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- Important message about the candidate supporters' groups. Skinner Admin Started: Nov-23 08:03 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Elizabeth Edwards Supporters Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-15 09:38 AM0
- Kate Edwards was married Saturday in Chapel Hill unc70 Started: Oct-22 11:24 PM0
- I was thinking of Elizabeth today. Inspired Started: Jul-09 09:14 AM0
- Elizabeth Edward's will - a small video posted tonight in NC Mira Started: Jan-05 10:04 PM0
- Elizabeth's Funeral benny05 Started: Dec-09 04:31 PM3
- New Site to Share Memories about EE benny05 Started: Dec-08 12:52 PM3
- Good Night Sweet Elizabeth. Be at Peace. saracat Started: Dec-07 11:06 PM8
- Healing thoughts and energy to Elizabeth Edwards who is very ill. saracat Started: Dec-06 04:04 PM6
- How is Elizabeth? madmax Started: Oct-12 01:16 AM8
- Elizabeth at Cleary University benny05 Started: Oct-08 08:46 AM1
- Sept 13: Eliz Edwards on the Nate Berkus Show Catchawave Started: Sep-02 01:59 PM1
- So that freaking piece of garbage has dared to publicly protest John taking Elizabeth on what might saracat Started: Jul-22 04:04 PM1
- Happy Birthday, Elizabeth benny05 Started: Jul-03 06:32 PM0
- Elizabeth on the Today Show Irishonly Started: Jun-29 05:26 PM4
- This is very sad.John Edwards in Exile saracat Started: Jun-22 05:31 AM3
- Interesting that the Inquirer, so venerated by some because of the Edwards story saracat Started: Jun-02 03:29 AM1
- The SHAMblog picked up the infamous Oprah interview MonteLukast Started: May-16 11:21 AM2
- Helloooo, tombstone city... MonteLukast Started: May-16 11:09 AM1
- No matter who vile what Edwards did,Young should not be defended. saracat Started: May-15 10:00 PM4
- Thank you Wendy Button benny05 Started: Apr-30 05:27 PM0
- Just a quick check in to say I am revolted that Oprah would even feature this Druck/Hunter Skank on saracat Started: Apr-29 03:55 PM3
- Honoring Austin Cloyd benny05 Started: Apr-24 02:55 PM1
- Welcome Rug benny05 Started: Apr-10 08:37 PM3
- Dear All benny05 Started: Mar-25 08:49 PM0
- Thank you, Elizabeth. MonteLukast Started: Mar-21 10:54 PM4
- Off topic benny05 Started: Mar-20 11:26 AM0
- Is it just me? medeak Started: Mar-16 12:34 AM3
- One has to admit the constant barrage about Edwards is very strange. saracat Started: Feb-20 04:39 AM12
- Miss YOU guys too :) Catchawave Started: Feb-14 07:24 PM6
- I miss this guy benny05 Started: Feb-06 10:59 AM15
- What a lovely thing to do, thanks Skinner and to you who support the Edwards who is Elizabeth!! Ninga Started: Feb-04 11:26 AM7
- Why is it that the media have chosen to pillory Elizabeth instead of that filth Hunter? saracat Started: Feb-02 05:10 PM5
- This tragedy has shown me just how important it is to have REAL friends. MonteLukast Started: Jan-30 01:28 PM2
- Elizabeth Edwards is a fine woman who has had to endure a world-wide public Ninga Started: Jan-30 11:56 AM1
- Self-help and personal development can be dangerous. Just ask Elizabeth. MonteLukast Started: Jan-29 02:34 PM0
- When good people, like JRE used to be, go bad, it's terrible. MonteLukast Started: Jan-29 01:19 PM0
- Can we rename this group, the 'Elizabeth Edwards Supporters Group'? Inspired Started: Jan-27 09:01 PM15
- Well, according to ABC, the Edwards are splitting. los of aricles on google saracat Started: Jan-27 04:09 PM11
- I guess everyone saw the JRE Confession today benny05 Started: Jan-21 07:46 PM10
