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- MY TURN... HERE WE GO, AGAIN Crewleader Sat Oct-04-08 09:25 PM0
- $250 divided by 24 months=$10.42 lapauvre Sun May-17-09 09:13 AM7
- Best Political Jokes for week of Feb. 3, 2008 Crewleader Sat Feb-02-08 04:14 PM0
- Brain cells recover after Alzheimer's plaques removed HuckleB Sun Feb-06-05 07:44 PM6
- Enalapril wandathewitch Wed Sep-10-08 06:24 PM4
- Social Security Individual Accounts and Employer-Sponsored Pensions REACTIVATED I... Fri Feb-04-05 02:30 PM2
- THIS WEEK'S BEST JOKES APRIL 6, 2008 Crewleader Sun Apr-06-08 11:38 PM1
- "if you find yourself in a rut, stop digging." Zoigal Wed Apr-14-10 12:25 AM0
- "Jersey Boys" Frankie Valli/ The Four Seasons Little Star Mon May-31-10 03:55 PM6
- "OLDER THAN DIRT" TRIVIA QUIZ [View All] Crewleader Sun Mar-09-08 12:30 PM22
- "The administration's plan for (SS) universal accounts is not feasible" ibid Tue May-10-05 08:51 PM0
- "THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER"JOKES Crewleader Sun Aug-12-07 02:16 PM0
- "What American workers need is a Conservative 'New Deal' for the 21st Cent REACTIVATED I... Sun Feb-20-05 03:16 PM3
- 'OLD' IS WHEN... papau Wed Jun-04-08 07:53 PM2
- (private Soc Sec)Accounts Hold Risks, Rewards papau Wed Jan-12-05 12:19 PM2
- (Separate)Social Security accounts would limit (worker investment) control papau Wed Jan-26-05 11:33 AM0
- *'s Road Show REACTIVATED I... Fri Feb-04-05 08:19 PM3
- . tiptoe Thu Jul-10-08 08:36 PM2
- 109 Trillion is US wealth: we CAN afford ss oscar111 Sun May-15-05 01:48 PM3
- 1977 (sent to me by my older sister) mitchtv Sat Nov-10-07 01:02 AM6
- 2006 SS Trustee's Report low cost projection again shows no change needed! papau Mon May-01-06 03:40 PM0
- 2007 Social Security Trustees report says SS getting heathier - Trust Fund adds one year to 2041 papau Mon Apr-23-07 09:25 PM0
- 21 reasons/facts w/ links on how Bush's Soc Sec Plan is based on lies papau Sat Jan-15-05 02:54 PM2
- 3 Democratic Members on the Fiscal Commission need to hear from Seniors: No Social Security Cuts! jtown1123 Thu Dec-02-10 01:41 PM4
- 401(k)s: Remember Them? LiberalFighte... Wed Mar-09-05 07:04 PM6
- 75 yrs, of Bush tax cuts = $12T, Medicare Drug bill= $8 T, Soc Sec=$3+T papau Mon Jan-10-05 03:42 PM2
- 89 year old woman and her 45 yr old car eleny Fri Aug-14-09 12:40 PM2
- A (Tax) Holiday Only Scrooge Could Love jtown1123 Tue Dec-21-10 12:28 PM0
- A 9/11 Look Back Crewleader Tue Sep-11-07 09:05 PM0
- A bit of nostalgia. I just got my Vermont Country Store catalog. Paper Roses Tue Jan-12-10 10:38 AM15
- A blog dedicated to seniors who know how to be stylish eleny Sat Sep-05-09 07:59 PM16
- A cute discussion about the passages in life papau Thu Feb-14-08 10:42 AM2
- A fair indexing adjustment would anticipate Bush deficit tax increases papau Tue Feb-15-05 03:03 PM0
- A Few Battle Of The Sexes Jokes! Crewleader Sun May-27-07 11:29 AM1
- A fun project from the Nat'l Comm. to Preserve SS & Medicare jtown1123 Fri Jun-24-11 11:34 AM0
- Crewleader Fri Nov-30-07 04:14 AM2
- A Graying Population, a Graying Work Force groovedaddy Mon Apr-26-10 10:51 AM0
- A great organization to fight cuts of Social Security and Medicare - link; old mark Wed Jan-05-11 12:08 PM5
- A joke about a little old Jewish Lady... Stuart G Sun Dec-23-07 04:04 AM1
- A joke about a long marriage, and how to treat the wife... Stuart G Sun Dec-23-07 03:34 AM3
- A little humor for us old folks. DRESS CODE spenbax Mon Sep-03-07 02:14 PM7
