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- Missing limbs won't deter athlete from attempting to summit Kilimanjaro n2doc Started: Nov-20 12:39 PM3
- Does anyone know if there will be a cost of living hile in SSDI OR SS.? Imagevision Started: Oct-22 01:35 PM8
- Dutch engineers make 'robot legs' for stroke patients (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Started: Sep-25 01:24 PM1
- Need some advice trayfoot Started: Jul-13 12:14 PM11
- Disability and taxes... damyank913 Started: Jun-22 09:24 AM9
- toon- Let's see your driver's license n2doc Started: Jun-14 03:35 PM1
- How did you get on disability? ashling Started: May-18 04:36 AM10
- My Daughter Acts Ashamed of My Disability [View All] stumblnrose Started: May-13 01:47 AM49
- Guardian (UK): Why is the law stopping young people using advanced wheelchairs? friendly_icon... Started: Apr-26 05:57 PM6
- Just Another BS Moment in the Life of a Disabled American stumblnrose Started: Apr-24 02:52 AM5
- Autism treatments are falling short n2doc Started: Apr-10 10:00 AM3
- Autism Linked to College-Educated Parents Modern School Started: Apr-09 03:38 PM16
- I'm applying for SSI -But my case is "complicated"-Advice?-Have fibromyalgia w/ sleep complications Boxerfan Started: Mar-24 12:50 PM16
- Autistic student to face charges (Md.) KamaAina Started: Mar-10 01:46 PM1
- Need advice in dealing with a volunteer suffering from bouts of depression. CTyankee Started: Mar-06 09:38 AM7
- I had my first dream (that I can recall) in over 4 years [View All] sakabatou Started: Feb-26 12:49 AM21
- Captions and transcripts provider... opinions on an idea Capitalocracy Started: Feb-16 03:04 PM0
- Famous people or suspected with Aspergers! [View All] Kucinich Fein... Started: Jan-31 03:32 PM22
- Zero Gravity - Awesome ergonomic computer stations and other furniture. Dover Started: Jan-27 08:38 AM3
- Trained Monkeys Assist People with Disabilities Quantess Started: Dec-30 01:54 AM0
- Any aspies go to WrongPlanet forums? Kucinich Fein... Started: Dec-21 07:24 PM5
- Special Education thread Kucinich Fein... Started: Dec-04 10:30 AM6
- Am trying to help a newly diagnosed Bi-Polar patient in the family jwirr Started: Oct-26 11:42 AM6
- I'm a caregiver in need of advice [View All] Prism Started: Oct-19 07:03 AM21
- La Vista vet stands up for rights of disabled (WON the 1.5 mill from QuikTrip 4 ALL!) Omaha Steve Started: Oct-11 04:37 PM0
- Until Jan. 19, 2011, to file a claim disability-based discrimination at a QuikTrip 1.5 Mill award Omaha Steve Started: Oct-11 04:34 PM0
- Palin On Christine O'Donnell Ad: She Should Explain The 'Real Witchcraft' In DC (VIDEO) AmericanMan19... Started: Oct-07 01:38 PM0
- Ok, I just finished posting on DU where someone posted that disability fraud mrcheerful Started: Oct-07 11:34 AM13
- Good news for myself sakabatou Started: Sep-22 09:19 PM7
- Awesome new design process for prothetics. Dover Started: Sep-15 07:05 AM0
- Is it just in my state - or has this happened to you? jillan Started: Aug-21 08:10 PM12
- Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I Will Jail Immigration Law Protesters nmbluesky Started: Jul-28 12:57 PM5
- *****President Obama Speaks for Americans with Disabilities Act event**** nmbluesky Started: Jul-26 05:01 PM2
- Bionic feet for amputee cat (BBC) {new technology} eppur_se_muov... Started: Jun-24 09:35 PM9
- Justices make it easier for employees to win legal fees in disability cases usregimechang... Started: May-24 08:27 PM1
- Rand Paul Wants To Abolish The Americans With Disabilities Act nmbluesky Started: May-19 08:51 PM12
- Video Relay Service providers (telephone for the deaf) not being paid by FCC McCamy Taylor Started: May-16 06:32 PM0
- Toe Mouse makes your computer really hands-free Ian David Started: Apr-07 11:56 AM1
- The bigots of Autism Speaks attack Ari Ne'eman. Odin2005 Started: Mar-28 11:45 PM3
