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- Disabled DUers check in! [View All] fugue Sun Oct-23-11 03:18 PM265
- Terri Schiavo never told Michael she wanted to be unplugged! [View All] IndianaGreen Thu Jul-14-05 12:37 AM91
- Social Security Disability [View All] MellowOne Wed Aug-11-10 11:50 PM89
- Euthanasia in the Third Reich: Lessons for Today? [View All] IndianaGreen Tue Mar-29-05 03:04 AM63
- We disabled Dems take great interest in all progressive issues [View All] DemBones DemB... Wed May-04-05 12:51 PM54
- My Daughter Acts Ashamed of My Disability [View All] stumblnrose Wed Aug-31-11 06:28 PM49
- Finally, someone gets it: "Million Dollar Bigotry" [View All] DemBones DemB... Mon Mar-21-05 01:27 AM40
- No; it's not about Terri Schiavo anymore (Mary Johnson) [View All] Banazir Sun Mar-27-05 11:17 AM38
- Ok my fellow DUer's question time on welfare/disability [View All] mrcheerful Thu Sep-18-08 08:40 PM36
- My Brother is retarded..Today,Social Security wiped out his Bank Account [View All] lib2DaBone Tue Apr-07-09 12:48 AM33
- I have a question re SSDI [View All] knowbody0 Mon Oct-30-06 12:22 PM31
- fired for "disability" [View All] DollyM Mon Feb-15-10 09:55 PM31
- pissed about disabled parking thread..... [View All] mopaul Mon Jun-20-11 02:32 AM30
- Terry [View All] undergroundpa... Tue Mar-29-05 12:22 AM30
- Please give me some advice with regards to my brother [View All] Seen the ligh... Tue Jul-31-07 04:08 PM30
- This pisses me off [View All] undergroundpa... Fri Mar-18-05 08:02 PM29
- Bush is a quack ~ there is no "cure" for autism [View All] yankhadenuf Thu Sep-27-07 05:22 PM28
- Some stuf for psych [View All] undergroundpa... Wed Feb-16-05 06:50 PM27
- Depakote Anti-seizure drug? [View All] oneighty Tue Sep-04-07 05:57 PM27
- Shattering the taboo of mental illness [View All] Doondoo Fri Nov-02-07 03:53 AM27
- Is Death Better Than Disability? [View All] DemBones DemB... Tue May-10-05 10:23 PM26
- White House Moves Disability Benefits to The Chopping Block [View All] DemBones DemB... Fri Jun-03-05 10:58 PM26
- Buffet & Gates Foundation Are You Listening Charity Should Begin At Home! [View All] 1776Forever Sat Jul-01-06 12:34 AM26
- Social Security: Dear K, "How we paid you $31,093.00 too much in benefits" [View All] Karenca Fri Sep-08-06 06:17 PM26
- How Kosher is it for a doctor to diagnose a patient and then not tell [View All] Donnachaidh Sat May-05-07 02:20 PM26
- Being disabled and driving [View All] lunamagica Fri Mar-19-10 12:36 AM26
- Anybody else with psoriatic arthritis? [View All] lazarus Wed Feb-09-05 03:20 AM25
- Disability benefits neglected in Social Security debate - Sen. Tom Harkin [View All] Sapphire Blue Tue May-10-05 04:12 PM24
- On Being me out with this list [View All] mopaul Sun Oct-16-05 01:25 PM24
- My son who has lost most of his face - unbelievable discrimination [View All] Dirty Hippie Thu Nov-02-06 12:51 AM24
- Disabled and Poverty [View All] Traveling_Hom... Sat Apr-19-08 01:39 PM24
- I witnessed a beautiful event today. [View All] TomInTib Mon Oct-02-06 03:08 AM23
- Social Security Disability -- BIG ONE -- Please Read [View All] cutlassmama Tue Apr-01-08 08:28 PM22
- Famous people or suspected with Aspergers! [View All] Kucinich Fein... Tue Feb-15-11 07:08 PM22
- My wheel chair-my friend. [View All] oneighty Sun Feb-20-05 12:03 AM21
- Some thoughts on watching "DaVinci & the Code He Lived By" last night. [View All] Wordie Sun Jan-01-06 09:29 PM21
- Can't believe what happened. [View All] KayLaw Fri Feb-26-10 10:19 AM21
- I'm a caregiver in need of advice [View All] Prism Tue Oct-26-10 11:47 AM21
