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- Do you wear a baseball cap with "______ Veteran" on it? trof Started: Nov-14 08:09 PM9
- The Green Thing Sinistrous Started: Nov-12 03:30 PM11
- Men's socks with clocks trof Started: Nov-07 07:21 PM3
- Our financial smarts erode quickly after age 60 trof Started: Oct-28 06:31 PM18
- Most of the old cool guys are gone. [View All] trof Started: Oct-28 05:32 PM31
- Has anyone tried MSM? I have been taking it for a few weeks... Gin Started: Oct-28 12:43 PM7
- Medicare monthly premiums for 2012 to be lower than expected trof Started: Oct-28 09:04 AM8
- This is kinda cute..... Little Star Started: Oct-18 02:11 PM1
- Social Security to hand out first raises since '09 monmouth Started: Oct-18 01:49 PM4
- I noticed something different this fall... raccoon Started: Oct-17 10:22 AM9
- One of these days I'll learn! I woke up this AM to a beeping sound. Paper Roses Started: Oct-17 08:47 AM9
- Remember when you bought new stuff, and didn't have to learn to use it? raccoon Started: Oct-14 10:36 AM12
- Sign White House Petition on Bernie Sanders bill to strenghten instead of gut Social Security yurbud Started: Oct-10 12:54 PM7
- I have to get busy to try to understand medicare, [View All] LuckyLib Started: Sep-24 05:24 PM27
- New National Campaign to Stop the Super Committee from Cutting Social Security & Medicare jtown1123 Started: Sep-23 01:05 PM4
- Funny how you can still remember phone numbers you or close relatives had decades ago. [View All] raccoon Started: Sep-21 08:42 AM23
- WooHoo! Charlie Chan! RETROVISION! trof Started: Sep-19 04:51 PM11
- If you're a senior and shop at K Mart - have you received a senior discount? eleny Started: Sep-19 03:47 PM10
- History test Gin Started: Sep-18 03:17 PM13
- Need Medicare coverage many days Zoigal Started: Sep-05 03:09 PM5
- In GD they are talking about cost of dental care, etc...... Little Star Started: Sep-03 07:36 PM3
- When did I lose the ability to remember titles of books and movies? raccoon Started: Aug-23 08:28 AM14
- Social Security, Medicare and Super Congress Q&A Very Informative jtown1123 Started: Aug-22 10:23 AM2
- Our 'medigap' premiums increase $50/MO. next year. trof Started: Aug-14 08:28 AM5
- Health ins. co. that supports Dem candidates? trof Started: Aug-13 05:06 PM2
- We pay 20% of our S/S retirement benefits for Medicare coverage. trof Started: Aug-12 05:22 PM7
- Has anyone ever ordered perscriptions from this Canadian co.? Suich Started: Aug-11 07:33 PM11
- Do congressmen and women have to take medicare at 65? Gin Started: Aug-10 10:29 AM8
- What do Harry Reid's Picks for the "Super Congress" Mean for Social Security and Medicare? jtown1123 Started: Aug-10 10:09 AM7
- Scott Rigell is holding a town hall tonight in Va Beach on health care Gin Started: Aug-09 02:40 PM3
- Anyone have or know about Long-Term care insurance? elleng Started: Aug-03 04:21 PM11
- credit cards jellen Started: Aug-01 04:55 PM17
- Please take the time today to send this Email to your Reps on the Debt Ceiling jtown1123 Started: Jul-26 10:21 AM5
- An SSI ?, but hoping someone here might know the answer about check deductions elocs Started: Jul-24 08:30 PM8
- Worst thing about the talk of SS or Medicate cuts? newthinking Started: Jul-24 11:32 AM10
- Don't know about the rest of you Seniors but I feel like am in deep [View All] Paper Roses Started: Jul-23 07:10 PM41
- Buy a new house if the mortgage interest deduction is taken away? Peregrine Too... Started: Jul-21 11:33 AM13
- New Social Security and Medicare TV Commercial jtown1123 Started: Jul-15 01:05 PM2
- Women Like Sex, Men Like Cuddling: Study Elmore Furth Started: Jul-09 09:59 PM4
