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- Welcome to the DU Cooking & Baking Group Skinner Admin Started: Nov-12 03:48 PM0
- elleng.... Phentex Started: Dec-17 11:23 AM0
- Does anyone need a star? Lucinda Started: Dec-10 10:03 PM0
- Bake like a hippywife! grasswire Started: Dec-09 05:59 PM1
- Fluffy Butterscotch Cookies with Brown Butter Icing housewolf Started: Dec-09 04:17 PM10
- Don't forget to "subscribe" to Cooking & Baking (and any other favorite groups) on DU3 ASAP. beac Started: Dec-08 03:09 PM2
- Something is missing in DU3.... beac Started: Dec-07 04:12 PM0
- Pssssssst.... who here has visited the new C&B on DU3 yesterday or today? housewolf Started: Dec-07 04:57 AM8
- Egg nog cookies? hedgehog Started: Dec-06 12:51 PM2
- At the End of the Night, Satisfaction elleng Started: Dec-06 02:58 AM0
- A person with a ham is welcome wherever they go pscot Started: Dec-05 04:55 PM11
- Pork steak cacciatore with mozzarella and rice. pinto Started: Dec-04 07:07 PM0
- Something I whipped up tonight for dinner using Spaghetti Squash... NRaleighLiber... Started: Dec-04 06:34 PM3
- Melissa's Delicate Mint Sandwich Holiday Cookies Recipe housewolf Started: Dec-04 05:43 PM3
- Has anyone done their Christmas menu yet? [View All] EFerrari Started: Dec-03 05:10 PM27
- Like a great Italian dressing but not from a store bought bottle? Paper Roses Started: Dec-03 05:03 PM1
- Okay DU Chef's and Chef-ettes! Texasgal Started: Dec-02 09:41 PM12
- left over pork skin and pork fat. suggestions??? MrsBrady Started: Dec-02 05:19 PM7
- Last night I saw the "Chopped" episode with the school cafeteria cooks. CrispyQ Started: Dec-02 04:18 PM9
- Another holiday breakfast idea...try Egg Nog French Toast Zoigal Started: Dec-01 03:21 PM2
- If famous writers wrote cookbooks... Lucinda Started: Dec-01 02:50 PM2
- Holy sh*t! Guess how much an 8.5 pound goose costs at Whole Foods?! no_hypocrisy Started: Dec-01 02:10 PM5
- Easiest, and our favorite Breakfast recipe. You must try this! NRaleighLiber... Started: Dec-01 10:30 AM4
- Recipes for Cookies and Bars elleng Started: Nov-30 10:12 PM4
- Recipes for Party Dips and Appetizers elleng Started: Nov-30 10:10 PM3
- Mocha Chocolate Chip Cake elleng Started: Nov-30 10:07 PM0
- Really good meatless entree in Dec Bon Appetit supernova Started: Nov-30 09:51 PM5
- Tried making something new tonight. 3 words... Glassunion Started: Nov-30 06:54 PM2
- Weird baking question... bread Inchworm Started: Nov-30 06:00 PM6
- Bread, hamburger buns & hot dog buns. William769 Started: Nov-29 05:10 PM7
- Tonight's adventure. I'm going to try to make Daikon radish Kimchi. Denninmi Started: Nov-29 04:57 PM1
- Great family pot-luck picnic - pinto Started: Nov-28 06:28 PM1
- So, how did the great Thanksgiving leftover repurposing go? Denninmi Started: Nov-28 03:50 PM10
- Just found out my daughter has a possible gluten/wheat problem. Don't know madmom Started: Nov-27 09:14 PM5
- I just made the MOST awesome sweet potato dish! kestrel91316 Started: Nov-27 07:42 PM7
- Delicious and easy pasta with shrimp recipe from Williams Sonoma CTyankee Started: Nov-27 03:30 PM8
- watch your supermarket ads for baking supplies on sale grasswire Started: Nov-27 01:54 AM7
- Because a Turducken isn't quite far enough over the top. Ladies and gentlemen, the Cherpumple. Sub Atomic Started: Nov-25 04:18 PM4
- How I'm Using My Leftover Turkey and Carcass no_hypocrisy Started: Nov-25 12:49 PM9
- Portuguese Sea Kale (Couve tronchuda) Denninmi Started: Nov-25 06:28 AM0
- What Can I Make With Leftover Turkey Besides Sandwiches? elleng Started: Nov-25 12:40 AM3
