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- Welcome to the Open Source and Free Software Group Skinner Admin Fri Nov-12-04 06:07 PM0
- I can't do without: [View All] qnr Wed Jan-12-05 12:47 AM39
- Ultra-cheapo computing adventures [View All] struggle4prog... Fri Oct-28-11 12:39 AM38
- Favorite independent distro (Poll) [View All] toddaa Thu Apr-14-11 11:32 PM31
- GNOME or KDE? (Poll) [View All] HypnoToad Tue Feb-15-05 01:28 PM26
- First Look at Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Beta [View All] pokerfan Sat Apr-10-10 01:57 PM22
- Fedora Core comes to my rescue! [View All] WannaJumpMySc... Tue Jan-11-05 03:04 PM21
- YouTube and the CLI [View All] RoyGBiv Thu Aug-24-06 07:10 AM21
- Ubuntu! [View All] Gman Wed May-23-07 02:41 AM20
- So I am... what? A Linux slut? Commie Pinko ... Tue Feb-28-06 03:01 AM19
- Ubuntu Versus Fedora Syrinx Wed Jan-30-08 11:18 PM19
- Role Call - wave your flags, toot your horn, whatever....who are you ? MazeRat7 Mon Jan-10-05 11:11 AM18
- GIMP frustrations WannaJumpMySc... Tue Dec-27-05 09:18 PM18
- What distro of *nix do you use? (Poll) Solon Wed Feb-22-06 05:09 AM17
- Best programming language (Poll) dmesg Fri May-28-10 06:19 AM17
- iPad is iBad for freedom pokerfan Sun Feb-21-10 02:41 PM17
- How to Upgrade Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) to Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) pokerfan Tue Jun-02-09 05:52 PM16
- Just a reminder, Ubuntu 11.04 is to be released today. madokie Tue Jun-28-11 05:00 PM16
- Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot Alpha 2 madokie Mon Jul-18-11 09:07 PM16
- Run what you brung. Tandalayo_Sch... Sat Dec-25-04 11:49 PM15
- What's the best Free-Ware Mail Agent that everyone is using??? deminflorida Thu Jan-27-05 05:28 PM15
- I finally installed Ubuntu 11.10 Syrinx Tue Nov-29-11 05:54 PM15
- Any BSD users on board? trotsky Mon Mar-28-05 06:23 PM14
- Question about 'Apache' bluedonkey Mon Mar-13-06 09:49 PM14
- Lol - there he goes again. I'm certainly not going to reply. qnr Sun Jul-10-05 05:04 PM14
- Any old PDP-11 or PDP-8 hackers here? benburch Sun Jan-28-07 05:56 AM14
- KDE or Gnome? Give me your thougths on the Linux Desktop. (Poll) ALiberalSailo... Tue Mar-06-07 12:45 AM14
- Does anyone in here know how to change a .avi into an animated .gif? kgfnally Mon Apr-28-08 01:14 PM14
- okay motely36 Fri Nov-12-04 06:55 PM13
- 11010110 00010101 10001111 00101010 Bleachers7 Wed Nov-17-04 09:59 PM13
- The best Linux distro for beginners is ... ConsAreLiars Thu Jan-06-05 01:22 AM13
- How can I test my parallel port on my Linux system? Syrinx Sun Aug-20-06 06:09 PM13
- Surely, the fidonet software wasn't written in assembly language Syrinx Sat Oct-02-10 07:06 PM13
- Slashdot \\\College Police Think Using Linux Is Suspicious Behavior/// SKKY Fri May-29-09 12:27 PM12
- Ubuntu 10.04 release candidate madokie Wed May-05-10 03:53 PM12
- The first GNU/Linux distribution recommendation in the OSFS forum is... Commie Pinko ... Fri Jan-14-05 01:11 AM11
- "Who gave you permission to invade my website..." charlie Wed Sep-13-06 11:45 PM11
- Finally crossed over to Ubuntu pokerfan Tue Apr-14-09 02:26 PM11
