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- Welcome to the DU Economic Activism and Progressive Living Group Skinner Admin Mon Nov-15-04 09:00 AM0
- List your products and services to BOYCOTT here: [View All] Jen6 Sun Dec-25-05 07:11 PM103
- List your PROGRESSIVE products and services here: [View All] Jen6 Wed Aug-08-07 06:32 PM69
- Pet Foods - Good and Bad [View All] InvisibleTouc... Sat May-10-08 05:47 PM58
- Post your victories HERE!!! [View All] Moonbeam_Star... Tue Dec-07-04 04:57 PM51
- You're invited to an Idea Party! [View All] Lorien Wed Feb-09-05 06:50 PM46
- This group needs more members to succeed-your ideas? [View All] Jen6 Mon Jan-24-05 03:49 PM42
- We just switched our phone company [View All] Kipepeo Mon Mar-07-05 07:46 PM42
- Reading list for Progressive Living [View All] kayell Tue May-16-06 10:44 AM41
- Christmas and other gift oriented winter holidays - better ways to handle [View All] kayell Mon Nov-22-04 09:15 AM39
- I Shopped at Trader Joe's [View All] AFSCME girl Mon Jan-19-09 02:34 PM38
- Decking The Halls Frugally - Losing Some Old Traditions [View All] K8-EEE Mon Dec-13-04 12:38 PM32
- PROGRESSIVE PAGES UPDATE: Much good news, but we still NEED YOU! [View All] Sapphocrat Fri Feb-25-05 10:57 AM29
- "Oh, I don't need a bag, thanks!" [View All] crispini Mon Jan-17-05 07:16 PM29
- Economic heating ideas... [View All] melnjones Wed Dec-14-05 11:24 PM28
- [View All] Lorien Wed Nov-24-04 07:35 PM27
- Compromising Situation Tonight! [View All] K8-EEE Thu Nov-18-04 08:32 PM26
- Do NOT go in that Michael's craft store [View All] kayell Wed Dec-29-04 04:42 PM26
- So what are your frugal living/activist spending goals for the week? [View All] LeftyMom Tue Jan-04-05 06:36 PM22
- Some Things One Should Know About "Trader Joes" [View All] Cats Against ... Sun Nov-28-04 08:53 PM22
- One Thing I Really Wish People Would Stop Buying! [View All] K8-EEE Sat Dec-04-04 10:54 PM21
- see what you've done? here I am crocheting! how did that happen? [View All] AZDemDist6 Sun Dec-19-04 08:11 AM21
- How to eat locally [View All] kayell Tue Dec-21-04 12:14 AM20
- Building a database Ramsey Sat Nov-20-04 08:21 PM18
- November 26 is Buy NOTHING Day! Jen6 Sun Nov-28-04 01:26 PM18
- okay DU, what is wrong with Ford? mdmc Thu Nov-25-04 10:03 AM17
- Branding the movement: please post your names and slogans Jen6 Thu Nov-25-04 02:28 AM16
- Anyone Dealing With Credit Card Debt, Our Solution K8-EEE Wed Nov-17-04 03:18 PM16
- My little drop in the ocean - no more Coca-Cola Commie Pinko ... Wed Nov-24-04 09:19 PM16
- chipping away at Mt. Walmart CitySky Fri Mar-17-06 10:24 PM16
- Cool! Start here! fudge stripe ... Tue Nov-16-04 01:36 PM15
- List your favorite Progressive living (frugal, eco-friendly) links here: Jen6 Wed Aug-24-05 06:12 PM15
- How did consuming become a way of life? kayell Sun Nov-28-04 08:39 AM15
- Are you a Dumpster Diver? Lorien Mon Dec-20-04 12:16 PM15
- Tiny houses Glenda Sun Apr-03-05 02:21 AM15
- anybody have a front-loading washing machine? genevat Sat Oct-23-10 09:31 AM15
- What are your favorite low cost/ no cost activities? Jen6 Tue Nov-23-04 11:15 PM14
- OK Smokers.... K8-EEE Wed Dec-01-04 06:11 PM14
- The movement makes the Washington Post! Lorien Wed Feb-16-05 07:48 PM14
