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- Abortion 'does not raise' mental health risk (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Started: Dec-10 12:59 PM5
- In Astounding Move, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Overrules FDA Recommendation musette_sf Started: Dec-07 03:10 PM6
- ewly elected state Sen. Dick Black once called birth control "baby pesticide," uppityperson Started: Nov-30 06:56 PM3
- salib Started: Nov-29 12:08 PM4
- Trial over Plan B prescriptions begins Monday (Olympia, WA) uppityperson Started: Nov-28 09:53 PM6
- You want to see something really scary? NMMNG Started: Nov-28 06:22 PM6
- If your son came to you and said partner was going to have an abortion, what would you say/do [View All] uppityperson Started: Nov-15 03:56 PM30
- If your daughter came to you and said she was going to have an abortion, what would you say/do? [View All] uppityperson Started: Nov-15 03:48 PM31
- Toon - Updated Initiative 26 n2doc Started: Nov-11 09:37 AM3
- toon -Police Jurisdiction n2doc Started: Nov-10 10:45 AM5
- Mississippi defeats "personhood" amendment! LAGC Started: Nov-09 02:15 AM10
- Toon- American Taliban n2doc Started: Nov-07 07:21 PM0
- My theory of why the republicans are anti choice crumb77 Started: Nov-05 06:27 AM15
- Congress picks up birth control battle MountainLaure... Started: Nov-02 11:11 AM2
- Toon - The Personhood Movement n2doc Started: Nov-01 10:23 AM7
- MountainLaure... Started: Oct-30 12:31 PM16
- n2doc Started: Oct-26 10:46 AM6
- Toon: This lifestyle is a choice! n2doc Started: Oct-24 07:43 AM9
- Rick Santorum pledges to defund contraception MountainLaure... Started: Oct-19 03:57 PM11
- Grey's Anatomy: Breaking the Silence on Abortion PeaceNikki Started: Oct-02 02:42 PM17
- The Hyde Amendment at 35: Lessons for Activists Arger68 Started: Sep-28 08:03 PM0
- toon -Then Get one! n2doc Started: Sep-24 04:30 PM5
- I've asked pro choice organizations for help with my campaign Omaha Steve Started: Sep-18 02:32 PM2
- Fetuses First Perceive Pain at 35 to 37 Weeks, Study Suggests [View All] Omaha Steve Started: Sep-16 09:04 PM23
- For many, "Pro-Choice" is not the same thing as "Legal Abortion" vets74 Started: Sep-08 06:24 PM11
- Family Discussions On Choice - Not Good? Kath1 Started: Sep-05 07:53 PM9
- Idaho woman challenges abortion laws after prosecution uppityperson Started: Aug-31 01:06 PM3
- Judge tosses much of state's new sonogram law w8liftinglady Started: Aug-30 05:46 PM1
- Texas Is Hell On Women and Horses: Talking Point To Use On Slick Rick Vogon_Glory Started: Aug-22 09:47 AM6
- Choice Tipring Started: Aug-21 09:53 PM7
- DNA evidence from aborted fetus is key to aggravated rape conviction in NO MountainLaure... Started: Aug-12 02:38 PM4
- Pro-Life Liberals are Different to Conservatives and are Not Threatening millych3 Started: Jul-30 07:09 AM9
- 5 States with the Worst Abortion Laws millych3 Started: Jul-29 04:20 AM3
- Wisconsin state health website steers women toward faith-based pregnancy center PeaceNikki Started: Jul-28 04:35 PM7
- Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow Says No Abortion For Women If Men Object [View All] alp227 Started: Jul-24 07:32 PM21
- Abortion Rights, Labor and the Left Modern School Started: Jul-21 03:32 PM12
- The Bible and Abortion Rozlee Started: Jul-14 12:52 PM11
- Roe v. Wade coming to a theater near you. Rozlee Started: Jul-11 01:01 PM5
- Wichita Doctor Takes Up Fight for Abortions groovedaddy Started: Jul-11 11:10 AM0
- Big news Omaha Steve Started: Jul-08 09:09 PM1
- Toon: Violated by My Uncle and His Creepy Friends n2doc Started: Jun-30 08:19 AM1
