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- Welcome to the DU Writing Group Skinner Admin Mon Oct-10-05 10:06 AM0
- So, what do you write? [View All] GreenPartyVot... Sun Oct-16-05 09:28 AM135
- How do you even begin to write a book? [View All] Dem Agog Sat Apr-23-05 01:02 PM82
- On his lunchbreak [View All] Orrex Sun May-18-08 08:21 AM72
- Writing My First Novel -- Have A Question -- [View All] Tuesday After... Thu Apr-10-08 09:51 PM60
- This thread will be published as a book [View All] sweetheart Tue May-22-07 11:53 AM50
- Journalists or ex-journalists check in [View All] HEyHEY Sat Oct-31-09 12:28 AM48
- Pen, typewriter, or computer? [View All] Finnfan Sun Feb-13-05 11:01 AM47
- Need recommendations for books about writing fiction [View All] kainah Sat Aug-27-05 01:42 AM45
- The Game...........caution; this gets explicit! You have been warned.... [View All] CaliforniaPeg... Mon Aug-21-06 02:27 PM44
- Where Did You Learn To Write Well? [View All] NashVegas Sat Feb-27-10 09:16 PM43
- Post your poetry thread! [View All] St. Jarvitude Wed Feb-09-05 02:24 AM41
- Screenwriters check in! [View All] Emboldened Ch... Sun Aug-28-05 03:14 AM39
- What's your connect to writing... (Poll) [View All] Pepperbelly Fri Feb-04-05 07:53 PM38
- Your friends here at DU have launched our new online literary magazine! [View All] joeybee12 Wed Mar-15-06 11:22 PM35
- What is harder: Writing fiction or writing non-fiction? (Poll) [View All] WilliamPitt Mon Feb-14-05 10:37 PM34
- Does the current political situation keep you from writing? [View All] fugue Sat Jan-29-05 07:30 PM33
- Anybody for Haiku? [View All] marions ghost Tue May-24-05 07:21 PM32
- Fear of a blank page. Any suggestions? [View All] MostlyLurks Tue Feb-28-06 12:07 PM31
- So, who's writing their novel this November? [View All] Rabrrrrrr Thu Dec-22-05 10:00 AM26
- ***Summer Squall*** [View All] CaliforniaPeg... Sun Nov-01-09 11:30 PM26
- Can you write a 50.000-word novel in 30 days? [View All] Subdivisions Wed Dec-01-10 10:40 AM26
- I like to write, but I'm horribly self conscious. [View All] Kraklen Sun Aug-21-05 05:39 PM25
- Tears of Amaterasu is complete [View All] BigMcLargehug... Thu Feb-17-05 02:13 PM24
- Here it is, about 1961 in Cleveland [View All] WCGreen Sat Nov-26-05 09:28 PM24
- When you prepare yourself to write...Do you... [View All] clintonlover Wed Sep-21-05 11:18 PM23
- Unpublished writers! Interested in starting an on-line literary magazine? [View All] joeybee12 Fri Jan-27-06 04:19 PM23
- My newest poem....**Caution! Erotic content!** [View All] CaliforniaPeg... Wed Nov-21-07 01:10 AM23
- Anyone interested in a critique circle? [View All] politicat Wed Nov-17-04 08:49 PM22
- Yes! Another Poem Thread! Darkly. [View All] oneighty Tue Dec-07-04 09:53 PM22
- How can I motivate myself to edit the book I wrote? [View All] Revolutionary... Tue Feb-01-05 10:31 AM21
- a new poem- "The Snowstorm" [View All] WindRavenX Wed Feb-23-05 01:44 PM21
- Frig It. I'm Going to Post These Here For Y'all to Rip At. [View All] WritingIsMyRe... Tue Jul-18-06 04:36 PM21
- Another subject [View All] hyphenate Sat Jun-24-06 06:55 PM21
- Unfinished Nanowrimo novelists check in... [View All] nuxvomica Sun Mar-07-10 07:37 PM21
- Oh boy! I guess. My book is copyrighted. [View All] oneighty Tue Nov-16-04 09:16 AM20
- Unpublishable 2: Shapeshifting space alien monkeys [View All] undisclosedlo... Sat Aug-13-05 02:23 AM20
