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- Abortion Ban Foes Petition for a Choice sarahlee Wed Sep-08-10 08:41 PM2
- Abortion parental-notice law repealed (AP/CNN) [View All] eppur_se_muov... Tue Aug-18-09 09:54 PM21
- College students to pay more for birth control pills (AP/CNN) {Medicare changes} eppur_se_muov... Sun Mar-25-07 05:42 PM3
- Contraception, abortion foe to head family-planning office Ayesha Fri Nov-17-06 04:10 PM2
- Deadly toll of botched abortions (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sat Nov-25-06 07:01 PM3
- Kroger responds to denied 'morning after' pill request (AP/CNN) eppur_se_muov... Sat Mar-10-07 09:36 PM1
- Manila women fight contraception ban (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Tue Feb-19-08 08:21 AM1
- Mexico City to vote on abortion (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Tue Apr-24-07 09:18 AM0
- Oglala Sioux Tribe President stands up against SD abortion bill [View All] sarahlee Sat Jul-22-06 02:10 PM32
- Portugal's path to legal abortions (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Tue Feb-13-07 06:12 PM3
- UPDATE: Abortion legalised in Mexico City (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Wed Apr-25-07 07:07 AM4
- Wifeless future for China's men (BBC) [View All] eppur_se_muov... Thu Jun-12-08 11:49 PM26
- "Cruel Heartbreak" (Seattle Times/P-I) tofunut Fri Aug-26-05 02:14 PM4
- "Does a woman's health have value?" [View All] LiviaOlivia Tue Aug-09-05 12:09 AM27
- "God, Women, Faith and Choice" Interfaith pro-choice event Thursday Feb. 8th Pushed To The... Mon Feb-05-07 03:39 PM2
- "I've never been pregnant, at least not for very long"..... pnutchuck Tue Mar-15-05 06:23 PM17
- "It Will Take All Our Energy To Stand Still" bloom Thu Mar-02-06 09:38 PM1
- "Late abortion: the new clash in the Choice Wars" uppityperson Mon Mar-21-11 02:55 PM7
- "Leona's Sister Gerri", a new documentary that we should all buy/rent... calipendence Sun May-06-07 10:23 AM4
- "personhood amendment" backers submit signatures niyad Wed May-14-08 04:16 PM1
- "Private Practice" on ABC question ever... Thu Dec-04-08 11:39 AM3
- "Pro choice *is* pro life". [View All] mwooldri Fri Oct-27-06 12:28 AM99
- "Pro-Choice" means it's not YOUR choice, unless it is [View All] omega minimo Sat Aug-12-06 02:51 PM24
- "Pro-life", "Pro-child". That's a lie. [View All] Jackie97 Wed Dec-16-09 10:25 PM20
- "ProLifers" Should Love This Law iamjoy Sun Aug-05-07 06:17 PM13
- "Right to Life Crusade" phone survey lukasahero Sat Nov-19-05 09:38 AM4
- "the day after Roe we won't be worrying about just one Supreme Court" BurgherHoldth... Thu Mar-30-06 06:31 PM3
- "The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion" [View All] Blue_Tires Sat Jan-29-05 01:08 PM20
- "United States Needs a Lesson in Sex Ed" Randers Thu Jan-27-05 07:31 AM10
- "Where do we go from here?" politicat Tue Jan-31-06 01:36 PM1
- 'Morning-after' pill doesn't increase unsafe sex dArKeR Fri Jul-08-05 12:50 PM2
- 'No foetal pain before 24 weeks' (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Thu Dec-02-10 11:54 PM16
- 'Pro-choice' backers press for license plate (in FL) Doondoo Mon Feb-12-07 02:55 PM0
- 'prolife 'baby bombers AnnaLouise Tue Sep-09-08 08:00 AM0
- 'Sperm stopping' male pill hope (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sat Nov-11-06 12:56 AM11
- (Conn.) Catholic archbishop says effort afoot to find Plan B solution Eugene Sun Apr-08-07 01:08 AM1
- (Kansas) Complaint Targets Abortion Case Judge Eugene Thu Mar-22-07 04:45 PM1
- (Kansas) Panel dismisses ethics complaint against judge in Tiller case Eugene Mon Apr-23-07 02:10 PM1
