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- Welcome to the DU Elizabeth Edwards Supporters Group Skinner Admin Mon Nov-15-04 09:38 AM0
- Important message about the candidate supporters' groups. Skinner Admin Tue Nov-23-04 08:03 PM0
- I guess I have no one left to believe in. John was my last reason to be a Democrat.It seems he too [View All] saracat Wed Jun-11-08 05:53 PM196
- Rasmussen daily poll is getting me down [View All] DavidD Tue Jan-29-08 08:30 PM154
- General Discussion: Primaries should be [View All] waiting for h... Fri May-02-08 01:10 PM114
- I'm sorry to see all the attacks aimed at Obama in this support group [View All] PRT Fri Mar-14-08 01:13 AM110
- I just asked Skinner to delete my account [View All] Horse with no... Wed Jun-11-08 03:56 PM102
- the split in the party [View All] Two Americas Fri Jun-13-08 10:37 PM101
- Our own blog [View All] Andrea Sat Feb-09-08 03:01 PM97
- I hate it when reality tests my ability to absorb disappointment. [View All] Old Crusoe Thu Jan-31-08 09:42 AM79
- Things change, people change, and John Edwards changed. Many many months ago, I defended him as [View All] Ninga Wed Jun-11-08 03:55 PM78
- May I suggest that part of this strife scenario is the human need to BELONG? [View All] bobbolink Fri Jun-13-08 10:03 PM78
- Ok Edwards Democrats... [View All] iris5426 Sat Feb-02-08 10:06 PM75
- AN IMPORTANT QUESTION-IF NOT JOHN, WHO???? [View All] ClericJohnPre... Thu Jan-31-08 04:21 PM73
- Everybody "fired up and ready to go" !!!!???!!!1!! [View All] Catchawave Wed Jun-11-08 03:55 PM69
- Edwardians, Check in here [View All] Andrea Mon Feb-18-08 08:59 PM67
- After comments made yesterday by the Obamas and the nastiness exhibited by their campaign, I have [View All] saracat Fri Feb-08-08 07:37 PM63
- I am sorry to see all the attacks on Edwards supporters in this support group! [View All] saracat Sun Mar-16-08 09:50 PM63
- Why I'm Homeless -- Necessarily Long, but I hope instructive... [View All] bobbolink Mon Feb-11-08 01:00 AM62
- So now what? [View All] balantz Wed Jun-11-08 03:57 PM62
- Why did John throw in the towel? [View All] Ninga Fri Feb-22-08 11:32 AM61
- tossed under the bus? [View All] Two Americas Fri Mar-21-08 03:49 PM61
- Where is the biggest gathering of JRE supporters? [View All] timeforarevol... Fri Mar-07-08 02:08 PM57
- An idea for our group here- the DU Onecorps group [View All] Beaverhausen Sat Feb-02-08 04:34 PM55
- Wow! I talked to a lot of long time party activists at an event the other night and [View All] saracat Tue Feb-12-08 09:31 PM55
- John Edwards' Role in the New Administration [View All] pamela Tue May-20-08 01:43 PM54
- I can not join you in making fun of Obama and his supporters. [View All] Ninga Wed Jun-11-08 04:18 PM49
- Will we ever know why John suspended his campaign? [View All] AndyA Tue Mar-25-08 11:45 AM48
- Very good personal news, on a very bad day- [View All] asdjrocky Fri Feb-01-08 08:42 PM47
- I have a question for my fellow Edwardians [View All] SeattleGirl Wed Feb-06-08 06:33 PM46
- Things are seriously nuts in GD-P [View All] mac56 Wed Mar-19-08 11:15 AM46
- *************URGENT ACTION NEEDED NOW!!! ****************** [View All] bobbolink Tue Feb-19-08 12:20 PM43
- John Edwards for VP--sign the petition!! [View All] huskerlaw Mon May-12-08 03:00 PM42
- So what are you going to do.... [View All] ClericJohnPre... Wed Jun-04-08 06:35 AM42
- Greetings from Iowa!!!! [View All] asdjrocky Thu Jan-03-08 01:20 PM41
- HAS ANYONE HERE SEEN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY???? [View All] ClericJohnPre... Mon Feb-04-08 09:38 AM41
- . [View All] Beaverhausen Sun Jan-27-08 10:48 AM40
- How many here have had it? [View All] waiting for h... Thu Apr-10-08 02:14 PM40
- Just popping in to say hello! [View All] Yael Sat May-03-08 04:29 PM40
- Anyone think he'll consider JRE for VP? [View All] mycritters2 Thu Jun-12-08 08:31 AM40
- For the first time in many many years, I am on the outside, looking in. I do not feel a part [View All] Ninga Tue Feb-19-08 11:52 AM39
