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- Welcome to the DU Prayer Circle Group Skinner Admin Fri Nov-12-04 05:27 PM0
- Daily Circle: Monday 20 to Sunday 26 December Arianrhod Wed Dec-29-04 06:28 AM4
- Have we lost the Circle, or are we just not posting? n/t Arianrhod Thu Feb-24-05 08:11 PM5
- Please pray for Steven and Paula ayeshahaqqiqa Wed Mar-01-06 08:26 PM5
- Posting this from R/T ayeshahaqqiqa Wed Jul-26-06 12:40 PM1
- My husband needs prayers ayeshahaqqiqa Fri Jan-12-07 11:58 PM4
- Donna ayeshahaqqiqa Mon Oct-29-07 11:50 AM1
- Please pray for Abdul Qayyoum ayeshahaqqiqa Sun Sep-09-07 11:52 AM4
- Announcing my website for praying peace BanzaiBonnie Wed Aug-23-06 08:24 PM3
- I affirm right action in our country NOW! BernieBear Sat Nov-27-04 06:29 PM3
- That which we focus on we get more of --- BernieBear Thu Nov-18-04 02:57 PM1
- Mrs. Venation's cousin, for whom she's requested prayer before, has passed bertha katzen... Sat May-27-06 07:23 PM6
- a prayer someone prayed for me on the last day of my job (Friday 9/12) bertha katzen... Sun Nov-02-08 06:56 PM2
- Please pray and send good thoughts to our Andy S. bettyellen Tue Jul-12-05 11:50 PM5
- Request for liberalhistorian and her family. blondeatlast Wed Dec-01-04 10:09 PM2
- Please whisper a prayer or mantra for this planet . . . Bullwinkle925 Mon Aug-20-07 04:25 PM2
- Please pray for my mom :) CarolinaPerid... Sun Nov-26-06 04:29 AM6
- Please offer prayers for those being held hostage. CBHagman Sat Mar-11-06 05:18 PM6
- Please offer up prayers for elshiva. CBHagman Thu Apr-29-10 08:12 PM6
- Pleaese pray for the community of Buffalo, New York. CBHagman Thu Apr-27-06 09:08 AM3
- Favorite Psalms to use for meditation and devotion Cheswick2.0 Tue Nov-23-04 03:57 PM2
- I hope this doesn't sound selfish... coloradodem20... Thu May-19-05 10:30 PM2
- My mother's surgery .... daggahead Sun Nov-16-08 12:57 AM4
- My Prayer for Election Day by Jim Wallis DainBramaged Wed Nov-05-08 04:45 PM2
- You Can't Be A Beacon (If Your Light Don't Shine) DainBramaged Sat Nov-29-08 02:08 AM0
- My Christmas prayer DainBramaged Sun Dec-28-08 08:45 PM1
- Almost a year since I opened a thread in this forum, and only ELEVEN since DainBramaged Sat Nov-21-09 01:48 AM0
- For Tangerine LaBamba DainBramaged Mon Dec-28-09 10:02 PM0
- Church pastor launching four month peace mission. Please get involved. Dem2theMax Sat Dec-18-04 01:10 AM3
- Prayer Circle Needed - NOW - for Election Fraud Fighter Andy Stephenson! demodonkey Wed Mar-23-05 05:30 PM4
- I'm exploring becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister deutsey Fri Nov-02-07 07:59 AM6
- Please say a prayer for my bro with MS (5'11" 166 lbs) who has lost 7 more lbs in 1 week & looks Divine Discon... Mon Mar-08-10 01:00 AM3
- Howard Dean divineorder Wed Mar-23-05 01:13 AM8
- Prayer Circle Post 12/27/04-1/9/05 divineorder Wed Jan-05-05 12:02 PM4
- Prayer Circle for New Orleans Dob Bole Thu Sep-01-05 10:26 PM3
- This is a first for me, but I'm willing to try... dotcosm Sun Mar-26-06 08:48 PM3
- Spindrift - Research on prayer dotcosm Wed Apr-05-06 09:16 PM0
- Pray for Dubya, protestors elshiva Sat Jan-22-05 01:30 AM4
- John Bosco Novena For Peace elshiva Fri Jan-21-05 10:35 PM0
