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- Welcome to the DU Gardening Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-12 10:51 PM0
- Euphorbia ID needed. Mr. McD Started: Dec-04 03:22 PM3
- Couldn't believe it...just checked the cherry tomato plant that came up Zoigal Started: Dec-01 03:24 PM2
- I am shopping for lavender plants and I am overwhelmed XemaSab Started: Nov-25 01:35 AM5
- Anyone ever heard of/tried this tip to keep paperwhites from toppling over? beac Started: Nov-17 11:17 PM2
- A competing plant question quakerboy Started: Oct-31 06:07 PM5
- Death stalks the Michigan garden. Denninmi Started: Oct-27 09:29 AM5
- In praise of the "lowly" parsnip. Denninmi Started: Oct-23 05:40 PM7
- The Mystery of the Color-Changing Mums beac Started: Oct-22 03:46 PM6
- Cross post: Some Gardening questions Tsiyu Started: Oct-21 03:31 AM6
- I see the lovely mums at the local grocery store. I'm in zone 7. raccoon Started: Oct-12 07:59 AM6
- Historic seed company in jeopardy Curmudgeoness Started: Oct-10 06:09 PM1
- It's raining Retrograde Started: Oct-05 10:02 PM2
- Bizarre,...Bizarre,... Bizarre... October Tomatoes? ...WTF? bvar22 Started: Sep-29 02:59 PM6
- camellias shanti Started: Sep-26 10:36 AM4
- Peppers, schmeppers. beac Started: Sep-24 10:43 AM8
- Transplant to Hydroponic? My garden is a disaster but I would like Paper Roses Started: Sep-22 01:57 PM2
- I just ordered some "Breck's jumbo perennial tulips" Botany Started: Sep-21 04:12 PM2
- Sad day at black rock. This was the worst gardening year ever. Paper Roses Started: Sep-18 03:44 PM2
- My first tomato! Retrograde Started: Sep-11 11:14 PM6
- Buy a beautiful catalog, help save America's oldest seed company Lorien Started: Sep-11 12:58 PM1
- Fall is here in Michigan. Have you started your fall cleanup yet. Denninmi Started: Sep-07 01:41 PM4
- Has anyone used this biological control for bindweed? ellenrr Started: Sep-01 01:41 PM12
- Is basil still good if flowers MattBaggins Started: Aug-30 05:58 PM6
- Rusty spots on my bean leaves WhiteTara Started: Aug-28 05:38 PM2
- do cats eat strawberries? quakerboy Started: Aug-26 08:27 PM2
- Spotted tomato check-in beac Started: Aug-17 09:54 AM8
- Say it with flowers: A new book revives the Victorian trend for bestowing meanings on our blooms xchrom Started: Aug-14 04:36 AM0
- For any iphone-owning gardeners out there: beac Started: Aug-12 08:52 AM0
- Need Help ID'ing two plants. TKS alfredo Started: Aug-11 05:42 PM4
- Question, rose bush elleng Started: Aug-11 12:58 PM13
- Do you grow potatoes? I live in southern NE and for the first time Paper Roses Started: Aug-10 09:02 AM4
- Now what??? beac Started: Aug-09 04:54 PM8
- Any suggestions for using a "million" cucumbers? femmocrat Started: Aug-09 09:51 AM7
- I have an elm tree in my yard (a HUUUUUGE elm tree) LaydeeBug Started: Aug-08 03:37 PM6
- Saw something new to me today at the nursery...grafted tomatoes. Zoigal Started: Aug-07 08:53 PM3
- I now have come up with my new all time best hot pepper Botany Started: Aug-07 04:53 PM1
- My most successful "rescue" yet! beac Started: Aug-05 10:58 AM10
- Chance for free Four o'Clocks! beac Started: Aug-02 12:23 PM5
- How do you know when peanuts are ready? WhiteTara Started: Jul-29 02:32 PM3
- What I Did with Tomatoes! (pics) NJCher Started: Jul-27 03:36 PM8
- I have zucchini as big as logs. I pick almost every day but these Raven Started: Jul-27 03:14 PM17
- Any idea what THIS is???? beac Started: Jul-25 02:35 PM5
- Any Beekeepers here. denbot Started: Jul-23 02:46 AM7
- Something strange is happening in my garden. Vinca Started: Jul-20 01:06 PM19
- Saving hollyhock seeds? beac Started: Jul-18 01:03 PM13
- I'm buying a fully grown pear tree! htuttle Started: Jul-17 07:10 PM3
- Any beekeepers? xmas74 Started: Jul-17 07:05 PM13
- Help me with my tomatoes! Brickbat Started: Jul-17 04:57 PM7
- short term measures to attract pollinators? mopinko Started: Jul-17 10:57 AM12
- I'd like to start a garden; need advice susanr516 Started: Jul-15 09:06 PM10
- stunted summer squash shanti Started: Jul-14 05:05 PM8
- Well, frak. beac Started: Jul-13 06:13 PM17
- I harvested and braided onions today. WhiteTara Started: Jul-10 03:22 PM6
- Our community garden so far this year. Photo album. amerikat Started: Jul-09 10:28 PM4
- Homeowner faces jail time for front yard garden beac Started: Jul-09 10:14 AM0
- Is the DU'er (I think from AK) who gave my wife some tomato seeds still DUing? denverbill Started: Jul-08 11:57 AM1
- mmmmmm. cherries! mopinko Started: Jul-08 08:05 AM5
- About onions... Tesha Started: Jul-08 06:09 AM0
- Milk bath miracle does it again! [View All] beac Started: Jul-06 01:22 PM33
- An unusual song about gardening: Quantess Started: Jun-28 05:12 PM0
- anybody have experience with Irises ...? need some advice Tuesday After... Started: Jun-28 03:06 PM12
- SUNSHINE!!! FINALLY!!! mopinko Started: Jun-26 10:35 AM1
- Questions about fruit trees. wildeyed Started: Jun-25 04:15 PM5
- Planting Garbage! Discarded Weber Kettle, my new planter! K8-EEE Started: Jun-25 03:02 PM3
- Does anyone know what kind of varmint did this? enuegii Started: Jun-20 11:27 AM12
- One of my planter boxes is infested with ants. Suich Started: Jun-18 03:03 PM13
- Campari tomatoes are great! Reckon I could start some plant from the seeds of Campari tomatoes I raccoon Started: Jun-17 09:00 AM4
- The grass clippings are working well. I appreciate the advice Raven Started: Jun-16 11:02 AM2
- Starting a late Zone 5 garden Sabriel Started: Jun-15 10:32 PM16
- trying to identify tiny bugs on my tomato ellenrr Started: Jun-15 04:04 AM4
- Gardening at a church community garden TNLib Started: Jun-13 07:52 PM4
- I planted a garden and it didn't die soleiri Started: Jun-12 01:00 PM14
- Mystery Tomato Vinca Started: Jun-10 02:20 PM4
- Windowsill Basil no_hypocrisy Started: Jun-09 06:52 AM2
- My raspberries are tasteless! WhiteTara Started: Jun-08 07:57 PM4
- My peppers suck this year but tomatoes are doing okay(pics) bearfan454 Started: Jun-05 08:53 PM2
- Grass clippings as mulch in the garden? Is this a good idea? Raven Started: Jun-05 08:35 AM16
- Tomato List 2011 Botany Started: Jun-04 11:39 AM11
- Agriculture Vilsack - organic inferior trud Started: Jun-03 05:19 AM0
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