- HI Everyone! [View All] waiting for h... Sun Jul-06-08 08:30 AM38
- Anyone else giving thought to turning off the news and radio for at least 8 years in the event [View All] saracat Mon Mar-03-08 06:58 AM38
- I have a tremendous amount of respect for Edwards supporters that are not jumping ship. [View All] Ninga Tue Jan-15-08 06:34 PM37
- It looks like there is movement in the John Edwards camp. [View All] Seabiscuit Tue Feb-12-08 12:50 PM37
- How many would sign up for a Draft Edwards movement? hear this out - [View All] kelligesq Fri Feb-29-08 12:26 AM37
- how GREAT it is to see John again!!!!! [View All] medeak Sat May-17-08 01:02 AM37
- Obama supporters are no more than the Democratic version of the sheeple of the GOP [View All] saracat Mon Feb-04-08 04:34 PM36
- Have I mentioned yet today how much I love you guys?! [View All] smokey nj Fri Jan-04-08 12:55 PM35
- Definition of Keeping your powder dry: [View All] waiting for h... Thu Feb-07-08 02:32 PM35
- I AM CLERICJOHNPRESTON AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE [View All] ClericJohnPre... Tue Mar-18-08 11:13 PM35
- Hey you guys -- this might be of some interest... [View All] Old Crusoe Tue Jan-22-08 09:25 AM34
- We are watching a sure-win slip through our fingers [View All] Horse with no... Thu Feb-21-08 05:14 PM34
- Checking in - [View All] waiting for h... Sat May-31-08 01:01 PM34
- I miss John I miss his message, I miss him. [View All] Blue State Na... Wed Nov-12-08 11:08 PM34
- Group hug needed here [View All] Beaverhausen Thu Jan-31-08 12:50 AM33
- What do you think about this Robert Parry article posted here? [View All] balantz Fri Feb-29-08 12:24 AM33
- Check this info out on Kerry, very interesting. [View All] balantz Thu Apr-10-08 06:06 AM33
- I can't believe what's been happening on DKos lately. [View All] MonteLukast Fri Aug-08-08 04:50 PM31
- Likely you've all seen this, but by god I'm puttin' it up anyway: [View All] Old Crusoe Mon Dec-31-07 11:48 AM31
- good vibes needed [View All] iris5426 Tue Apr-15-08 02:14 PM31
- More for John Edwards now than ever. [View All] Old Crusoe Tue Jan-22-08 12:37 PM30
- I'm on the fence. Edwards or Obama? [View All] CaptJasHook Mon Jan-28-08 11:22 PM30
- How are you now feeling about JRE's not endorsing? [View All] spooky3 Wed Mar-05-08 02:20 AM30
- I love Keith O but I have to ask this: how much of the Hillary hate is he advancing here at DU [View All] Beaverhausen Fri Mar-14-08 01:16 AM30
- Group Hug for all DU Edwards supporters! [View All] bobbolink Wed Jan-09-08 08:35 PM29
- A question - [View All] waiting for h... Fri Mar-07-08 11:33 PM29
- Obamatrons, you have your own forum. You also dominate GDP. Please don't bring your crusade in here [View All] chimpymustgo Sun Mar-16-08 11:31 PM29
- Does anyone have a Second Choice candidate? I don't. [View All] Catchawave Thu Jan-17-08 02:17 PM28
- Okay Guys.Maybe I should stop posting. It is getting irrational out there. I don't want to be [View All] saracat Thu Jan-31-08 05:47 AM28
- If I end up choosing to vote for either Clinton or Obama, it sure as [View All] SeattleGirl Sun Feb-03-08 03:16 PM27
- I am an Edwards Democrat [View All] Yael Sat Feb-02-08 07:01 PM27
- For those people wondering if JRE could have been pressured to drop out [View All] spooky3 Thu Apr-03-08 10:08 AM27
- Hi guys....where's everybody hanging these days? [View All] Catchawave Tue Apr-01-08 11:59 AM27
- I am so mad I could spit! [View All] asdjrocky Sun Dec-23-07 12:56 AM26
- Sign a card for JRE and some further info for JRE Supporters (updated) [View All] benny05 Wed Feb-06-08 04:16 PM26
- A particularly and consistently wise Edwards Group person has suggested [View All] Old Crusoe Mon Mar-10-08 05:50 PM26
- Our Intrepid Volunteer, Yannick [View All] asdjrocky Sat Dec-08-07 08:42 PM25
- Greetings from Iowa! [View All] huskerlaw Fri Dec-28-07 01:49 AM25
- I think it may be time to leave. I really can't take the Obamites. [View All] saracat Wed Feb-27-08 08:20 PM25
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