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- Welcome to the DU Writing Group Skinner Admin Mon Oct-10-05 10:06 AM0
- I do coverage in NYC- anyone work for a co. that's hiring? 212demop Mon Dec-06-04 02:25 PM2
- Elegant quote (by Aubrey Menen) that JFK used ailsagirl Sun May-22-05 04:03 PM3
- How do you maintain your inspiration? ALago1 Fri Dec-31-04 06:01 PM9
- A short experimental poem ALago1 Tue Jan-04-05 12:04 PM0
- Is this opening paragraph for a short story compelling? ALago1 Wed Feb-02-05 05:32 PM6
- Experiment in One Paragraph alcibiades_my... Mon Sep-04-06 01:13 AM1
- Pieces of Him AlienGirl Sat Aug-20-05 05:27 PM6
- Does anyone know a good agent? AlienGirl Thu Dec-22-05 12:59 AM11
- The story I'll probably never finish, but enjoy writing sometimes AlienGirl Wed Jan-13-10 06:51 PM6
- Past Peak: A Story of the Near Future AlienGirl Mon Feb-22-10 03:21 PM9
- Invasion of the Cute Squad AlienGirl Sun Dec-20-09 02:21 PM0
- (New post-apocalyptic story, 2 gen. after crash, still untitled) AlienGirl Fri Sep-02-11 03:53 PM3
- Lying Down, my first ever effort! AmandaRuth Tue Jun-07-05 08:57 PM1
- Does anybody have an AP Stylebook handy? amybhole Thu Oct-05-06 03:56 PM5
- What is it with right-wing writers and sex? Libby wrote this book... Angry Girl Wed Nov-02-05 03:47 PM2
- Product placement comes to the fore (WGA & SAG protest!) Angry Girl Mon Nov-14-05 10:07 PM0
- Any editors/proofreaders here? AngryOldDem Sat Dec-15-07 09:14 PM1
- The Proof - a poem antigone382 Fri Dec-17-04 11:17 PM7
- You can give a cat Benedryl (a true story) arnheim Tue Jan-25-05 04:04 PM15
- A question about intellectual property- asdjrocky Tue May-25-10 02:15 PM11
- Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 ashling Mon Sep-08-08 06:43 PM9
- I've been standing outside with my ear to the door ashling Sat Apr-17-10 11:03 AM8
- Can I get a little constructive criticism? auburngrad82 Thu Jan-10-08 06:48 PM2
- Essay- My Friend the Alien auburngrad82 Tue Jan-29-08 10:55 PM1
- I Need Your Opinion On This Please (Be Gentle) AutumnMist Sat May-07-05 10:39 PM18
- would you mind critiquing my internet article? I'd really appreciate any AZDemDist6 Sat Mar-18-06 11:30 PM14
- journal entry day 1. backtoblue Tue Jun-09-09 11:17 AM0
- A poem in progress backtoblue Thu Jun-11-09 09:11 AM0
- fun flash fiction bain_sidhe Sat Oct-22-05 11:56 PM12
- 'nother one bain_sidhe Mon Oct-17-05 10:12 AM9
- A plug for a friend... websites for authors bain_sidhe Sat Apr-29-06 06:34 PM4
- Online publishing award bain_sidhe Sat Apr-29-06 11:13 PM0
- Forums and online resources BamaGirl Tue Jul-05-05 12:47 PM2
- Interesting blog... BamaGirl Fri Nov-07-08 05:57 PM0
- My Research Paper On William Faulkner BamaLefty Tue Apr-05-05 04:30 PM6
- An Essay of Mine: An Analysis of "Sinners In The Hands of an Angry God" BamaLefty Tue May-03-05 10:21 AM4
- submitting a short, short story BanzaiBonnie Sat Aug-14-10 11:18 PM4
- Connections - another small fiction piece BanzaiBonnie Thu Aug-26-10 08:42 AM2
- White Rose looking for writers... benburch Sat Feb-26-05 06:16 PM11
- A brindled-and-white Great Dane named Lucy bertha katzen... Fri Aug-19-05 04:03 PM2
- Novel Excerpt (VERY Graphic) BigMcLargehug... Mon Nov-22-04 05:14 PM6
