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- nothing... NYC_SKP Started: Dec-13 09:14 PM1
- Environmental racism in Tucson in a comic strip limpyhobbler Started: Dec-07 06:01 PM2
- NYPD Cops Show Their Racism on Facebook limpyhobbler Started: Dec-07 02:27 AM3
- ProPublica review of pardons in past decade shows process heavily favored whites BridgeTheGap Started: Dec-06 10:12 AM0
- Some Asians' college strategy: Don't check 'Asian' alp227 Started: Dec-03 05:47 PM2
- George Will claims affirmative action hurts is he wrong? alp227 Started: Nov-30 10:18 PM8
- As Public Sector Sheds Jobs, Blacks Are Hit Hardest groovedaddy Started: Nov-29 01:06 PM0
- Politically correct=projection by passive-aggressive racists. Just look at comments! alp227 Started: Oct-28 08:44 PM1
- Moving Beyond Civil Rights groovedaddy Started: Oct-28 11:03 AM0
- the black-on-white crime obsession on news comment sections alp227 Started: Oct-01 02:10 PM2
- Does anyone here know anything about Operation Cross Check other than what the M$M has to offer? amyrose2712 Started: Sep-28 07:32 PM0
- Chip Johnson: UC Berkeley GOP student bake sale is mean-spirited alp227 Started: Sep-27 12:30 PM2
- Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race 7wo7rees Started: Sep-07 12:01 PM3
- Men and Women - then and now. Nick Hermann Started: Aug-27 03:05 PM7
- Is it wrong to note 100m winners are always black? dipsydoodle Started: Aug-27 05:54 AM5
- Came across an interesting, for once positive, sociological disparity between minorities/majority dmallind Started: Aug-24 04:17 PM0
- A Dream Fulfilled, Martin Luther King Memorial Opens groovedaddy Started: Aug-23 10:55 AM1
- Racism Hits New High in France: Report onpatrol98 Started: Aug-09 01:52 PM3
- onpatrol98 Started: Aug-09 09:53 AM0
- Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacks exboyfil Started: Aug-09 01:07 AM4
- Undercover Racism. Rozlee Started: Aug-04 04:26 PM5
- Dad Gets 7-Plus Years in Murder-for-Hire Scheme drakonyx Started: Aug-02 12:47 AM1
- Black conservative commentator: Black Family Life "Was More Healthy" Under Slavery alp227 Started: Jul-27 12:37 PM8
- rumpel Started: Jul-24 03:21 PM0
- Washington, DC black population below 50% first time since 1960 alp227 Started: Jul-17 09:22 PM1
- Ultra-Orthodox bar women from major Jerusalem economic conference Poll_Blind Started: Jul-13 11:12 AM9
- Death Penalty, Still Racist and Arbitrary groovedaddy Started: Jul-11 11:03 AM0
- Deleted applegrove Started: Jul-04 09:51 PM0
- NY Times on the forgotten 1921 Tulsa riot alp227 Started: Jun-20 12:48 AM4
- (UK) School's refusal to let boy wear cornrow braids is ruled racial discrimination alp227 Started: Jun-17 01:20 PM2
- Around Tornado Deaths, a Nagging Tale of Shelter Denied groovedaddy Started: Jun-16 11:23 AM6
- Sarah Palin e-mails: Staffer saw space for governor on racism alp227 Started: Jun-11 08:11 PM8
- Buried in Anonymity, and Ignominy, Too groovedaddy Started: Jun-10 11:17 AM0
- I was working at a restaurant years ago. A woman came in and made like we were applegrove Started: May-02 11:12 PM6
- X-post... Please give this some boosts, and write to your senators! bobbolink Started: Apr-14 09:07 PM0
- Why has Huckleberry Finn been RECENTLY removed from some libraries and schools? Boojatta Started: Mar-29 01:17 PM6
- Civil rights leader John L. Cashin Jr. dies at 82 alp227 Started: Mar-28 12:46 AM3
- Many U.S. Blacks Moving to South, Reversing Trend groovedaddy Started: Mar-25 10:51 AM0
- Race Issues Rise for Miami Police groovedaddy Started: Mar-23 11:11 AM0
