:44 PM3
- John Lewis and OccupyAtlanta Number23 Started: Oct-10 06:20 PM3
- Interactive Map of Shame (on voter suppression in 50 states) is Active! Inform Yourselves! FrenchieCat Started: Oct-02 05:02 PM1
- Al Sharpton is NOT PLAYING Number23 Started: Oct-01 06:32 PM2
- Black people, here's my question Number23 Started: Sep-24 06:33 PM5
- The Nation: Black President, Double Standard: Why White Liberals Are Abandoning Obama FrenchieCat Started: Sep-22 07:31 PM11
- A message from Troy Davis Number23 Started: Sep-21 10:12 PM4
- Excellent artice on race, the Presidency and the future on Kos TheBigotBashe... Started: Sep-18 01:55 PM1
- African American Poverty Hits Record High mzteris Started: Sep-17 04:05 PM0
- Blacks less likely than whites to get NIH grants, study finds mzteris Started: Sep-17 04:03 PM0
- "The Professor Who Schooled Tavis Smiley" Number23 Started: Sep-15 08:41 PM9
- Being black in America butterfly77 Started: Sep-15 06:27 PM0
- Whites receive disproportionate share of college grants, scholarship funds mzteris Started: Sep-13 06:34 PM2
- What in the world is going on at Daily Kos? Number23 Started: Sep-12 07:21 PM8
- Response to Calling a strong Black Man Weak.....or why Maureen Dowd doesn't know shit! FrenchieCat Started: Sep-11 04:28 PM1
- **Coming soon** News Corp News Conference on "Why The GOP Must Win White America For Victory in 2012 FrenchieCat Started: Sep-06 07:05 PM3
- We All Have a Choice in the 2012 Election FrenchieCat Started: Sep-06 05:14 PM0
- fortyfeetunde... Started: Aug-25 11:56 PM2
- For One Moment: A Black-White Role Reversal fortyfeetunde... Started: Aug-25 11:47 PM0
- An Open Letter to Barbara Lee, Chair of the CBC - Let's talk..... FrenchieCat Started: Aug-19 12:18 AM1
- Not sure what to make of this other than the love Kind of Blue Started: Aug-07 09:01 PM7
- African American History: Joel Freeman 3/3 and then some Kind of Blue Started: Jun-26 12:28 AM2
- First Lady Michelle Obama and the girls meet Nelson Mandela! FrenchieCat Started: Jun-21 01:03 PM1
- Even Jesse Helms' campaign ads weren't this flagrant: Blue_Tires Started: Jun-15 07:59 AM2
- I'm writing a book! FrenchieCat Started: Jun-13 10:58 PM15
- Smithsonian acquires Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership Kind of Blue Started: May-21 11:43 AM0
- Racist cop resigns Brewman_Jax Started: May-20 11:25 AM1
- Black Women Are Scientifically Proven to be Less Attractive?!? Blue_Tires Started: May-19 06:59 AM1
- Tthe latest manufactured nontroversy: Common's appearance at the White House poetry event Blue_Tires Started: May-11 11:55 AM1
- Joe Perry, football star of the 1950s and first African American MVP, dies at 84 Blue_Tires Started: May-09 12:16 PM0
- Oxford University and David Cameron clash over black student numbers Blue_Tires Started: Apr-11 02:29 PM0
- Texan wins 'Green Nobel' for cleaning up hometown Blue_Tires Started: Apr-11 09:57 AM0
- Manning Marable, author of long-awaited Malcolm X biography, dies at 60 Blue_Tires Started: Apr-04 08:32 AM1
- How Slavery Really Ended in America Blue_Tires Started: Apr-04 08:29 AM1
- Black Hebrew Israelites: New York's Most Obnoxious Prophets Blue_Tires Started: Apr-01 03:44 PM1
- I need some advice, and I don't know who else to ask. Lyric Started: Mar-21 05:01 PM12
- Oblivious White Woman Happy to Teach You How to Date Minorities Blue_Tires Started: Mar-14 01:36 PM1
- Just an FYI ... Kweli4Real Started: Mar-02 09:18 PM6
- (Florida) Gadsden County government embroiled in race plot scandal Blue_Tires Started: Feb-25 02:19 PM0
- "Washington" -- The 'blackest name' in America Blue_Tires Started: Feb-21 03:26 PM0
- Grand Jury Convenes To Investigate 1964 Cold Case Brewman_Jax Started: Feb-17 08:30 AM0
- African American-Owned Businesses on the Rise Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:34 AM0
- John Lewis To Get Presidential Medal Of Freedom Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:32 AM0
- Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:27 AM2
- Was first African-American pilot born here? Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:25 AM0
- Slaves Hid Charms in Colonial Greenhouse Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:24 AM0
- Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:23 AM2
- 1893: First successful heart surgery performed by African American Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:20 AM0
- Challenger Astronaut Ronald E. McNair's Legacy Honored Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:19 AM0
- Apollo Theater in Talks to Expand Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:17 AM0
- L.A. County names 1st African-American fire chief Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:16 AM0
- African-American medical pioneer's story often goes unsung Blue_Tires Started: Feb-15 10:07 AM0
- Group Wants KKK Founder Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on License Plate struggle4prog... Started: Feb-12 03:50 PM0
- Yesha Callahan, the woman that brought down Rep. Chris Lee kwassa Started: Feb-11 11:11 PM1
- We are so silent here. Karenina Started: Feb-10 06:18 PM2
- Report: Martin Luther King III seeks share in Mets ownership Blue_Tires Started: Feb-01 02:52 PM0
- Oldest African-American dies at 113 Blue_Tires Started: Jan-27 01:06 PM0
- Huffington Post to add African-American section Blue_Tires Started: Jan-27 01:06 PM2
- Black Panther movie in development (not what you're thinking) Blue_Tires Started: Jan-27 01:05 PM1
- Re-discovering Alabama's first Af'ram architect Blue_Tires Started: Jan-27 01:04 PM0
- Best Line of SOTU ... Kweli4Real Started: Jan-25 11:46 PM4
- I've had enough. AspenRose Started: Jan-24 01:13 PM13
- WOW! Number23 Started: Jan-23 12:00 AM2
- "The Thorny Path to a National Black Museum" kwassa Started: Jan-22 11:19 PM1
- Ex-cop faces 30 years over torture of suspects (Chicago) Blue_Tires Started: Jan-20 03:33 PM1
- Happy MLK Day, y'all Number23 Started: Jan-14 10:28 PM1
- Right-wing co-opting of MLK's legacy is only getting worse: Blue_Tires Started: Jan-14 12:52 PM3
- African in America or African American? Blue_Tires Started: Jan-14 10:42 AM3
- Obit: Editor Manie Barron, advocate for African-American books Blue_Tires Started: Jan-14 10:41 AM0
- African American Atelier celebrates 20 years (Greensboro) Blue_Tires Started: Jan-14 10:40 AM0
- A few laughs from Know Your Meme -- 'Successful Negro' Blue_Tires Started: Jan-14 10:38 AM0
- Fully Validated Kanye West Retires To Quiet Farm In Iowa Blue_Tires Started: Jan-14 10:32 AM0
- My Gabby Aftermath Story ... Kweli4Real Started: Jan-12 05:36 PM1
- World's first tuition-free online university Number23 Started: Jan-02 07:06 PM0
- Why is it that [View All] mzteris Started: Jan-01 11:01 AM24
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