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- shockedcanadi... Started: Nov-29 01:19 PM3
- Legal Battle Ignites Over Jesus Statue in Montana alp227 Started: Nov-24 05:47 PM7
- Decaying into a police state Owlet Started: Nov-22 07:49 AM6
- stop internet censorship link. Senator Wyden promises to filibuster and robinlynne Started: Nov-21 10:47 PM5
- Should the NYT, a corporation, enjoy 1st amendment rights? eallen Started: Nov-19 10:31 AM12
- What Oakland Taught Me PurgedVoter Started: Nov-01 09:50 AM4
- In San Francisco: "Under Suspicion" an event worth attending! judy Started: Oct-23 09:12 PM1
- Drug testing welfare recipients is a net loss for Florida alp227 Started: Oct-11 01:52 PM7
- Court seems divided over Miranda rights case struggle4prog... Started: Oct-04 03:36 PM1
- Would this be considered spying on students? Remmah2 Started: Oct-04 07:51 AM0
- Tommy Douglas secrecy order appealed by Ottawa shockedcanadi... Started: Sep-30 08:10 AM4
- Does anyone here know anything about Operation Cross Check other than what the M$M has to offer? amyrose2712 Started: Sep-28 07:33 PM0
- Shouting down a speaker violates the speaker's first amendment rights. [View All] alp227 Started: Sep-27 01:03 AM29
- groovedaddy Started: Sep-22 11:38 AM2
- Self-deleted by member shockedcanadi... Started: Sep-14 02:01 PM1
- Protect Our Right to Anonymity groovedaddy Started: Sep-13 11:41 AM0
- North Carolina Sued For Issuing Pro-Life License Plates While Refusing To Issue Pro-Choice Plates alp227 Started: Sep-13 12:12 AM1
- Documents Reveal New Details About DHS Development of Mobile Body Scanners BadgerKid Started: Sep-01 05:48 PM1
- Police blocking probe into dog attack, SIU says shockedcanadi... Started: Sep-01 07:55 AM1
- A Victory for Recording in Public! friendly_icon... Started: Aug-30 01:14 PM11
- michaelvail Started: Aug-28 03:04 PM5
- How accessible are secret files in the U.S? shockedcanadi... Started: Aug-27 02:29 AM4
- Terrorists for the FBI, Is the FBI Creating Homegrown Terrorists? Lunabelle Started: Aug-21 05:08 PM1
- Open letter to Crown Attorney for CSIS and the RCMP... shockedcanadi... Started: Aug-17 10:36 AM2
- Update: My CSIS/RCMP lawsuit, 30 days elapsed without response... shockedcanadi... Started: Aug-17 10:27 AM1
- Hack Attack Hits Wrong Target in BART Censorship Protest drakonyx Started: Aug-16 12:13 AM4
- Court: Clogging email and voicemail systems can be legal Renew Deal Started: Aug-15 11:33 AM3
- Canada's poor ranking in access to courts should be wake up call, Chief Justice says shockedcanadi... Started: Aug-13 11:51 PM0
- Free Speech Victory For Teen Girls Modern School Started: Aug-12 10:49 PM4
- Court tells Ottawa to rethink decision to keep Tommy Douglas file a secret shockedcanadi... Started: Aug-11 01:23 PM0
- michaelvail Started: Aug-11 01:44 AM5
- Update: My CSIS/RCMP lawsuit, defendants not denying allegations... shockedcanadi... Started: Aug-06 09:34 AM6
- Why did Canada Border Services strip search grandma? shockedcanadi... Started: Jul-31 03:14 PM4
- NY Times: Behind an Anti-Shariah Push alp227 Started: Jul-31 02:41 AM6
- For First Time, Majority in U.S. Supports Public Smoking Ban alp227 Started: Jul-16 03:55 PM12
- Spy agency fights release of Tommy Douglas file...homage to Hemingway shockedcanadi... Started: Jul-16 12:16 AM0
- I launched lawsuit against CSIS and the RCMP... shockedcanadi... Started: Jul-13 09:55 AM7
- I have a Dream, set to music PurgedVoter Started: Jul-12 02:45 PM1
- Ernest Hemingway was Right: The FBI was Tapping His Phone steven johnso... Started: Jul-01 11:13 PM5
- Are there any Democrats here? Tripod Started: Jun-12 10:33 PM9
- Online Campaign Against Mattel Silenced by Questionable Trademark Claims kgrandia Started: Jun-10 12:21 PM3