- Tears of Amaterasu is complete [View All] BigMcLargehug... Thu Feb-17-05 02:13 PM24
- Fiction sample BigMcLargehug... Fri Oct-07-05 11:16 AM6
- Which opening has more punch? (Poll) BigMcLargehug... Mon Oct-31-05 10:07 AM3
- My first professional fiction sale was published today! BigMcLargehug... Tue Nov-15-05 05:16 PM11
- Which ending is more powerful? (Poll) BigMcLargehug... Mon Nov-14-05 01:46 AM1
- My third professional sale will be posted Dec 1 at BigMcLargehug... Fri Nov-18-05 06:49 PM1
- read a published piece of mine today :) BigMcLargehug... Thu Dec-01-05 08:54 AM0
- my newest short story, Ambient Sleaze, is available for free download BigMcLargehug... Wed Mar-22-06 08:53 AM2
- New Story posted today at Escape Pod BigMcLargehug... Thu Apr-13-06 07:07 AM0
- Burden of Bushido: Emerald Treasure of the Thuggee Assassins (part 1) BigMcLargehug... Fri Apr-28-06 09:11 AM0
- New "Union Dues" story posted today at Escape Pod BigMcLargehug... Mon Jul-17-06 03:11 PM1
- A new "Union Dues" story is available today BigMcLargehug... Thu Nov-16-06 09:39 AM0
- Okay. I just found this forum. I've been in the political trenches bigtree Sun Nov-21-04 10:13 PM4
- I'd love to get the courage to jump back into this one . . . bigtree Tue Nov-08-05 01:25 PM3
- Anyone want to read a story of mine? bigtree Mon Oct-09-06 12:43 PM2
- bigtree Fri Dec-01-06 10:18 PM1
- "Dancing in the Rain" Something I wrote several years ago. BikeWriter Wed Sep-27-06 02:02 PM10
- "Princess Linden's Sash" An excerpt from one of my books. BikeWriter Tue Apr-04-06 05:25 AM6
- The first page of my western book. BikeWriter Tue Jul-18-06 04:24 PM12
- Rescued or Ensnared by a Siren? This is an excerpt from a book I'm writing. BikeWriter Wed Nov-25-09 09:41 PM0
- Anyone doing erotic writing here? BikeWriter Mon Nov-30-09 10:48 PM3
- Raising Little Tabby Jack BikeWriter Sun Nov-29-09 07:44 PM0
- God (a story) BloodForOil Sat May-21-05 05:56 PM8
- 2070 BloodForOil Thu Sep-29-05 11:47 PM5
- I have to choose a (new) pseudonym. It's tough. Advice? BlueIris Wed Mar-08-06 11:07 AM5
- It's been asked before, but: deadlines. Work for you, or not? (Poll) BlueIris Mon Jan-22-07 09:36 AM3
- Does anyone here know the source of that quote about writing... BlueIris Fri Jan-19-07 07:10 PM0
- Will your title make for a best-seller? Use this form to find out! BlueIris Wed Mar-18-09 09:51 PM8
- True or False: If you tell a story before you write it, even in outline, you kill it. (Poll) BlueIris Sat Dec-19-09 01:12 AM14
- What common writing exercises just do not work for you? BlueIris Fri Jul-24-09 12:04 AM1
- Should I write a story on this? BlueStorm Sun Nov-26-06 04:36 PM4
- Anyone write children's books? Blue_Roses Sun Jan-16-05 06:05 PM5
- what are some of your biggest reason to procrastinate writing? Blue_Roses Mon Apr-11-05 10:42 PM18
- Do you ever go to "Writers Digest" ? Blue_Roses Fri Mar-11-05 11:37 AM1
- have you ever started a story Blue_Roses Wed Jul-20-05 09:19 PM13
- Damn, damn, damn, I can't get my story to come up Blue_Roses Thu Apr-28-05 02:04 PM5
- How do you go about applying to write for a magazine ? Blue_Roses Sat May-28-05 12:34 PM2
- What books inspire you to write? Blue_Roses Thu Jun-07-07 09:45 AM3
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