- Did anyone see the Inquirer? They are at it again but this one really seems like a fabrication. saracat Started: Jan-19 02:17 AM3
- JRE still helping the poor in Latin America benny05 Started: Dec-27 12:07 PM12
- Edwards lays low, helps build houses waiting for h... Started: Dec-25 03:24 AM0
- These were the days my friends...Merry Christmas :) Catchawave Started: Dec-22 10:03 PM5
- Calling all (former) JRE Supporters who have Kos accounts benny05 Started: Dec-17 09:57 PM2
- All right, all you speculators out of the room, NOW. MonteLukast Started: Dec-17 09:56 PM1
- Notice what happens when HCR isn't one of your major concerns and saracat Started: Dec-15 05:17 PM1
- Good news! Court overturns main charges against JRE friend Paul Minor MonteLukast Started: Dec-11 09:44 PM0
- JRE News ... waiting for h... Started: Dec-01 08:14 AM17
- Hmm. Anyone notice that somehow certain folks always attempt saracat Started: Nov-10 08:43 PM1
- A very poignant passage. MonteLukast Started: Oct-30 11:18 AM0
- JRE supporter killed in a car crash in Houston benny05 Started: Oct-29 06:43 PM2
- Elizabeth Edwards at the California Women's Conference benny05 Started: Oct-29 05:58 PM1
- Elisabeth's cancer growing agressively? medeak Started: Oct-27 11:01 PM3
- I'd like Elizabeth to write a new book-- a companion piece to Ehrenreich MonteLukast Started: Oct-21 05:37 PM2
- Did anyone see the post about the American Girl Homeless doll for $ 95? saracat Started: Oct-05 03:32 PM0
- Ariana Huffington claims Elizabeth Edwards posting? medeak Started: Sep-28 05:51 PM7
- "Worst Cad" ? Catchawave Started: Sep-27 07:42 PM7
- I know I am in a minority when I say I hold RH in greater contempt for saracat Started: Sep-20 02:19 PM17
- Carpe diem... but NOT at other people's expense. MonteLukast Started: Sep-20 11:07 AM0
- "None of us wants to be reduced to the sum total of our mistakes." MonteLukast Started: Sep-19 10:25 PM2
- JRE Mentioned in a New Poverty Book benny05 Started: Sep-19 10:52 AM12
- Well what do ya know. A pro Edwards thread on the greatest page. saracat Started: Sep-04 06:20 PM0
- I miss John Edwards more than ever now that Health Care Reform is falling apart. saracat Started: Sep-04 05:30 AM2
- John & Elizabeth Edwards Hermes Daught... Started: Aug-28 11:07 PM4
- Elizabeth Edwards to Debate Tommy Thompson on Larry King Live Tonight benny05 Started: Aug-19 03:49 PM2
- Are we still going to have a JRE support board in the future? MonteLukast Started: Aug-13 10:04 PM19
- Elizabeth Edwards' Store benny05 Started: Aug-12 10:07 AM2
- Today is John and Elizabeth's Anniversary benny05 Started: Jul-30 05:53 PM3
- Elizabeth Edwards Testifies for John Conyers benny05 Started: Jul-27 01:49 PM3
- Did following the "prosperity gospel" bring JRE down? MonteLukast Started: Jul-26 01:48 PM1
- Elizabeth Edwards on Rachel Maddow ... waiting for h... Started: Jul-23 12:26 PM0
- Happy Birthday Elizabeth Edwards! MonteLukast Started: Jul-03 10:30 AM3
- RH would not be a suitable mate for JRE, even if he were single. MonteLukast Started: Jul-03 10:22 AM0
- Our Lady EE on Dr. Nancy benny05 Started: Jun-30 06:02 PM1
- Interesting. Glancing at DU seems a lot of JRE postings and some are even positive! saracat Started: Jun-19 02:27 PM1
- John Edwards Talks, But Not About Her waiting for h... Started: Jun-17 06:27 PM10
- Happy Birthday John Edwards! waiting for h... Started: Jun-10 10:57 PM0
- Elizabeth's Book Signing Appearance in Raliegh benny05 Started: May-17 11:37 AM2
- George Stephanopoulos is Full of It benny05 Started: May-13 06:11 PM4
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