- I had my first dream (that I can recall) in over 4 years [View All] sakabatou Fri Apr-15-11 02:38 AM21
- New Signs of Awareness Seen In Some Brain-Injured Patients [View All] deek Wed Mar-02-05 01:20 AM20
- Rebuild everything in the hurricane area EXCEPT the group homes [View All] KamaAina Mon Apr-10-06 12:33 AM20
- My direct SS disability deposit is late [View All] AGKISTRODON Mon Sep-07-09 09:11 PM20
- A disability rant about changes in parking, etc, in my area [View All] Digit Wed Nov-26-08 03:07 PM20
- My 36 year old son China_cat Thu Jan-20-05 02:38 PM19
- What do we really want? Banazir Tue Feb-01-05 12:03 PM19
- Disability Activists Call for Moratorium on Starvation and Dehydration deek Wed Mar-30-05 11:15 PM19
- deek Wed Mar-30-05 07:06 PM19
- Does anyone else just get tired of the insensitivity? Wordie Fri May-19-06 08:50 PM19
- Disability made me a Socialist Wiley50 Sat Jan-17-09 03:31 PM19
- So my step daughter may have Multiple Sclerosis ismnotwasm Sun Feb-18-07 03:08 PM19
- Disabled Adult Child and Mother Need Help Demeter Mon Sep-03-07 04:39 PM19
- I made this for a neighbor girl.In home mobility cart. Boxerfan Thu Jan-07-10 11:56 PM19
- Liberals and disability rights: Why don't they 'get it'? deek Sat Mar-26-05 02:55 PM18
- Anyone else notice that Terri's lawyers have not invoked ADA? KamaAina Sun Mar-27-05 12:31 PM18
- It's Spreading! New Developments Wiley50 Sat Jun-11-05 04:51 AM18
- Any PTSD folks here? Maddy McCall Thu Feb-10-05 08:35 AM17
- Who speaks for Terri Schiavo? deek Wed Mar-23-05 06:14 AM17
- Today's Autism story about the vaccine DianeG5385 Wed Apr-02-08 09:17 PM17
- A friend of mine just got roughly patted down by TSA KamaAina Wed Jun-24-09 04:43 PM17
- 60 Mins. last night: The ultimate institutional horror story KamaAina Fri Feb-18-05 12:11 AM16
- Protect Yourself From the Schiavo Case Effect Sapphire Blue Sun Mar-27-05 03:08 AM16
- My Reality re: SSI Disability Wiley50 Wed Aug-30-06 12:36 PM16
- Just another homeless SSI recipient. Wiley50 Wed Aug-10-05 10:52 AM16
- just got my x-ray report and don't know what neuroforamina appear fed-up Sat Apr-07-07 02:53 PM16
- The SSDI Review Period cutlassmama Wed Jun-15-11 04:23 PM16
- Social Security recipients get 2.3 percent raise dajoki Sun Jan-06-08 05:50 PM16
- Can a person be classified "disabled" without recieving social security disability payments? DollyM Thu Feb-18-10 07:49 PM16
- I'm applying for SSI -But my case is "complicated"-Advice?-Have fibromyalgia w/ sleep complications Boxerfan Sun May-01-11 05:07 PM16
- Autism Linked to College-Educated Parents Modern School Thu Apr-28-11 08:41 AM16
- Like F.D.R., I had polio. Ask me anything mopaul Tue May-17-05 12:28 AM15
- FLU and Disabled.. Safe to go out in crowds yet? oscar111 Sun Apr-09-06 05:08 AM15
- Just one person's view on the veto of stem cell research dumtacetclama... Tue Oct-17-06 07:28 PM15
- Turned Down and Filing for Reconsideration stumblnrose Wed Jun-03-09 12:22 PM15
- No thumbprint, no money, bank tells armless man hobbit709 Sun May-01-11 05:12 PM15
- FFuuuuCKKKK!!! (a rant) undergroundpa... Sat Jul-02-05 07:17 AM14
- Why I see a shrink and take psych meds -symptoms of pd DanCa Sat Sep-10-05 07:58 PM14
- Getting SSDI/Medicare Ayesha Sun May-21-06 02:05 PM14
- now I'm really confused-they are sending me to a Chiropractor for a MENTAL exam & for my neck fed-up Wed Jan-16-08 11:09 PM14
- I'm going to have a SSD interview some time in the future sakabatou Tue Jan-05-10 09:00 PM14
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