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- Does anybody know a story about Martha Mitchell's kidnapping. .... callchet... Sun Feb-01-09 11:13 PM10
- BIG Brother wants to sniff-out your FEAR before you board an airliner. Seriously ... 99th_Monkey Sun Dec-13-09 06:14 AM17
- Americans United calls on President Obama to make this list a priority. Adsos Letter Tue Feb-10-09 06:50 PM7
- Action Alerts from AU Adsos Letter Tue Jan-27-09 12:18 AM0
- Supreme Court Should Reject Religious Discrimination At Public Universities, Says Americans United Adsos Letter Tue Dec-08-09 02:44 AM4
- Americans United Praises Senate Vote Against Nelson-Hatch Amendment Adsos Letter Tue Dec-08-09 07:26 PM0
- First Amendment Does Not Protect Criminal Activities By Staff At Religious Organizations Adsos Letter Mon Dec-14-09 02:59 PM1
- If you aren't already aware of it, "Church & State" has an online monthly edition. Adsos Letter Wed Jan-12-11 12:05 AM0
- Is there a difference between fundies and evangelists? ailsagirl Sun May-01-05 03:50 AM7
- A Conservative Christian Republican Speaks out Al-CIAda Sat Feb-05-05 11:45 AM12
- China Strengthens Regulations of Internet News Algorem Sun Oct-02-05 03:32 PM2
- 'Bill of rights' on hold as colleges reach free-speech agreement Algorem Thu Sep-15-05 11:11 PM2
- Woman claims detainees must stand naked in Tiffin jail Algorem Fri Nov-03-06 09:11 AM5
- Civil rights groups ask to end warrantless surveillance program Algorem Sat Nov-18-06 02:58 PM1
- Victims of torture, abuse win compensation Algorem Sat Nov-18-06 03:22 PM0
- Defense Dept. Settles Suit on Student-Recruiting Database Algorem Tue Jan-16-07 08:49 AM0
- NAACP opposes red-light cameras Algorem Mon Jan-07-08 05:27 PM4
- New machines at county job centers use fingerprints Algorem Fri Mar-28-08 08:39 AM0
- President Obama delays deadline for states to comply with "Real ID" alp227 Thu Dec-24-09 10:21 PM2
- In 1975, the US Supreme Court approved racial profiling in pullovers (think Arizona SB1070) alp227 Thu May-20-10 01:05 AM1
- Copying French ban on burqa would be un-British, says minister alp227 Fri Aug-06-10 10:02 AM7
- Disney restaurant hostess sues for permission to wear hijab alp227 Thu Aug-19-10 09:45 PM9
- US District Court: Police erred in barging into San Carlos house alp227 Fri Sep-17-10 10:43 PM0
- Family Fight, Border Patrol Raid, Baby Deported alp227 Mon Sep-20-10 08:14 PM1
- 1986 Privacy Law Is Outrun by the Web alp227 Tue May-17-11 02:43 PM2
- Appeals court upholds 110-year sentence for teen gang member convicted of attempted murder alp227 Sat Jan-22-11 03:26 AM3
- Muslim defendant can sue over hijab removal alp227 Tue Mar-29-11 11:19 PM9
- New Mexico high school proposes blanket ban on school clubs in response to gay/straight alliance alp227 Sat May-28-11 03:25 AM3
- For First Time, Majority in U.S. Supports Public Smoking Ban alp227 Wed Aug-24-11 05:30 AM12
- NY Times: Behind an Anti-Shariah Push alp227 Mon Oct-31-11 05:21 AM6
- North Carolina Sued For Issuing Pro-Life License Plates While Refusing To Issue Pro-Choice Plates alp227 Mon Nov-21-11 01:39 PM1
- Shouting down a speaker violates the speaker's first amendment rights. [View All] alp227 Fri Oct-07-11 11:18 PM29
- Drug testing welfare recipients is a net loss for Florida alp227 Mon Oct-31-11 05:31 AM7
- Legal Battle Ignites Over Jesus Statue in Montana alp227 Fri Nov-25-11 04:34 PM7
- Migrant arrests sever parents from kids AlphaCentauri Mon Jul-07-08 12:56 PM2
- Do these private investigators have the right to enter a home? AlphaCentauri Wed Jan-20-10 01:02 AM8
- Steroid Jesus picks up another win. Alpharetta Mon Apr-18-05 09:14 AM1
- Mainline Christian Churches Speak Out On Iraq Alpharetta Fri Jul-01-05 07:54 AM4
- Want a key "" contradiction? Alpharetta Mon Aug-29-05 06:18 PM2