- (LA) House Panel Votes to Outlaw LA Insurers from Covering Elective Abortion MountainLaure... Wed Apr-14-10 03:48 PM3
- (NH Gov.) Lynch would sign repeal of parental notification law Eugene Fri Feb-09-07 12:12 AM1
- * addresses MARCH FOR LIFE RALLY paineinthears... Thu Apr-28-05 05:26 PM7
- 1,200 picket Planned Parenthood site Omaha Steve Wed Sep-05-07 03:13 PM5
- 10-year-old's pregnancy fuels Mexican abortion debate Liberal_in_LA Wed Nov-03-10 02:17 PM17
- 10th Amendment & Abortions The Northerne... Fri Apr-16-10 09:33 PM5
- 32nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade--Rally & March SF/Jan 22nd! bliss_eternal Sat Jan-15-05 03:56 AM3
- 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days MountainLaure... Thu Dec-04-08 08:17 PM1
- 5 States with the Worst Abortion Laws millych3 Fri Jul-29-11 05:36 AM3
- 5,000 Abortion protesters rally Omaha Steve Sat Jan-30-10 03:45 PM4
- A catholic priest objects to a postcards campaign opposing FOCA question ever... Wed Dec-24-08 12:13 AM0
- A Day in the Life of an Abortion Clinic Escort MountainLaure... Tue Sep-29-09 01:29 AM5
- a don't-miss thread in GD iverglas Tue Jul-18-06 02:13 AM4
- A Hard Choice MountainLaure... Tue Nov-25-08 01:24 PM4
- A Hypothetical Choice (Poll) [View All] deignan Tue Mar-01-05 09:53 PM166
- a tale from long ago iverglas Fri Jul-22-05 04:40 PM3
- A tough situation [View All] Feathered Fis... Sun Jan-16-05 06:36 PM35
- A Verdict to Terminate KingM34 Fri Jun-09-06 05:17 AM4
- A Woman's Right Is in Peril atommom Thu Apr-14-05 04:12 AM7
- A wonderful opportunity for freeway bloggers Nobody Tue Oct-30-07 09:23 AM10
- Aaarrrgh. Listen up, Freeper Morans cali Tue Feb-13-07 06:17 PM5
- Abortion 'does not raise' mental health risk (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sat Dec-24-11 03:19 AM5
- Abortion and the Law, 1965 CBS documentary pop goes the ... Mon Sep-10-07 05:50 PM2
- Abortion ban repeal drive gets 37,846 signatures wicasa Tue May-30-06 03:58 PM4
- Abortion Bill: Workers Could Refuse To Participate In Procedures Omaha Steve Mon Jan-17-11 05:16 PM3
- Abortion doesn't raise depression risk: study friesianrider Sun Oct-30-05 05:07 PM7
- Abortion foes shift restriction push to counties (Indiana) LiberalFighte... Fri Aug-15-08 07:19 PM0
- Abortion Foes Win Ruling on Election Finance MountainLaure... Tue Oct-11-05 10:59 PM3
- Abortion Foes' Dilemma: Confront or Cooperate? question ever... Tue Nov-11-08 05:45 PM2
- Abortion is Genocide [View All] Mallifica Fri Jun-17-05 10:58 PM34
- Abortion Issue Again Dividing Catholic Votes groovedaddy Fri Nov-07-08 04:18 PM8
- Abortion opponents hold vigil (Omaha) Omaha Steve Mon Aug-02-10 07:26 AM2
- Abortion Opponents Tell of Their Journey to the Streets tonysam Sat Oct-10-09 02:34 PM5
- Abortion Protest Tests New Bellevue Rules (story includes video) Omaha Steve Tue Apr-28-09 09:48 PM6
- abortion question (Poll) [View All] Kenneth ken Mon Jun-20-05 02:31 PM77
- Abortion Question - - Please Help [View All] nacdemocrat18 Wed Mar-19-08 08:19 PM27
- ABORTION question: it's not about the PREGNANCY [View All] nashville_bro... Wed Sep-07-05 01:56 PM82
- Abortion rights activist backs Edwards waiting for h... Wed Jan-17-07 01:33 PM1
- Abortion Rights Group in VA Skips Endorsement Southpaw Book... Tue Aug-23-05 09:17 AM2
- Abortion Rights on the Ballot, Again groovedaddy Sat Nov-08-08 12:23 PM2
- Abortion Rights, Labor and the Left Modern School Fri Jul-29-11 02:24 AM12
- Abortion Rights? Violet_Crumbl... Tue Apr-05-05 03:11 AM16
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