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- Welcome to the DU Writing Group Skinner Admin Mon Oct-10-05 10:06 AM0
- Raising Little Tabby Jack BikeWriter Sun Nov-29-09 07:44 PM0
- Gypsies , Tramps and Thieves installment 2 Tit Thief mitchtv Thu Jan-31-08 02:46 PM0
- Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves installment 1: The Shrine mitchtv Tue Jan-29-08 07:40 PM2
- Help Keep Bookwoman Alive! Lithos Tue Dec-11-07 12:01 AM0
- Kazuko: My suitcase is heavy with emergency food supplies oneighty Tue Aug-09-05 06:31 PM3
- new member freedomchips looking for feedback katinmn Fri Oct-13-06 01:08 PM0
- Product placement comes to the fore (WGA & SAG protest!) Angry Girl Mon Nov-14-05 10:07 PM0
- "An Act Of Vengeance" by Isabel Allende Wetzelbill Thu Dec-22-05 10:59 AM0
- "Dancing in the Rain" Something I wrote several years ago. BikeWriter Wed Sep-27-06 02:02 PM10
- "Dead land merchant" (a semi-epic poem?) shadowknows69 Thu Aug-02-07 08:54 AM0
- "Humvee" shadowknows69 Tue Jul-10-07 02:32 PM0
- "I Can Hear You Now!" DavidD Mon Nov-21-05 11:02 PM0
- "I Write Like" kentauros Thu Jul-22-10 11:32 AM15
- "Ignore your feelings about your work"-- Annie Dillard carolinayello... Tue Jun-28-05 09:03 PM4
- "My First European Woman" CTyankee Mon Sep-07-09 05:19 PM5
- "Nobody ever got stronger by knocking someone else down, they just got higher." Kire Tue Sep-02-08 11:48 AM7
- "Point of View" in fiction writing. Which POV works best for you? CTyankee Sat Sep-26-09 11:35 PM16
- "Princess Linden's Sash" An excerpt from one of my books. BikeWriter Tue Apr-04-06 05:25 AM6
- "reduntant, or needless" Kire Sun Apr-24-05 12:42 AM1
- "Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne and King GreenPartyVot... Sat May-21-05 02:34 PM6
- "Sniper" shadowknows69 Sat Jul-21-07 10:50 AM0
- "The Razor" shadowknows69 Sun Jun-03-07 02:52 PM3
- "The semicolon is ugly, ugly as a tick on a dog's belly." Others disagree. Kire Mon Sep-19-05 07:49 PM4
- "This Empire Must Fall" shadowknows69 Thu Jul-05-07 06:01 PM0
- "Would of" or "would have"? Kire Sat Jun-17-06 09:09 PM10
- 'nother one bain_sidhe Mon Oct-17-05 10:12 AM9
- 'Write your story. Write your impressions. Write your life. That's how you connect.' Oeditpus Rex Wed Oct-29-08 08:26 PM0
- (1)nothing like a good cup of coffe. (2) Paul came in one day. (3) Once. flordehinojos Thu Jun-30-05 07:28 AM6
- (for the janitor boy- turned- man working as an office cleaner.) ncrainbowgrrl Sun Apr-23-06 04:54 AM3
- (New post-apocalyptic story, 2 gen. after crash, still untitled) AlienGirl Fri Sep-02-11 03:53 PM3
- ***Summer Squall*** [View All] CaliforniaPeg... Sun Nov-01-09 11:30 PM26
- . Tom Yossarian... Wed Aug-02-06 12:43 AM0
- . Orrex Thu Oct-05-06 07:38 AM5
- 2070 BloodForOil Thu Sep-29-05 11:47 PM5
- 72 Virgins hunter Fri Aug-18-06 07:17 PM0
- 81 years ago today, The Great Gatsby was published... joeybee12 Tue Apr-11-06 12:55 PM5
- 911: Does anyone have the text of this poem sfexpat2000 Sat Apr-23-05 01:29 AM11
