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- Welcome to the DU Gaming Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-13 08:55 AM0
- HOLY SHIT my DIII beta invite showed up a few minutes ago DainBramaged Started: Dec-06 01:33 PM4
- Going rogue me b zola Started: Dec-01 03:13 PM6
- GamePro magazine and site being shuttered Ohio Joe Started: Nov-30 06:58 PM0
- Titan Quest/Immortal Throne - PC - Review Ohio Joe Started: Nov-28 02:44 PM1
- Path of Exile Aerows Started: Nov-28 01:30 PM3
- Cracked does Skyrim Players uriel1972 Started: Nov-18 08:40 PM5
- Image warning! I've played Rage; I'm playing Skyrim. I have one and only one thing to say. Occulus Started: Nov-12 12:21 AM16
- What We Know About the Steam Hack and What You Should Do Ohio Joe Started: Nov-10 07:21 PM1
- Batman Arkham City Broken_Hero Started: Nov-06 03:30 PM0
- My PS3 crapped out on me Ohio Joe Started: Nov-04 06:48 PM4
- Skyrim character presets: Bretons, Imperials, Nords, and Redgaurds. ZombieHorde Started: Oct-30 11:28 PM0
- Skyrim character presets: Dark Elves, High Elves, and Wood Elves. ZombieHorde Started: Oct-30 11:25 PM2
- Skyrim character presets: Argonians, Khajiit, and Orcs. ZombieHorde Started: Oct-30 11:23 PM2
- Grand Theft Auto Five Announced Ohio Joe Started: Oct-25 05:10 PM1
- World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Revealed Ohio Joe Started: Oct-23 09:30 PM1
- Watch the BlizzCon 2011 Diablo III Cinematic Ohio Joe Started: Oct-22 10:37 AM1
- Diablo III FREE (+ a BOA scalable mount, + beta test WOW Pandaria expansion) w/WOW 1yr subscription eShirl Started: Oct-22 05:11 AM3
- I should probably say something about Syndicate Ohio Joe Started: Oct-13 03:10 PM1
- Looks like the first hack for Diablo III has already appeared Ohio Joe Started: Oct-01 02:56 AM2
- Nippon Ichi Developing Open World Action-RPG For PS3 Ohio Joe Started: Sep-27 08:28 PM0
- Microsoft Pinball For Windows Vista & 7 Ohio Joe Started: Sep-25 12:32 PM0
- Hands-on with the Diablo 3 beta: keep that Internet on! DainBramaged Started: Sep-21 11:50 AM0
- Diablo III Closed beta begins Ohio Joe Started: Sep-21 11:38 AM7
- NSFW (sort of): Games review site goes titsup at launch steve2470 Started: Sep-20 09:31 AM0
- What is your favorite video game genre? (Poll) ZombieHorde Started: Sep-18 11:11 PM3
- Sometimes I'm so freakin bad Ohio Joe Started: Sep-18 07:03 PM0
- I want Skyrim to come out tomorrow! Mojambo Started: Sep-17 09:25 PM3
- Code Hero Ohio Joe Started: Sep-12 08:48 PM0
- Saints Row: The Third - Trailer Ohio Joe Started: Sep-12 04:11 PM0
- Watch people play the Diablo III beta Ohio Joe Started: Sep-07 10:28 AM5
- Dead Island skill trees for all four characters. ZombieHorde Started: Sep-06 06:13 PM11
- Tetris Free for Android today - 8/29/2011 Ohio Joe Started: Aug-29 05:05 PM0
- Portal: No Escape (fan film, good enough to be a full-length motion picture) Occulus Started: Aug-26 10:48 PM2
- Geeks Beat Jocks as Bar Fight Breaks Out Over Control of the TV Ohio Joe Started: Aug-25 11:22 AM2
- Blizzard Launches Diablo III Community Site, Beta Sure To Follow Ohio Joe Started: Aug-25 11:12 AM1
- In today's World Of Warcraft news DainBramaged Started: Aug-22 08:34 AM8
- I give up (Poll) Occulus Started: Aug-18 11:42 PM0
- Cryptic Studios (Champions Online, StarTrekOnline, Neverwinter) acquired by Perfect World from Atari eShirl Started: Aug-18 08:17 PM0