- From our friends at ADAPT: community living options in the new health care law thucythucy Started: Mar-24 01:53 PM1
- Bipolar and I'm NOT Going to Back Down!!!!! bnymellon suc... Started: Mar-20 05:05 PM0
- Fuck. sakabatou Started: Mar-06 09:17 PM10
- Can't believe what happened. [View All] KayLaw Started: Feb-25 06:11 PM21
- Does anyone know what the cut-off age is for SSDI? I thought it was 65 and I read it's 66 today?!!! Imagevision Started: Feb-23 08:53 PM5
- I'm in shock PaulFan Started: Feb-22 01:24 PM6
- Please post, if you have any info: Are apartment owners required to provide barrier-free housing? Fridays Child Started: Feb-15 10:21 PM6
- Can a person be classified "disabled" without recieving social security disability payments? DollyM Started: Feb-15 10:05 PM16
- So... I took a li'l pay for answering phones at a non-profit a few months back... Inchworm Started: Jan-13 05:15 PM7
- Disabled and getting hosed by BofA stumblnrose Started: Jan-13 01:14 AM9
- For those Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits marcicj Started: Jan-10 05:40 PM12
- I made this for a neighbor girl.In home mobility cart. Boxerfan Started: Jan-07 02:00 PM19
- Hidden in the Health Care Reform Package: CLASS Act Cetacea Started: Dec-23 07:32 AM0
- Knocking someone from their wheelchair during a home invasion isn't an assault friendly_icon... Started: Dec-15 09:49 PM5
- Mentally disabled girl assulted by teens. Egged on by mother. Odin2005 Started: Dec-03 12:41 AM11
- test cap Started: Nov-30 10:28 PM0
- Positively Autistic Odin2005 Started: Nov-29 10:18 PM13
- Girl, 19, with down syndrome makes prime time debut on "Glee" Left coast li... Started: Nov-09 11:58 PM3
- Disability retirement yasmina27 Started: Nov-01 11:37 PM13
- Any interest in a central source for disability-related news? KamaAina Started: Oct-23 01:59 PM3
- "Warrior Parents" blazing the advocacy trail Left coast li... Started: Oct-23 11:04 AM0
- I'm going to have a SSD interview some time in the future sakabatou Started: Oct-18 05:20 PM14
- Lili Rachel Smith; political and social activist, advocate dies at 15 Left coast li... Started: Oct-16 11:28 AM1
- ADAPT (Disability Civil Rights) invades Georgia State Capitol Atlanta Traveling_Hom... Started: Oct-12 10:34 AM4
- Time: For the First Time, a Census of Autistic Adults (There is no "Epidemic") Odin2005 Started: Oct-05 10:59 PM6
- Disabled man in wheel chair tackles child molestation suspect Left coast li... Started: Oct-02 10:27 AM7
- Including Samuel documentary focuses on inclusion for kids with special needs Left coast li... Started: Sep-23 07:22 PM0
- Terrific "inclusion" program visits schools Left coast li... Started: Sep-21 10:56 PM5
- Therapeutic Horse riding Left coast li... Started: Sep-17 02:16 PM6
- Thanks all for good advice re SSDI stumblnrose Started: Sep-12 01:09 AM2
- Hopeful Parents - a great support for parents with special needs kids Left coast li... Started: Sep-08 09:33 PM3
- Good article on why autistic folks don't like Autism Speaks Book Lover Started: Sep-08 11:48 AM5
- Sibshops Left coast li... Started: Sep-05 07:44 PM0
- No thumbprint, no money, bank tells armless man hobbit709 Started: Sep-03 12:35 PM15
- Cross Dominance Coyote_Bandit Started: Aug-31 10:14 PM7
- Thank you for the Americans with Disabilities act, Teddy! Odin2005 Started: Aug-28 11:16 PM2
- Social Security Checks to Decrease for Millions sazerac Started: Aug-24 02:36 PM9
- Disability and Medicare - hospital care. pengillian101 Started: Aug-18 09:25 PM6
- X-post: My friend FINALLY got her electric wheelchair fixed! Odin2005 Started: Aug-14 03:01 PM3
- Vietnam: Wheels of Change (Frontline/World) eppur_se_muov... Started: Aug-08 06:14 PM3
- Support the Miss Landmine Program in Cambodia Breathe Started: Aug-03 08:09 PM1
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