- 99 Poems: A Contemporary Anthology for 2010 is out at Ozymanithrax Sun Aug-08-10 07:11 AM2
- A "Test Taste": Black Mesa Occulus Wed Feb-17-10 01:59 AM0
- A 4th of July thingie... Tom Yossarian... Tue Jul-04-06 03:19 PM0
- A Blister to My Eyes DavidD Fri Sep-08-06 07:38 AM1
- A book I contributed to comes out next week. Taxloss Sat Apr-08-06 04:53 PM10
- A brindled-and-white Great Dane named Lucy bertha katzen... Fri Aug-19-05 04:03 PM2
- A Burning Story About Little Eddie. oneighty Sat Mar-11-06 05:00 PM9
- A case of copyright Infringement. Swede Thu Nov-04-10 03:00 PM1
- A cathartic journey The Backlash ... Wed Mar-28-07 06:26 AM4
- A Cautionary Tale JitterbugPerf... Thu Mar-09-06 10:53 AM11
- A Child of the Spanish Civil War oneighty Sun Jun-26-05 08:49 AM4
- A Christmas story. Do you have one? oneighty Sat Mar-19-05 10:16 PM9
- A dear friend elleng Thu Apr-29-10 11:50 AM2
- A Fine and Private Place DavidDvorkin Mon Oct-19-09 10:38 PM1
- A hot iron under your butt [View All] nadinbrzezins... Fri Mar-27-09 10:38 PM20
- A Humorous Basic English Lesson - There, They're and Their undertakerliv... Wed Mar-02-11 06:45 PM0
- A letter from last year DemoTex Sun Mar-19-06 09:43 AM2
- A link to a short story I wrote for the local College... WCGreen Tue Apr-15-08 05:23 PM1
- A little encouragement, some advice, questions hyphenate Tue Aug-08-06 06:11 PM2
- A memory of things past JitterbugPerf... Tue Aug-16-05 06:29 PM8
- A minor bummer, writing-wise Orrex Thu Aug-05-10 10:35 PM9
- A minor pet peeve Orrex Wed May-06-09 09:43 AM5
- A new "Union Dues" story is available today BigMcLargehug... Thu Nov-16-06 09:39 AM0
- A new poem- "Albatross" WindRavenX Thu Apr-28-05 02:16 PM5
- a new poem- "The Snowstorm" [View All] WindRavenX Wed Feb-23-05 01:44 PM21
- A note on editing nadinbrzezins... Wed Jul-02-08 03:38 PM6
- A physician asked me to co-author a book katinmn Sun Apr-09-06 10:02 PM6
- A plug for a friend... websites for authors bain_sidhe Sat Apr-29-06 06:34 PM4
- A Poem I wrote a while back for a class. Found it cleaning up the computer... WCGreen Wed Dec-23-09 02:49 AM4
- A poem I wrote and needed to bookmark.. SoCalDem Tue Sep-20-05 03:06 PM9
- A poem in progress backtoblue Thu Jun-11-09 09:11 AM0
- A poem that totally sucks! oneighty Sat Dec-11-04 05:57 PM15
- A poem....The Thing That Would Not Heal Rising Phoeni... Sun May-31-09 02:03 PM0
- A Pox on the lounge.. No one wanted to write a communal story SoCalDem Tue Nov-13-07 10:04 PM3
- A Publisher Called Me Today orleans Mon Feb-09-09 04:09 PM3
- A question about intellectual property- asdjrocky Tue May-25-10 02:15 PM11
- A question about speech-to-text programs...anyone have experience or insight? Drum Tue Oct-30-07 08:38 AM2
- A ramble... timeforarevol... Sat Sep-22-07 05:37 AM6
- A recent short story Nikia Sun Jun-12-05 06:54 PM7
- A sci-fi, political short story I wrote a few years ago nuxvomica Wed Jan-28-09 09:32 AM2
- A Screenplay: Chess sakabatou Fri Sep-08-06 01:22 PM6
- A series... Tom Yossarian... Wed Mar-15-06 07:20 PM7
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