- CSPAN to Talk Social Security & Medicare July 6, 7:45 a.m. EST jtown1123 Started: Jul-05 03:28 PM1
- I have arrived eleny Started: Jun-24 12:29 PM11
- A fun project from the Nat'l Comm. to Preserve SS & Medicare jtown1123 Started: Jun-24 11:34 AM0
- Maybe I'm a little paranoid iamtechus Started: Jun-17 02:52 AM2
- So higher costs for seniors and more money for private insurers...Wow Paul Ryan's plan is Genius! jtown1123 Started: May-24 09:38 AM5
- Hey old timers, sign up for this group on DU3 or it will be a goner. n/t Paper Roses Started: May-20 04:17 PM2
- jtown1123 Started: May-13 01:37 PM3
- Social Security's Paperless Transition sasha031 Started: May-04 09:37 PM9
- Phooey! I can tell I'm getting old. My patience with phone callers is at an all time low. Paper Roses Started: May-03 05:05 PM15
- Is this true? Ouch!! No attribution given. Paper Roses Started: May-03 04:56 PM15
- Can you opt out of retirement plans? HockeyMom Started: May-01 11:14 AM2
- Just finished watching documentary "Inside Job"... Zoigal Started: Apr-30 12:42 AM4
- repugs to Medicare for 55+ "Pull up the ladder, I've got mine." trof Started: Apr-29 05:51 PM9
- Canadian benefits and pensions [View All] murphyj87 Started: Apr-17 05:28 PM33
- Ok, another grandkids story. Or two. trof Started: Apr-14 06:48 PM4
- Filing late tax returns...daughter needs to file late...who does she contact to Zoigal Started: Apr-13 12:22 PM8
- Send an E-Card to the Gang of Six: "Hands Off our Social Security" jtown1123 Started: Mar-31 02:06 PM8
- When teen age boys wore Bermudas: trof Started: Mar-29 05:46 PM7
- Congress Call-In Day, Hands Off Social Security! jtown1123 Started: Mar-29 09:47 AM2
- Farley Granger has died... "Strangers On A Train" was one of his monmouth Started: Mar-29 08:29 AM2
- The other day, I had the thought that my father was born a century ago. raccoon Started: Mar-28 07:49 AM7
- Seniors Texting Code!!! elleng Started: Mar-27 11:42 AM9
- Call in TODAY (3:30 EST) For Teletown Hall w/ HHS Kathleen Sebelius on Medicare Changes jtown1123 Started: Mar-22 01:38 PM1
- Seniors rule!!! elleng Started: Mar-14 02:55 PM1
- Finished four days of jury duty Thursday.. Zoigal Started: Mar-13 12:34 AM2
- Florida hospital just pulled a "Rick Scott" on my mother ngant17 Started: Mar-09 09:47 PM6
- AARP Sues U.S. Over Effects of Reverse Mortgages. elleng Started: Mar-08 08:07 PM4
- Sometimes I go on Google Earth and look at my childhood home, and other areas in the town where I raccoon Started: Mar-08 11:06 AM4
- O.M.G., I'm rich! babylonsister Started: Mar-04 11:54 AM9
- I have been searching for a forum to post on. Tripod Started: Mar-02 03:14 AM6
- Medicare--is there a way to shimmergal Started: Feb-28 07:16 PM5
- Military retirement check going down as of March 1st Gin Started: Feb-26 03:56 PM7
- THIS WEEK'S SWEETEST VALENTINES JOKES DU Crewleader Started: Feb-14 10:32 PM4
- In a Graying Population, Business Opportunity groovedaddy Started: Feb-07 12:26 PM3
- Putting China First Puts America's Seniors Last jtown1123 Started: Feb-02 10:27 AM3
- Senior Citizen Gives Surpise Invocation... monmouth Started: Feb-01 12:28 PM1
- OK 1967 exman Started: Feb-01 12:04 PM3
- OK, all you Seniors. We've spent a few days posting about oldies Paper Roses Started: Feb-01 11:58 AM12
- Remember these dudes? raccoon Started: Feb-01 10:32 AM9
- I need cell phone help. I'm divorcing AT&T, I'm without service now [View All] monmouth Started: Jan-24 10:15 AM36
- Medicare question: Does one become eligible for Medicare the very same month that they turn 65? raccoon Started: Jan-24 09:35 AM10
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