- Please pray for my cousin Joseph to get over his addiction to gambling. elshiva Sat May-21-05 10:59 PM2
- Please pray for the English people. elshiva Tue Jul-19-05 09:33 AM2
- Please pray that I find a job. elshiva Wed Oct-19-05 06:41 PM12
- Please pray for my grandma elshiva Sat Jul-30-05 01:56 PM5
- Please pray for Sister Teresa Irene Perkins, OCD elshiva Thu Sep-22-05 04:40 PM3
- Please pray for our parish, our rector is leaving us. elshiva Mon Oct-31-05 04:52 PM4
- Please pray for Jill Carroll and All prisoners... elshiva Mon Jul-03-06 06:52 PM4
- Please pray for Julie, Jason, and Brianna. elshiva Mon Jul-03-06 06:46 PM4
- Pray for DUer TruthIsAll elshiva Wed Oct-11-06 03:25 PM4
- Please pray for Evan in Afghanistan. elshiva Mon Mar-27-06 12:06 AM1
- Please pray for Bonnie, Beverly and Pat. elshiva Fri Jan-19-07 12:37 PM2
- Please pray for my friend and her two children goclark Fri Sep-22-06 07:15 PM3
- My first visit to this Forum - I feel support already goclark Wed Oct-29-08 05:55 PM1
- My 1st Visit here goclark Wed Sep-01-10 04:04 PM4
- Please pray for OperationMindCrime's wife, Stacey... GoddessOfGuin... Sat Sep-29-07 11:37 PM2
- Looking for progressive bloggers of faith GreenPartyVot... Thu Apr-21-05 07:26 PM2
- Prayers for a friend who hit and killed a kid with her car this week. GreenPartyVot... Thu Jan-05-06 02:50 PM4
- Prayer for healing for Fred Phelps havocmom Fri Aug-04-06 05:47 PM0
- All Souls Day - Dia de los Muertos havocmom Thu Nov-02-06 01:22 PM0
- Some recent deaths in the family, and I am missing my Moon Circle so badly... Hekate Mon Mar-23-09 04:56 PM1
- My son was diagnosed with complex partial seizures several weeks ago... Hekate Sun Sep-11-11 06:58 PM3
- Prayers for rain idgiehkt Sun Aug-26-07 09:09 PM2
- Catholic prayer for the Deceased (Please pray for Skittles' brother) ih8thegop Wed Nov-24-04 11:08 PM2
- For GA Democrat, who is going to Iraq ih8thegop Wed Jul-08-09 05:21 PM3
- Molly Ivins needs our prayers ih8thegop Sun Jan-28-07 01:47 AM0
- Please Pray for my Friend Frank... Indi Guy Thu Aug-21-08 10:53 PM1
- Please pray to give me strength intheflow Thu Nov-03-05 09:57 PM7
- DUer merh in Katrina-ravaged Biloxi intheflow Mon Mar-06-06 10:02 AM3
- Please include the relief group I live with in Biloxi, MS in your prayers intheflow Tue Apr-25-06 10:19 PM1
- Please say a prayer for Giant Robot in his marital trial. intheflow Thu Jul-27-06 12:39 PM2
- Please say a prayer for woodsprite's nephew. intheflow Wed Nov-01-06 01:40 PM2
- Pray for America's soul intheflow Thu Sep-28-06 09:11 PM1
- Please pray for my friend Eddie, who disappeared on Monday night. intheflow Wed Apr-18-07 12:37 PM4
- Please say a prayer for me. intheflow Tue Feb-05-08 11:31 PM1
- Please say a prayer for me. intheflow Thu Apr-29-10 08:14 PM6
- Depressed to see I'm asking for prayers again on something I asked for prayers about 2 years ago. intheflow Mon May-16-11 02:56 PM3
- Anyone here? Jasper 91 Sun Nov-14-04 07:18 PM11
- This may seem selfish, but please pray for me! KitchenWitch Wed Nov-22-06 10:55 PM7
- Please pray for my family KitchenWitch Sun Dec-16-07 02:38 AM6
- Please pray for OMC and his family KitchenWitch Tue Oct-09-07 06:48 PM1
- I could use some prayers...upcoming surgery. KitchenWitch Thu Nov-06-08 12:06 PM7
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