- NCAA Football 12 JonLP24 Started: Aug-17 07:08 AM2
- Truth in gaming DainBramaged Started: Aug-16 10:24 PM4
- Anyone else download the Madden 12 demo yet? charlie and a... Started: Aug-15 10:13 AM1
- Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team - PS3, X360 ZombieHorde Started: Aug-14 01:00 AM0
- Dead Block - PS3, X360, PC ZombieHorde Started: Aug-13 03:02 AM0
- LIMBO - PS3 - Demo - Review Ohio Joe Started: Aug-11 09:04 PM2
- PSN - Terms of service changes Ohio Joe Started: Aug-11 10:03 AM2
- I'm thinking of trying something new (Poll) Ohio Joe Started: Aug-10 05:36 PM4
- PS3 System Update - 8/10/2011 Ohio Joe Started: Aug-10 09:40 AM4
- So after nearly three years, I am quitting Warhammer Age of Reckoning DainBramaged Started: Aug-04 05:09 PM2
- Borderlands 2 announced Ohio Joe Started: Aug-03 03:03 PM6
- DC Universe onlline Broken_Hero Started: Aug-03 12:51 AM2
- Get Rich Playing Diablo III DainBramaged Started: Aug-01 06:11 PM1
- Diablo III News Ohio Joe Started: Aug-01 11:59 AM6
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution goes gold. Hong Kong Cav... Started: Jul-27 12:39 PM0
- 7 Fantastical Indie RPGs Worth Playing Ohio Joe Started: Jul-24 02:29 PM1
- Job Opening: Design a new Dr. Who game Ian David Started: Jul-18 12:46 PM0
- Sony: PSN hack a great learning experience Ohio Joe Started: Jul-14 10:49 AM0
- Pangea iOS games are free for today only - (7/11/2011) Ohio Joe Started: Jul-11 03:16 PM0
- Bioshock Infinite - 14 minute E3 game play video Ohio Joe Started: Jul-08 09:22 AM3
- Civ World open beta is live, build an empire and become king of your friends - Facebook Ohio Joe Started: Jul-07 07:40 AM1
- guess what's being released next year, supposedly lazarus Started: Jul-06 09:22 AM5
- question about video cards and video games lazarus Started: Jul-03 04:28 PM2
- SIREN: Blood Curse (ps3) ZombieHorde Started: Jul-01 11:47 PM1
- Dungeon Siege III - PS3 - Demo - Review Ohio Joe Started: Jun-30 11:02 AM4
- Portal 2 Summer Mapping Initiative Winners or, If You Have Portal 2, Get These Maps Occulus Started: Jun-29 10:44 PM0
- World of Warcraft goes free-to-play, capped at level 20 (no time limit) eShirl Started: Jun-29 04:24 PM1
- Capcom announces game that no one will want Ohio Joe Started: Jun-29 12:01 AM1
- PS3 warning if you have kids using the system Ohio Joe Started: Jun-25 07:49 PM0
- The Diablo Townspeople Should Move Ohio Joe Started: Jun-17 10:39 PM3
- ars technica reviews Duke Nukem Forever - It's not pretty Ohio Joe Started: Jun-17 08:25 AM1
- You ever play a sports game that you wish was real so it could be on ESPN Classic? Haha! charlie and a... Started: Jun-14 10:18 AM7
- The Six Most Ominous Trends In Video Gaming lazarus Started: Jun-13 11:44 AM7
- Spain arrests 3 allegedly linked to hacking Sony PlayStation sites Ohio Joe Started: Jun-10 12:29 PM0
- 12 months of Xbox Live Gold - $34.99 Ohio Joe Started: Jun-09 07:28 PM2
- 6 Glitches That Accidentally Invented Modern Gaming lazarus Started: Jun-08 10:24 AM1
- E3 - 2011 - Trailers Ohio Joe Started: Jun-06 07:28 PM5
- Star Wars: The Old Republic - E3 2011 Trailer Hong Kong Cav... Started: Jun-06 10:28 AM0
- MLB 11:The Show - PS3 - Review JonLP24 Started: Jun-04 09:04 PM0
- Ultima IV - PC - Free Ohio Joe Started: Jun-02 08:00 PM0
- Playstation Store back up Ohio Joe Started: Jun-02 08:43 AM2
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