- Calling ALL Christian DUers! We must stand up and denounce the [View All] Amy6627 Mon Apr-11-05 11:25 PM23
- Pharmacists that refuse to fill prescriptions on religious or moral grounds [View All] Amy6627 Tue May-17-05 06:34 AM42
- Check out this TV Ad the People for the American Way are Amy6627 Mon Apr-25-05 06:13 PM2
- I don't think the repukes have read the Federalist Papers. Amy6627 Mon May-02-05 04:10 PM0
- Check out this Website! Christian Alliance of Progressives Amy6627 Sun Jul-10-05 08:55 PM10
- UCLA Alumni Begin Witch Hunt Amy6627 Fri Apr-14-06 10:37 PM15
- Want to know if the government is spying on you? Amy6627 Sat Mar-04-06 11:47 AM9
- Does anyone here know anything about Operation Cross Check other than what the M$M has to offer? amyrose2712 Wed Sep-28-11 07:33 PM0
- We are defaming their God by putting his name on our money. AndyTiedye Sat May-22-10 03:30 PM14
- There is a BIG Dept of Homeland Security meeting in NYC today. annabanana Thu Aug-21-08 04:07 PM5
- House Bill Would Discourage Church-and-State Suits AnnieBW Sat Jun-24-06 09:52 AM1
- National Conference for Media Reform AnnInLa Mon Mar-14-05 02:27 PM1
- The Bill of Rights, not the Ten Commandments, should be on our buildings. anotheryellow... Wed Aug-03-05 11:37 PM12
- anotheryellow... Tue Oct-25-05 01:31 AM3
- Oh, man! They are tracking the homeless with ID cards antigop Tue Feb-13-07 01:37 PM19
- Uh oh! Left Behinders fighting over true End Times theory. ArthurRuger Sat Jun-05-10 07:24 PM11
- A piece of Americana that has gone down the drain.... AsahinaKimi Fri Feb-06-09 07:00 PM3
- Brent Bozell Strikes Again atoering Thu Jul-14-05 03:03 PM4
- Christian agenda worries other faiths atommom Sun May-29-05 05:27 AM8
- America-The Final Nail in the Coffin AZgirl7 Thu Feb-28-08 10:18 PM8
- Graffiti, property rights, and free speech Bad Words Tue Dec-04-07 02:17 PM13
- 4th Amendment Protects [cell phone] Location Information BadgerKid Sat Sep-13-08 10:09 AM1
- Documents Reveal New Details About DHS Development of Mobile Body Scanners BadgerKid Mon Sep-05-11 09:56 PM1
- First amendment and pro-choice beagle72 Mon May-17-10 08:42 AM1
- Man Sentenced To 20 Years for Child Porn Convictions [View All] beam me up sc... Sun May-07-06 12:28 PM38
- American's fleeing to the UK bennywhale Thu May-04-06 10:50 AM4
- 90% of Gitmo Prisoners Innocent: Says Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell Better Believ... Thu Dec-31-09 05:02 PM4
- Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan During Meeting with Human Rights Activists Better Believ... Thu May-21-09 08:33 AM0
- Better Believ... Sat May-23-09 10:09 AM0
- Obama's supports the new Graham-Lieberman secrecy law Better Believ... Mon Jun-01-09 11:52 AM0
- Obama blocks list of visitors to White House: Taking Bush's position, request for logs denied Better Believ... Sat Oct-10-09 03:11 AM2
- The Establishment view of Obama's civil liberties record by Glenn Greenwald Better Believ... Mon Jun-29-09 12:03 PM0
- Feds Charge Animal Rights Activists With Terrorism Under Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act !!?? Better Believ... Mon Jul-13-09 09:37 PM0
- What ID do you have to show in order to fly? Bill McBlueSt... Sun Sep-07-08 05:51 PM6
- CWRU Law School NSA Wiretapping Moot Court BillORightsMa... Sun Feb-12-06 06:04 PM3
- Anyone heard of this guy? bliss_eternal Sun Feb-06-05 04:56 PM11
- call your Senator to restore Habeas Corpus-to vote yes on S.A. 2022 blondie58 Mon Jul-16-07 07:53 AM2
- Text of CBS letter to the UCC (re: marriage amendment) BlueEyedSon Sun Dec-05-04 09:20 PM9
- Open hearing on constitutionality of air-travel ID requirement this Wed in BlueEyedSon Sun Dec-04-05 03:05 PM9
- Identity theft to be featured in new TV series BlueMTexpat Mon Jul-05-10 09:05 AM2
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