- Calling All Racists Rozlee Started: Mar-15 09:52 AM5
- Charter Schools: The New Jim Crow Modern School Started: Mar-06 07:51 PM2
- Good speech ElbertHubbard Started: Feb-20 11:38 PM1
- Rape: It's not just by Muslims. Rozlee Started: Feb-20 01:29 PM11
- Ponerologized, Arizona begins creating coalition to eliminate citizenship by natural birth tcaudilllg Started: Feb-07 06:08 PM1
- Pepsi Super Bowl ad accused of fostering black stereotypes alp227 Started: Feb-06 11:42 PM7
- I just watched an episode of "I shouldn't be alive" that pissed me off. savalez Started: Feb-03 03:43 AM9
- Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Choose All of the Above groovedaddy Started: Jan-31 11:58 AM0
- Racist Legislation in KY jahlove17 Started: Jan-31 09:36 AM0
- Today I learned about MLK Atypical Libe... Started: Jan-17 02:18 PM4
- E.E.O.C. Sues Kaplan Over Hiring alp227 Started: Dec-22 12:05 PM0
- Disappointing White Privilege Thread [View All] jtown1123 Started: Dec-14 04:17 PM20
- My own "prejudice" alanquatermas... Started: Nov-16 09:14 PM13
- Race bias in cancer 'costing lives' dipsydoodle Started: Nov-12 05:14 AM2
- Why Celebrate Columbus Day? Bobbieo Started: Oct-08 10:52 PM9
- Racism Against Non-Whites Boojatta Started: Oct-02 08:17 PM2
- What is Marriage? Jealousy? and Sex? Your thoughts? crumb77 Started: Sep-02 06:44 AM10
- Imagined MLK speech where the great man describes one who just...isn't. urgk Started: Aug-30 07:45 AM0
- painfully upsetting re: Troy Davis. if you have a blog, and wish to, nofurylike Started: Aug-26 11:07 PM3
- Islam controversy: I've already lived through this, keith the dem Started: Aug-25 01:21 PM1
- Even the Fruitloops raise a good point from time to time... NYC Mosque... Glassunion Started: Aug-25 12:39 PM1
- groovedaddy Started: Aug-24 11:39 AM5
- At Ground Zero anti-Islam rally, man harassed for looking vaguely Muslim. bugfragged Started: Aug-23 11:43 AM5
- Identity: Diaspora, Host Society, Guest --> Marginally Versus Definitely American Boojatta Started: Aug-15 10:35 AM0
- Down memory lane in the UK dipsydoodle Started: Aug-04 08:58 AM3
- Former USDA Employee Shirley Sherrod will sue Breitbart syberlion Started: Jul-31 11:30 PM5
- Relief Urgently Needed for Innocent Man on Ohio's Death Row nofurylike Started: Jul-23 12:34 AM11
- Call for Justice Sets Off a Debate groovedaddy Started: Jul-19 10:49 AM1
- NAACP president and CEO Ben Jealous Writes a Plea to End Racism... freespeechtv Started: Jul-16 04:14 PM0
- "He's an S.O.B., but he's our S.O.B." Boojatta Started: Jul-13 07:18 PM10
- AZ law sparking copy cats in other municipalities Zoroastor Started: Jul-06 06:37 PM1
- Black Landowners Fight to Reclaim Georgia Home groovedaddy Started: Jul-01 11:54 AM1
- his there a racist hollywood conspiracy involving white women and ethnic minority men dicenator Started: Jun-22 09:38 AM2
- the cause of ethnic violence in africa dicenator Started: Jun-22 09:19 AM2
- was malcom x a black civil rights activist or a wannabe terrorist dicenator Started: Jun-22 08:55 AM3
- What is the problem with ebonics dicenator Started: Jun-22 08:45 AM3
- what if the tea party was black dicenator Started: Jun-22 08:42 AM4
- A Victory for Rand Paul is a Victory for White Supremacists... Zoroastor Started: May-21 08:12 AM4
- INEQUALITY REAGAN + BUSH clarence swin... Started: May-12 10:58 AM1
- BridgeTheGap Started: May-12 08:41 AM3
- Is gay the new black and racism in the gay community benedictinato... Started: May-11 09:23 AM2
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