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- My son's teacher made him do Bible research at a public school -WTF [View All] SW FL Dem Wed Sep-28-05 08:22 AM154
- Why Bush has no constitutional power for warrantless surveillance [View All] Filius Nulliu... Tue Mar-14-06 10:06 AM86
- Should a pharmacist be forced to dispense birth control pills, (Poll) [View All] Lone_Wolf_Mod... Sat Feb-26-05 05:54 AM80
- CHRISTIANS WANT TO OUTLAW HALLOWEEN TOO!!!! [View All] Karenca Tue Jun-15-10 08:21 AM64
- Is driving a privilege? [View All] olefty Mon Nov-07-11 09:06 AM58
- That guy in NH should have been arrested for [View All] John Q. Citiz... Sat Oct-31-09 06:58 PM52
- The 2nd amendment is the most controversial... [View All] dailydave21 Mon Mar-01-10 10:44 PM49
- What does the 2nd amendment really protect? [View All] dailydave21 Wed Dec-02-09 04:05 PM48
- Pharmacists that refuse to fill prescriptions on religious or moral grounds [View All] Amy6627 Tue May-17-05 06:34 AM42
- If you aren't SCARED, you aren't paying ATTENTION [View All] Journalgrrl Fri Apr-25-08 02:08 PM41
- Question to ask christians [View All] undergroundpa... Thu Jul-14-05 11:48 AM38
- Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies [View All] EllieGreen Thu Oct-18-07 10:31 PM38
- Man Sentenced To 20 Years for Child Porn Convictions [View All] beam me up sc... Sun May-07-06 12:28 PM38
- Caught Detectives Going Through My Car - WTF ! ! ! [View All] udbcrzy2 Sun Mar-14-10 12:50 AM38
- Is it true 'half of Americans don't believe in evolution'? [View All] pnutchuck Tue Nov-30-04 10:22 PM37
- D. James Kennedy thinks that "evolution" is finished. [View All] Maat Sat Feb-26-05 03:56 PM36
- Company requires RFID injection [View All] Newsjock Fri Feb-17-06 10:05 AM35
- Lumping Christians Together: An Analogy [View All] dweeb Tue Nov-16-04 04:05 PM33
- I gotta talk (rant) to someone who is religious [View All] erinlough Mon Oct-17-05 06:20 PM33
- Dump Real ID now (Baltimore Sun) [View All] struggle4prog... Sun Feb-04-07 07:40 PM33
- If God is God... is there anything that God can't do? [View All] LiberalFighte... Sun Jan-02-05 03:42 AM31
- Jesus-centered Christianity? [View All] LuckyTheDog Tue Jun-21-05 12:43 PM30
- Despite objections, DNA sampling expands [View All] flashl Mon Apr-21-08 04:14 PM29
- Shouting down a speaker violates the speaker's first amendment rights. [View All] alp227 Fri Oct-07-11 11:18 PM29
- Brilliant essay on the loss of civil liberties because of "Secular fundamentalists" [View All] papau Sat Jan-06-07 08:13 PM28
- entitled to religious beliefs [View All] lyrical di Mon Feb-21-05 02:11 AM27
- Air America in the toilet? [View All] Van23 Thu Jun-09-05 10:17 PM27
- Why should we have to live in fear of our government? [View All] SongOfTheRayn... Tue Mar-14-06 09:57 AM27
- A Christian prayer meeting was advertised, today, during AM announcements at my kid's public school. [View All] Unreconstruct... Mon Dec-17-07 03:38 PM27
- Could someone tell me the significance of Leviticus? [View All] coloradodem20... Mon Feb-28-05 01:28 AM26
- Just a question about separation of church and state... [View All] Karan Fri Jan-14-05 10:38 PM25
- Grandaughter was asked religious questions in a questionnaire at school. [View All] sunnystarr Sun Jan-23-05 05:16 PM25
- Anyone here ever been harassed by local police? [View All] doodadem Tue May-30-06 08:11 PM25
- Wiccan Puts Faith in the Court System [View All] dwickham Sun Feb-06-05 01:44 AM24
- The Constitution and the Cross [View All] groovedaddy Sat Feb-19-11 10:39 PM24
- Scalia suggests church/state separation equals Nazi Germany [View All] really annoye... Mon Jan-17-05 10:34 PM23
- Museum of Creation opens in Kentucky [View All] Fire Sun Feb-13-05 10:25 PM23
- Is this legal? [View All] caraher Fri Mar-11-05 12:06 PM23