- Here's a candidate for you, courtesy of your scientific community. (This is serious. We're not kid kenm Started: May-30 09:18 PM2
- Standing Up to Unwarranted Police Power groovedaddy Started: May-25 11:24 AM7
- A.C.O.P harvey007 Started: May-23 07:27 PM0
- Modern School Started: May-18 06:27 PM3
- Disturbing court ruling in Indiana: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home LAGC Started: May-14 12:33 AM10
- American Uprising? Probably not. irishlover Started: May-13 07:13 PM7
- Ramsey (NJ) district to impose free speech limits no_hypocrisy Started: May-04 07:38 PM2
- Star Trek & Citizens United canuckledragg... Started: May-03 05:41 PM10
- The right not to identify yourself. Sadena Meti Started: Apr-30 06:29 AM4
- New Mexico high school proposes blanket ban on school clubs in response to gay/straight alliance alp227 Started: Apr-26 01:49 PM3
- pOKER pLAYERS sPEAK OUT! concreteblue Started: Apr-25 04:06 PM0
- Teachers, Check Your Freedoms at the Door Modern School Started: Apr-02 08:28 PM5
- Muslim defendant can sue over hijab removal alp227 Started: Mar-16 03:58 PM9
- Charges Against Muslim Students Prompt Debate Over Free Speech groovedaddy Started: Feb-10 12:16 PM4
- Personal Privacy and the Right to Know groovedaddy Started: Feb-07 01:00 PM0
- Big Brother is watching you boat! BobbyBoring Started: Feb-04 04:46 PM5
- ACLU advocates for a "Do not track" list meanwhile they are using tracking sites on their own site. Shagbark Hick... Started: Feb-01 08:44 PM6
- Alaska State Troopers Shagbark Hick... Started: Feb-01 01:05 PM7
- EFF Uncovers Widespread FBI Intelligence Violations friendly_icon... Started: Jan-31 08:12 PM3
- Civil Liberties threatened in KY via SB6 jahlove17 Started: Jan-31 09:33 AM0
- U.S. Still the Most Barbaric Industrialized Nation in World Modern School Started: Jan-28 11:17 PM5
- Humanoid Rights BridgeTheGap Started: Jan-21 10:12 AM2
- Appeals court upholds 110-year sentence for teen gang member convicted of attempted murder alp227 Started: Jan-18 08:03 PM3
- Guy who ran against Coakley wants to videotape people as they register to vote Ian David Started: Jan-18 08:15 AM7
- If you aren't already aware of it, "Church & State" has an online monthly edition. Adsos Letter Started: Jan-12 12:05 AM0
- 1986 Privacy Law Is Outrun by the Web alp227 Started: Jan-10 02:36 AM2
- We're Headed for a Major Battle with the Tea Party Crowd over the Constitution Itself StandingInLef... Started: Jan-03 02:29 PM10
- Speech, Cranky and Free groovedaddy Started: Dec-30 12:17 PM0
- Stop School Paddling Grows Up stopschoolpad... Started: Dec-29 03:57 AM0
- A Former Illegal Immigrant Just Made My Christmas! Bobbieo Started: Dec-24 08:11 PM4
- Appeals Court Holds that Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment BridgeTheGap Started: Dec-15 12:25 PM3
- Maybe anger toward Wikileaks will soften as more of its disturbing revelations come to light. Towlie Started: Dec-10 04:15 PM3
- Houses now raided throughout Athens (Greece) ilaughatright... Started: Dec-04 06:57 PM3
- Armed and Dangerous (speech for upcoming rally) stopschoolpad... Started: Dec-02 08:56 AM0
- In U.S. Sting Operations, Questions of Entrapment groovedaddy Started: Nov-30 12:42 PM7
- We would rather be broke and homeless than put up with legal school child abuse. stopschoolpad... Started: Nov-30 11:31 AM1
- Stop School Paddling Now! A mother leaves her home and two of her children behind to fight for safe stopschoolpad... Started: Nov-30 01:57 AM8
- Four Loko (alcoholic energy drink) to be banned nation-wide ilaughatright... Started: Nov-28 01:44 AM11
- ilaughatright... Started: Nov-25 03:08 AM8
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