- Cherry pie with chocolate brandy sauce htuttle Started: Nov-24 11:32 PM1
- Pho pscot Started: Nov-24 10:48 PM7
- Save this idea for next year... Tesha Started: Nov-24 08:45 PM5
- Well, it's all over. Cleaned up, put away, except for the simmering bones. Denninmi Started: Nov-24 05:27 PM9
- Thanksgiving Thrift: elleng Started: Nov-24 09:41 AM7
- So, here I sit, nursing my coffee and getting ready to stick my hand up a turkey's butt. Arkansas Gran... Started: Nov-24 07:44 AM11
- This is the best Thanksgiving instructional video ever Warpy Started: Nov-23 11:22 PM2
- I just made Banana Nutella Tiramisu The empressof... Started: Nov-23 10:10 PM3
- For you wine and chocolate lovers - do you know about these websites? WTSO and Chocosphere... NRaleighLiber... Started: Nov-23 09:52 AM2
- A really basic query - caramelized onions? pinto Started: Nov-23 01:30 AM5
- cookie bakers -- do you know this cookie? grasswire Started: Nov-22 10:22 PM8
- Our favorite part of the TGiving turkey is this soup we make from what's left - recipe... NRaleighLiber... Started: Nov-22 04:55 PM3
- I'm being nice. Here's my Thanksgiving menu. Denninmi Started: Nov-22 04:00 PM14
- Have you had bacon marmalade yet? Sub Atomic Started: Nov-22 03:37 PM5
- The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook Sub Atomic Started: Nov-22 12:58 PM9
- Pineapple-cheese-Ritz casserole--I've googled for recipes, but raccoon Started: Nov-22 10:56 AM16
- Bread crumbs--do you make your own? Toast or butter them? raccoon Started: Nov-22 08:45 AM8
- A consistently nice quality wine - Sbragia Stinky The Cl... Started: Nov-21 11:10 PM1
- More "betcha can't eat just one" than salted peanuts - the ZIMA tomato. Stinky The Cl... Started: Nov-21 10:41 PM8
- Bundt Cake Is Good (and They May Not Miss the Pie) elleng Started: Nov-21 03:28 PM0
- our favorite low-cost, healthy side dish/light lunch - Mujadarrah (Middle Eastern cuisine) NRaleighLiber... Started: Nov-21 02:02 PM6
- Steel cut oatmeal Zoigal Started: Nov-20 03:03 PM7
- Has anyone got a good recipe for sugar-free cranberry sauce? Vinca Started: Nov-19 05:52 PM8
- Daikon radish slaw recipe. Denninmi Started: Nov-19 04:31 PM0
- Very easy - and amazing - Black Beans - best we've had NRaleighLiber... Started: Nov-19 02:32 PM6
- Have you noticed that jars of cherry jelly have disappeared from the store shelves? NNN0LHI Started: Nov-19 09:59 AM5
- Four for the season (if anyone's interested) - pumpkin recipes we love NRaleighLiber... Started: Nov-19 09:25 AM11
- Many of you may use this - but this easy, no-knead bread is amazing! NRaleighLiber... Started: Nov-19 12:01 AM9
- I'm breaking in my new Pan and I have Short Ribs! The empressof... Started: Nov-18 11:08 AM11
- Our daughter is getting married... Tesha Started: Nov-17 08:50 PM13
- Anybody know where I can find a good Apple Lattice Pie recipe? Renew Deal Started: Nov-17 05:47 PM2
- Relatives inviting themselves. Should I be nice, or naughty? Denninmi Started: Nov-17 04:32 PM17
- Today I am cutting up my vegetables for my stuffing and making my chicken broth Horse with no... Started: Nov-17 02:16 PM9
- Easy Side Dishes That Will Break up the Monotony elleng Started: Nov-16 08:41 PM1
- My husband made this simple brussels sprouts recipe last night... Phentex Started: Nov-16 07:54 AM5
- Food Sites - Food Politics & Food Porn housewolf Started: Nov-15 06:32 PM0
- I'm fixing uncured ham for Thanksgiving BlueToTheBone Started: Nov-15 06:11 PM1
- Does anyone have a recipe for ranch dressing? Incitatus Started: Nov-14 06:28 PM2
- Remember Greenberg's Smoked Turkey: elleng Started: Nov-14 06:01 PM2
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