- Calling ALL Christian DUers! We must stand up and denounce the [View All] Amy6627 Mon Apr-11-05 11:25 PM23
- Jesus, what did he look like? [View All] FM Arouet666 Thu Dec-01-05 12:44 PM23
- Officials Call 'Speak English' Sign Discriminatory [View All] dwickham Fri Oct-14-05 09:29 PM23
- STUDENT RIGHTS VIOLATION: HELP! [View All] Oublei Thu Nov-24-05 04:01 AM23
- Theologians to ask Pope to suspend limbo? [View All] emad Fri Oct-07-11 03:36 AM23
- Woman says TSA forced piercings removal [View All] flashl Sat May-16-09 09:31 AM23
- Junior High Students Protest Short Skirt Policy [View All] struggle4prog... Sat Feb-10-07 12:25 AM22
- If you know any fundies, ask them if they believe the earth is flat, [View All] Getchasome Tue Nov-30-04 11:00 PM21
- Mandate to put creationism back in public schools! Aaaargh! [View All] pnutchuck Fri Jan-28-05 10:01 PM21
- Take the online Separation of Church and State Quiz [View All] IanDB1 Sun Apr-17-05 03:27 PM21
- Anybody else get a weird feeling - an Ex-Nazi gets elected pope, and [View All] zbdent Wed Apr-20-05 01:22 AM21
- Rant [View All] undergroundpa... Wed Jul-13-05 07:31 PM20
- NC Judge Forbids use of Koran to swear in witnesses. [View All] JonathanChanc... Mon Sep-26-05 10:24 AM20
- Unholy Orders: The Army Maneuvers Its Way Around Religious Liberty [View All] IanDB1 Tue Feb-27-07 08:43 AM20
- The Police are Examining My Laptop [View All] tesla78 Wed Mar-05-08 12:19 AM20
- Something that bugs me about religious films... everythingsxe... Sat Mar-26-05 06:51 PM19
- Wicca Emerging as America's third larget religion by 2012 joefree1 Mon Apr-25-05 07:54 PM19
- A question about the Pledge ruling Lone_Wolf_Mod... Sun Sep-18-05 10:44 AM19
- Dinosaurs to roam with Adam & Eve in Creation Museum, Kentucky emad Thu Nov-10-05 05:50 PM19
- ACLU files suit backing Christian protester struggle4prog... Wed Nov-01-06 11:21 PM19
- Oh, man! They are tracking the homeless with ID cards antigop Tue Feb-13-07 01:37 PM19
- Proud_Democra... Sat Nov-10-07 09:00 PM19
- The only logical reason for Polygamy is to repopulate an Bobbieo Fri Apr-17-09 03:49 PM19
- What is the recent uproar over The da Vinci Code all about? T Roosevelt Fri Dec-24-04 03:41 PM18
- Biblical Monsters! Freedom_from_... Sun Feb-27-05 07:01 AM18
- Unitarian-Universalist- I may join the local UU church. Questions: CottonBear Wed Mar-09-05 04:52 PM18
- Why do people fall for 'End of Days' thing over and over again? indianablue Tue Apr-19-05 10:35 AM18
- What was the worst thing Clinton did, based on Christian Morality? NAO Fri May-06-05 01:34 AM18
- On the Brink of 'Theocracy' Freedom_from_... Sun May-08-05 11:27 AM18
- ******Internet under attack in Congress****** MsConduct Sun Oct-09-05 02:59 AM18
- Need your opinions on this occurrence at my school. pagandem4just... Sun Feb-11-07 01:07 PM18
- If the fetus is female, is it okay to save the woman's life? valerief Fri Apr-27-07 12:56 PM18
- Phones Will Soon Tell Where You Are TechBear_Seat... Tue May-20-08 06:33 PM18
- Potentially embarrassing "graphic" full-body scans to begin in the fall at O'Hare struggle4prog... Mon Jul-21-08 10:27 AM18
- Xian evangelist principal at my daughter's middle school markus Thu Dec-16-04 11:48 AM17
- Repubs are right, people of faith are being attacked in our country....... Wetzelbill Tue Jun-21-05 07:50 PM17
- Hey, if Bush supports the people's right to carry concealed weapons ... zbdent Fri Aug-10-07 05:46 PM17
- Is Second Ammendment Obsolete? RLS21 Sat Apr-19-08 02:58 PM17
- Question about the 5th amendment emperor124 Thu Jul-31-08 08:27 PM17
- Why is it that nobody ever makes a huge fuss about the fact that white men zbdent Sat Jun-06-09 09:04 AM17
- Are truth drugs considered torture or callchet Mon Mar-23-09 10:04 AM17
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