- Some people don't need any more stuff Glenda Wed Dec-01-04 08:54 PM13
- Revelation: I DON'T NEED ALL THESE CLEANING PRODUCTS! K8-EEE Mon Dec-06-04 03:19 PM13
- Boxes, boxes, boxes! InvisibleTouc... Sun Dec-19-04 11:14 PM13
- We should talk more about Paul Newman mdmc Tue Mar-08-05 09:57 AM13
- If not Walgreen's....who? OnionPatch Sat Oct-08-05 02:37 PM13
- Recycled toilet paper/napkins/paper towels mrgorth Mon Feb-20-06 09:10 AM13
- Shopaholics; have you ever been one? Do you know one? Jen6 Fri Nov-19-04 02:50 AM12
- WHEW! Thank Goodness Barnes & Noble Is BLUE! Beetwasher Mon Dec-13-04 02:00 PM12
- Good news for me-- Crate and Barrel is BLUE! fudge stripe ... Tue Dec-21-04 08:47 AM12
- I'm getting rid of my Winsor pilates dvd's and tape! bliss_eternal Sun May-01-05 02:45 PM12
- Think you don't have anything to wear? WolverineDG Thu Nov-08-07 03:16 PM12
- Who Is Striving To Be A Minimalist EATER This Season? K8-EEE Tue Nov-16-04 05:20 PM11
- Victoria's Secret ? JI7 Thu Dec-02-04 01:45 PM11
- Check out the SPIN over poor holiday sales: Lorien Sat Dec-25-04 02:47 PM11
- So I just got an email back from a Community Supported Agriculture farm wildeyed Fri Apr-15-05 09:48 PM11
- Does anyone use a compost bin in their house? melnjones Wed Mar-02-05 05:37 PM11
- Can anyone recommend some brands of shoes Lorien Sun Mar-13-05 01:37 PM11
- Any of you guys ever hear of freecycle ikojo Fri Nov-19-04 02:42 AM10
-; you don' t have to be a Costco member! K8-EEE Sat Nov-27-04 08:06 PM10
- great corp website on who's Blue AZDemDist6 Wed Dec-01-04 03:15 PM10
- A friend of mine wants advice about which car insurance company Emillereid Wed Feb-23-05 08:31 AM10
- question about costco... melnjones Thu May-12-05 11:43 PM10
- What do you do with broken electronics? wildflower Thu May-19-05 03:51 PM10
- Where to buy electronics? TNDemo Fri Dec-03-04 06:50 PM9
- Staples: A Hardcore Republican Company welshTerrier2 Fri Dec-03-04 08:07 PM9
- Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons SW FL Dem Thu Dec-09-04 05:05 PM9
- I got a phone survey asking how many times I visit the local mall Glenda Tue Dec-14-04 04:06 PM9
- "Curvers For Choice" What Do You Guys Think Of This? K8-EEE Wed Dec-29-04 12:31 AM9
- Little by little WolverineDG Fri Jan-07-05 04:55 PM9
- Okay, so where's the David that's gonna kick Ebay's ass? chaska Thu Feb-10-05 08:48 PM9
- Pepsi AND Coke?? InvisibleTouc... Fri Apr-08-05 05:53 AM9
- I need a new, BLUE shampoo melv Sat May-21-05 06:56 PM9
- Buying a new house, need to fill it... mrgorth Fri Mar-10-06 05:09 PM9
- Super-efficient Refrigerator politicat Tue Jan-09-07 12:25 AM9
- Find out how you can connect your grocery shopping to a worthwhile cause! Moonbeam_Star... Mon Nov-29-04 02:16 PM8
- Toner cartridges: Where to buy, who to avoid? Help! politicat Sat Dec-04-04 11:43 AM8
- I'm thinking of starting a buying fast harper Sat Dec-25-04 05:56 PM8
- Hallmark Cards Gives 82% to GOP DemBones DemB... Sat Dec-11-04 06:38 PM8
- Just did my part and dumped my Repuke milk delivery company. politicat Sat Dec-25-04 05:20 PM8
- kitchen gadgets on the cheap, or "I went to the Thrift Store to find a AZDemDist6 Thu Mar-03-05 02:30 AM8
- Insurance companies? LWolf Sun Jun-19-05 04:41 PM8
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