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- Welcome to the DU Macintosh Users' Group (DUMUG) Skinner Admin Started: Nov-12 02:06 PM0
- DU MUG, I hardly knew ye. nt onehandle Started: Dec-31 05:57 PM1
- Question about iPod and iOS 5 NV Whino Started: Dec-04 11:27 AM4
- Chrome for iPad ChairmanAgnos... Started: Dec-03 02:59 AM2
- Has anyone encountered issues when moving from Snow Leopard to Lion? Stinky The Cl... Started: Dec-02 11:28 AM9
- Looking for a copy of leopard guitar man Started: Dec-01 09:28 PM1
- Does anyone work normally in iWork Numbers? If so, I have a question for you Stinky The Cl... Started: Nov-21 04:05 PM2
- iCloud help needed Stinky The Cl... Started: Nov-15 10:52 PM2
- Arrgh! Spilled tea on my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. I alfredo Started: Nov-11 06:39 PM5
- Transferring photos between iDevices and your Mac (or PC) Stinky The Cl... Started: Nov-11 02:38 PM3
- anyone upgrade to OS 5.01? ChairmanAgnos... Started: Nov-11 11:10 AM3
- how do I import my gmail address book randr Started: Nov-06 08:39 AM1
- Can't log onto network Stinky The Cl... Started: Nov-05 11:08 PM2
- Is there a guide on how to clean up a MacBook? cbayer Started: Nov-01 04:25 PM2
- Outgoing .mac mail problem -- or is it just me? gateley Started: Nov-01 01:10 PM3
- Activist list serv got hacked, can't delete emails from ipad mod mom Started: Oct-26 06:58 AM1
- Woo Hoo!!! Just bought a G5 powermac for next to nothing!! :D guitar man Started: Oct-25 03:09 PM0
- Anybody using iBank? NV Whino Started: Oct-24 10:18 AM2
- The grey screen of death ChairmanAgnos... Started: Oct-23 09:35 PM2
- iOS5 image URL workaround. alfredo Started: Oct-19 09:20 AM0
- i(less)CLOUDy ChairmanAgnos... Started: Oct-19 07:13 AM0
- MacBook Air Factory Stench Could Cause Shipment Delays n2doc Started: Oct-18 12:36 PM0
- Quickbook alternatives or replacements? MedicalAdmin Started: Oct-17 12:06 PM2
- ShitThatSiriSays Robb Started: Oct-15 08:15 PM0
- Arrrgh! I am at wits end! iMac issues. glinda Started: Oct-13 06:02 PM13
- Has anyone upgraded their iPad to IOS 5? ohiosmith Started: Oct-13 05:43 PM17
- Dual headphone connection randr Started: Oct-13 08:25 AM2
- AT&T may have a speed edge with new iPhones Auggie Started: Oct-06 11:35 AM2
- Dear Tim Cook: Auggie Started: Oct-05 08:20 PM3
- Steve. onehandle Started: Oct-05 07:04 PM10
- in which i whine and complain about apple struggle4prog... Started: Sep-27 12:20 AM4
- Could my AirPort be dying? Lydia Leftcoa... Started: Sep-22 10:08 PM2
- Is anyone here conversant in Filemake Pro, Microsoft Access, and maybe Bento? Stinky The Cl... Started: Sep-18 03:57 PM10
- Test driving a brand new iMac today guitar man Started: Sep-15 04:15 PM0
- All of a sudden I am not getting audio on sites such as YouTube. RebelOne Started: Sep-09 01:01 PM2
- Anyway to upgrade G4 iBook? Deep13 Started: Sep-05 11:01 PM8
- My MacBook Pro won't let me buy things from iTunes...and the Apple support guy is stumped Lydia Leftcoa... Started: Sep-03 10:29 PM7
- Any suggestions for the best Mac all-in-one color laser? Stinky The Cl... Started: Sep-01 01:33 PM5
- Pages for IPAD and footnotes nadinbrzezins... Started: Sep-01 01:24 AM0
- big lion headache-email problems. mopinko Started: Aug-30 03:22 PM1
- Well I got Mac Dictate nadinbrzezins... Started: Aug-29 08:38 PM5
- Does anyone have a set of OS X 10.4 Tiger cds guitar man Started: Aug-29 01:33 PM2