- Is abortion for the purpose of sex selection immoral? [View All] Pterodactyl Started: Jun-20 08:19 PM70
- Catholic bishop says Brazilian rape victims lie about rape to get a legal abortion. And more. Commie Pinko ... Started: Jun-20 01:13 PM4
- New billboard: "The most dangerous place for a LATINO is in the womb" alp227 Started: Jun-08 01:08 PM5
- Choice: We had a discussion here on DU a few years ago dmr Started: Jun-07 12:49 AM10
- The Return of Back-Alley Abortions MountainLaure... Started: Jun-06 02:00 PM3
- House votes to ban funding of abortion training n2doc Started: May-31 04:36 PM2
- Lawmaker Says Women Should Plan Ahead in Case of Rape, Since He Carries A Spare Tire ehrnst Started: May-24 07:44 AM11
- Senate GOP would fine, imprison doctors who don't notify parents of abortion procedure alp227 Started: May-19 05:34 PM5
- H.R. 3- The war on Women Continues n2doc Started: May-04 03:05 PM3
- Woman attempts suicide and eventually caused live baby's death. Sadena Meti Started: Apr-28 09:12 PM18
- Ku Klux Klan Says It Doesn't Condone Tea Party or Koran Burning sasha031 Started: Apr-28 09:43 AM3
- Self-deleted by member Sadena Meti Started: Apr-28 09:36 AM2
- Louisiana v. Roe n2doc Started: Apr-26 11:14 AM6
- Exactly. n2doc Started: Apr-15 06:13 AM2
- DC Abortion Fund is scrambling to raise funds taken from 28 women on Medicaid ehrnst Started: Apr-14 06:13 PM1
- The Budget Compromise: Planned Parenthood Saved, D.C. Abortion Ban Reinstated (here it is) Omaha Steve Started: Apr-12 05:23 PM0
- Why is this topic forum called the "Choice" forum? OneTenthofOne... Started: Apr-12 05:18 PM8
- Obama gave up abortion in D.C. to balance the budget! Omaha Steve Started: Apr-12 05:15 PM16
- Nebraska's Controversial Abortion Law Now Being Copied Nationwide Omaha Steve Started: Apr-11 05:41 PM0
- Women of Florida! Incorporate your Uterus! Warpy Started: Apr-06 11:43 AM1
- GOP White House Hopefuls Agree: No Planned Parenthood Funding alp227 Started: Apr-04 07:42 PM5
- Worst Ad Placement Ever Ian David Started: Mar-25 08:34 AM3
- You decide: Which anti-choicer takes the cake? alp227 Started: Mar-17 01:54 PM9
- Georgia Bill Would Allow Wrongful Death Suits on Behalf of Fetuses Omaha Steve Started: Mar-16 10:26 PM4
- "Late abortion: the new clash in the Choice Wars" uppityperson Started: Mar-04 09:22 PM7
- Why family planning matters Politicub Started: Mar-04 09:07 AM1
- George Carlin on Abortion LAGC Started: Feb-25 06:32 AM5
- Crisis Pregnancy Centres- I can't believe this is legal wickerwoman Started: Feb-17 02:19 PM8
- Concerns raised on abortion bill (by ACLU) Omaha Steve Started: Feb-16 08:00 AM1
- Ian David Started: Feb-13 09:08 AM1
- Are some women's abortions are less acceptable than others? [View All] uppityperson Started: Feb-07 06:28 PM24
- Arguments on Facebook about choice... SydneyBristow Started: Feb-06 12:39 AM12
- New York City has a 41% abortion rate, twice natl average, that hasn't budged alp227 Started: Feb-03 05:57 PM5
- Arizona state rep introduces bill requiring abortion seekers to acknowledge no racist/sexist motive alp227 Started: Feb-03 05:39 PM7
- Stand with Planned Parenthood "underage sex trafficking ring" Omaha Steve Started: Feb-02 12:38 AM4
- What is "life"? What is "personhood"? What is "choice"? [View All] uppityperson Started: Jan-25 07:59 PM117
- If there were a safe, inexpensive, and 100% effective contraceptive that PREVENTED conception ... [View All] Boojatta Started: Jan-23 10:10 PM25
- Happy Anniversary. uppityperson Started: Jan-22 03:39 PM2
- NYT: Lawmakers in Many States Pushing for Abortion Curbs Omaha Steve Started: Jan-21 11:00 PM3
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