- anyone interested in a virtual poetry workshop? [View All] noiretblu Tue Mar-22-05 04:58 AM20
- Potential controversy in the Writers forum! A thought about the modern use of description. [View All] Writer Thu Mar-08-07 11:53 AM20
- Question--helping a friend with a novel he's going to self-publish [View All] MorningGlow Wed Feb-13-08 08:00 PM20
- A hot iron under your butt [View All] nadinbrzezins... Fri Mar-27-09 10:38 PM20
- The Veteran oneighty Wed Jul-27-05 05:56 PM19
- How do you know if you've got something good? Droopy Sat Mar-10-07 01:39 PM19
- Would/Has anyone used an agent for short stories? joeybee12 Wed May-18-05 06:50 PM18
- what are some of your biggest reason to procrastinate writing? Blue_Roses Mon Apr-11-05 10:42 PM18
- I Need Your Opinion On This Please (Be Gentle) AutumnMist Sat May-07-05 10:39 PM18
- The biggest problem with my writing... Orrex Tue Aug-16-05 02:40 PM18
- Steven Spielberg is evil DavidD Sun Mar-11-07 01:09 AM18
- An odd side effect of a garage sale find... Orrex Mon Aug-25-08 11:24 AM18
- Writing secrets for beginners The Backlash ... Sat Mar-28-09 09:47 PM18
- My first novel is now out for the Kindle and the Nook. Pab Sungenis Thu Jul-14-11 02:23 AM18
- Advice from reader/editors which proved to be near useless. The Backlash ... Mon Oct-24-11 03:27 PM18
- Novice writing sample-please critique... Longgrain Sun Jan-30-05 03:54 PM17
- Gotta brag -- my wife's new book DavidD Tue Sep-06-05 10:30 PM17
- Are these Metaphors bad or good? Kire Fri Jun-24-05 03:12 AM17
- How do you make yourself a better writer? thecorrection Tue Jan-24-06 12:47 PM17
- Where do you get your ideas? DavidD Wed Aug-29-07 01:46 AM17
- Please be gentle, since it is my first post in the Writing Group Haole Girl Sat Feb-20-10 09:13 PM17
- Help! Left Is Write Thu Dec-30-04 07:32 PM16
- My first novel has an agent! pabsungenis Thu Jan-01-09 06:48 PM16
- "Point of View" in fiction writing. Which POV works best for you? CTyankee Sat Sep-26-09 11:35 PM16
- Who here writes for real? icymist Sat Aug-20-11 05:44 PM16
- Experimenting with dialect, being a true story concerning a cat. oneighty Sun Nov-21-04 10:09 PM15
- Submissions Sought | please spread the word.... nostamj Fri Jan-14-05 11:15 AM15
- A poem that totally sucks! oneighty Sat Dec-11-04 05:57 PM15
- Music or silence? lapislzi Sun Jan-30-05 07:48 PM15
- You can give a cat Benedryl (a true story) arnheim Tue Jan-25-05 04:04 PM15
- Excerpts from a book I am never going to write. oneighty Sun May-08-05 04:42 PM15
- From the book I am never going to write oneighty Mon May-16-05 03:00 PM15
- How do you deal with rejection? Der Blaue Eng... Sat May-21-05 12:27 PM15
- Scriptapalooza - con or great opportunity? (or both?) Shipwack Sat Sep-17-05 01:28 PM15
- How many of you writers live with depression? Writer Mon Jul-02-07 01:40 AM15
- My new book is out--a biography of Fred MacMurray book_worm Thu Dec-06-07 03:53 PM15
- the end of the beginning -- wildhorses Sun Nov-04-07 02:09 PM15
- Feedback, please. Starbucks Ana... Sun Dec-30-07 01:05 AM15
- Three months in to nanowrimo decided to play nadinbrzezins... Sun Nov-29-09 06:52 PM15
- Why do you write? Haole Girl Tue Jun-22-10 05:30 PM15
- What's the best way to get a first novel published? nuxvomica Thu May-06-10 11:02 PM15
- "I Write Like" kentauros Thu Jul-22-10 11:32 AM15
- Please give my your opinion... Haole Girl Thu Oct-14-10 11:58 PM15
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