- i locked myself out of my computer . mopinko Started: Aug-27 04:27 PM5
- I have profiles turned on and want to turn them off, effect on iTunes? mrgorth Started: Aug-20 01:50 PM1
- Apple USB modem not working in Lion struggle4prog... Started: Aug-19 11:51 PM2
- update 10.7.1 is available struggle4prog... Started: Aug-19 11:19 PM0
- having trouble putting my mac osx to sleep.... a kennedy Started: Aug-16 02:59 PM4
- Aaarg! OSX Screen Sharing struggle4prog... Started: Aug-11 08:18 PM7
- MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air? cbayer Started: Aug-07 06:28 PM16
- New Safari running with Snow Leopard SUCKS. GoneOffShore Started: Aug-03 12:53 PM3
- What is a Mac alternative to the full version of Quicken in Windows? Stinky The Cl... Started: Jul-31 11:08 PM5
- ipad2 skype do i add contacts? Zoigal Started: Jul-31 05:29 PM0
- Need to change billing address on i tunes..anyone have an idea how that Zoigal Started: Jul-30 07:31 PM5
- How DO you manage that "Other" category on the iPod Touch? Occulus Started: Jul-30 11:29 AM0
- Magic Trackpad, your review. I just bought one, and the alfredo Started: Jul-28 11:40 AM4
- Could someone explain to me what a global index is? cbayer Started: Jul-26 04:16 PM4
- Application compatibility wiki for Mac OS X Lion struggle4prog... Started: Jul-25 09:38 PM1
- Lion doesn't recognize external drives - Thanks Steve! meegbear Started: Jul-25 11:02 AM6
- Lion seems to have borked my screen-sharing struggle4prog... Started: Jul-23 11:34 PM3
- I am dying to try Lion. But should I wait? [View All] Stinky The Cl... Started: Jul-21 10:45 AM37
- Make An OS X Lion Boot Disc Ichingcarpent... Started: Jul-21 08:24 AM3
- Downloading LION...and it is not a physical media nadinbrzezins... Started: Jul-20 03:58 PM4
- Fake 'Apple Stores' popping up in China by the score. onehandle Started: Jul-19 11:40 PM1
- I just finished migrating from my 2008 MacBook (Pro) to my new MacBook Pro Stinky The Cl... Started: Jul-13 09:09 PM4
- OK, I just discovered the first disadvantage of the iPhone: AT&T Lydia Leftcoa... Started: Jul-09 05:54 PM6
- Question on "links not connecting" glinda Started: Jul-06 04:06 PM1
- What word or text program do you recommend? glinda Started: Jul-05 02:03 PM5
- attacked by zombie cookies shireen Started: Jul-04 10:31 PM2
- Anyone know of a scrabble game that can be played on a macbook? Stinky The Cl... Started: Jul-03 09:28 PM6
- Help...can one access skype on the i pad2 yet?...thanks..z Zoigal Started: Jul-03 01:15 PM6
- ARGGH I had to restore my IPAD nadinbrzezins... Started: Jul-02 01:40 PM2
- Need help copying photos from iPad photo app to web pages. Many thanks. ohiosmith Started: Jul-02 09:56 AM1
- I just did an update and now I can't access yahoo games arikara Started: Jul-01 10:09 PM1
- Lord the prices of drives have really dropped nadinbrzezins... Started: Jun-30 06:50 PM1
- How we treat our computers onehandle Started: Jun-28 11:34 AM0
- iPad bizniz apps. ChairmanAgnos... Started: Jun-24 01:02 PM2
- macbook power adapter problems shanti Started: Jun-20 11:27 PM4
- Help! My MacBook is restarting itself frequently and unpredictably. cbayer Started: Jun-19 01:48 PM12
- New York Post website now blocking Safari access on Apple's iPad Kablooie Started: Jun-19 01:30 PM0
- iCloud with no personal websites? GoneOffShore Started: Jun-19 11:33 AM6
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