- Karmic Koala: The best Ubuntu Linux ever? pokerfan Thu Nov-26-09 07:34 AM11
- Google open sources royalty-free VP8 charlie Mon Jun-28-10 01:55 AM11
- Linux Mint 10 madokie Sun Nov-21-10 08:30 PM11
- Windows 8 OEM specs may block Linux booting pokerfan Fri Sep-30-11 01:40 AM11
- Let's discuss something you don't see on OSS forums too often WannaJumpMySc... Wed Jan-26-05 09:34 PM10
- Unix newbie question realisticphis... Sat Apr-16-05 09:46 PM10
- So.... Has anyone installed salvorhardin Fri Aug-12-05 10:12 AM10
- Bash script question. alfredo Sun Jan-08-06 09:53 PM10
- Spare Computer HELP! RC Mon Mar-19-07 08:33 PM10
- Stupid Linux question HypnoToad Fri Mar-02-07 04:33 PM10
- Microsoft Has NASA Block GNU/Linux Users pokerfan Mon Nov-30-09 11:56 AM10
- Any linux suggestions for an old Dell XPS T450 box? struggle4prog... Sat Jul-25-09 08:30 AM10
- Anybody ever tried Linux From Scratch? struggle4prog... Tue Apr-27-10 12:09 PM10
- linux mint 9 Isadora is out for download madokie Wed May-19-10 02:59 AM10
- Ubuntu's two big advantages over Windows and Mac pokerfan Tue Feb-22-11 12:40 AM10
- VirtualBox 4.04 is out struggle4prog... Fri Mar-18-11 06:30 AM10
- Thinking about trying out some Linux - suggestions for first time user TroubleMan Wed Jun-22-11 09:36 PM10
- XGL or Eat This, Vista RoyGBiv Sat Jul-08-06 01:56 PM9
- Anybody here use GIS applications? Swamp Rat Sat Mar-25-06 06:29 PM9
- I just installed Fedora Core 5, and let me say... ALiberalSailo... Fri Apr-28-06 02:22 PM9
- More damned Linux nonsense Pigwidgeon Mon Nov-27-06 03:05 AM9
- Linux XGL/Compiz Graphics Nomad559 Sat Dec-16-06 12:49 PM9
- Linux Questions butlerd Thu Feb-22-07 05:37 AM9
- anyone tried to burn a CD ISO lately on Ubuntu? Syrinx Fri Apr-30-10 01:34 AM9
- Okay, you Linux gurus. Tell me what I'm doing wrong. struggle4prog... Tue Aug-10-10 02:33 AM9
- Firefox Question Old and In th... Thu Nov-18-04 11:04 AM8
- Open Office 2.0 beta arrives bemildred Sun Mar-06-05 09:54 PM8
- I've made a Python script to upload pictures to Photobucket Syrinx Sun Aug-07-05 02:52 AM8
- SuSE 10.0 RoyGBiv Sat Jan-28-06 09:38 PM8
- Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger Has Been Released Nomad559 Sat Nov-26-05 04:24 PM8
- capturing streaming audio in linux WannaJumpMySc... Tue Jan-31-06 05:27 AM8
- How does one make sure a lunux system service is always running? benburch Sat Jun-03-06 09:13 AM8
- No sound! Please help me. I can run videos on my windows partition, but morningglory Thu Aug-24-06 11:07 AM8
- Migrating from Fedora to BSD... pauliedangero... Sat Oct-07-06 03:58 PM8
- Anyone use MythTV? Got a cap card rec? X_Digger Fri Apr-17-09 09:26 AM8
- Anyone here using Puppy Linux? RoccoR5955 Sun Aug-09-09 04:44 PM8
- Fedora 12 is available now. So is openSUSE 11.2. struggle4prog... Fri Nov-27-09 11:20 PM8
- A Ubuntu Wireless Question Occulus Tue Mar-16-10 11:09 PM8
- The Good Guys Win: Huge RoyGBiv Mon Mar-08-10 07:52 PM8
- Ubuntu 10.10 RC is out madokie Mon Oct-25-10 05:47 AM8
- Lap top distro? kcr Thu Nov-18-04 05:06 PM7
- Listserv software for Windoze GregD Fri Nov-26-04 03:32 PM7
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