- A one-time bonanza of TENS OF TRILLIONS FOR INSURANCE AirAmFan Thu Feb-03-05 05:03 PM1
- A Payroll Tax Holiday will Cripple Social Security's finances jtown1123 Thu Dec-09-10 01:40 PM3
- A recipe for those of you who want to make your own low calorie, low fat lattes.. Zoigal Fri Feb-05-10 09:18 PM5
- A strong case for Social Security jtown1123 Fri Aug-06-10 12:24 PM2
- A test, read carefully, answer honestly....kinda a joke..(last one tonite). Stuart G Sun Dec-23-07 03:11 AM12
- A Way for Older Homeowners To Back Out of a Bind question ever... Fri Dec-28-07 03:22 PM5
- AARP 'dead set against' Bush's Social Security plan papau Tue Jan-25-05 12:25 PM4
- AARP Has Conservative Competition....... Little Star Sun Jan-16-11 09:36 PM15
- AARP has up a action item to e-mail President Obama about SS Little Star Sat Aug-28-10 06:58 PM0
- AARP solicits young in its latest campaign to save Soc Sec from Bush papau Thu Feb-10-05 12:00 PM0
- AARP Sues U.S. Over Effects of Reverse Mortgages. elleng Tue Mar-08-11 08:51 PM4
- Action to repeal medicare part D and replace it. liberaldemocr... Mon Nov-20-06 09:07 AM0
- Adorn Hair Spray 1960's TV Commercial eleny Mon Sep-28-09 01:52 AM12
- Age defines perception, reception of Bush's plan papau Thu Feb-17-05 11:01 AM0
- Age, al Natural. Dove pro-age commercials banned from T.V. find a home on the web. Dover Sat Mar-03-07 09:54 AM5
- Aging Population Poses Global Challenges papau Wed Feb-02-05 10:53 AM0
- Ah yes, plenty of moolah for Blackwater and illegitimate wars but for ... Peregrine Too... Sat Oct-10-09 09:03 PM1
- Almost 30 years later, seniors to return to 'I-Hotel' struggle4prog... Thu Jul-28-05 07:52 PM0
- Almost half of the states have been underfunding their retirement plans for public workers Bozita Wed Dec-19-07 11:38 PM0
- AMAZING CHINA! SECRETS REVEALED Crewleader Mon Sep-03-07 02:23 PM4
- Americans Trust Democrats On Social Security struggle4prog... Tue Jan-25-05 07:39 PM0
- elleng Thu Aug-26-10 04:34 PM0
- An SSI ?, but hoping someone here might know the answer about check deductions elocs Mon Jul-25-11 01:11 PM8
- Analysis: Income of the Elderly Population: 2003 (PDF) REACTIVATED I... Fri Jan-14-05 01:43 PM0
- And now a joke about a little old Jewish Man...also Hospital Stuart G Sun Dec-23-07 01:05 AM0
- And The Fat Lady Never Sang Crewleader Tue Sep-23-08 09:19 PM0
- ANIMAL CRACKERS Best Jokes for the Week of March 9, 2008 Crewleader Tue Mar-11-08 10:39 PM2
- Another question about Medicare Prescription Drug Plan clydefrand Sun Oct-30-05 09:42 PM1
- Any GM retirees having their Kaiser health care option being taken away? Winebrat Mon Nov-05-07 08:07 PM1
- Any ideas how one finds out when eligible for a colonoscopy (Medicare)? Know it's every Zoigal Tue Apr-27-10 01:20 PM4
- Any of you seniors like me from Massachusetts? I have just yy4me Wed Jan-28-09 02:52 PM5
- Any of you who have hearing aids, how are they working for you? raccoon Fri Oct-12-07 06:02 PM4
- Any other over 65 runner/joggers on DU? Peregrine Too... Thu Jul-08-10 09:52 PM3
- Any other retired government employees here? Peregrine Too... Sat Jun-19-10 02:44 PM4
- Any retired state employees here? Peregrine Too... Tue Feb-01-11 03:45 AM4
- Any retirees here? What are you doing with your nest egg? Peregrine Too... Wed May-20-09 08:03 PM19
- Anybody else have this problem--tired eyes when driving? raccoon Mon Nov-05-07 01:07 PM16
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