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- The vilification of modern religion drove the left from the church, and/or the church from the left. [View All] nomb Fri Aug-26-11 05:16 PM258
- 52 Facebook Friends Removed Themselves Overnight..... [View All] rsmith6621 Tue Sep-06-11 12:00 PM245
- Atheist group criticizes Christianity, Bible verses [View All] rug Sat Sep-24-11 09:19 PM212
- Atheist Activist Participating In Local Parade Is Attacked By A Muslim [View All] cleanhippie Mon Oct-17-11 04:21 PM203
- You want to see a hard core Red State wedding? [View All] bluestateguy Mon Dec-05-11 01:36 AM190
- Coexist? [View All] NMMNG Tue Oct-25-11 08:50 PM173
- Can anyone provide even a single example of any knowledge gained by some "other way of knowing?" [View All] cleanhippie Tue Nov-15-11 01:15 AM172
- Happy Blasphemy Day!!!!..... [View All] madmom Sun Oct-02-11 05:36 PM161
- A Philosopher of Religion Calls it Quits [View All] cleanhippie Sat Aug-20-11 07:35 PM161
- Positive side of Christianity [View All] MellowOne Mon Sep-12-11 01:01 PM158
- Different ways of knowing? [View All] cleanhippie Sat Nov-12-11 02:49 AM157
- Great new billboard from American Atheists [View All] No Joe Thu Nov-24-11 10:13 AM153
- Atheists protest at a Creation Museum in California [View All] cleanhippie Wed Oct-05-11 06:20 PM147
- How do people who profess Christianity defend the death penalty? [View All] FLAprogressiv... Sun Sep-25-11 09:45 PM147
- OK - if Anders Breivik WAS NOT a "Real Christian," then what was he? (Poll) [View All] Taverner Fri Aug-12-11 06:54 PM146
- "The Roots of Hatred and Bigotry Against Atheists" column [View All] MarkCharles Wed Nov-30-11 06:52 PM142
- What does it mean to "know" something? To have knowledge? [View All] Silent3 Wed Nov-30-11 01:09 PM141
- I just returned [View All] Thats my opin... Fri Nov-25-11 04:02 PM136
- Science belongs to the religious too [View All] rug Mon Oct-24-11 03:00 PM136
- For those who claim Jesus did not exist listen to Bart Ehrman - the unbeliever. [View All] humblebum Wed Sep-21-11 08:12 PM129
- A Christian confronts my 13-year-old daughter [View All] kag Tue Sep-13-11 02:20 PM129
- The Persistent And Incorrect Belief That Atheism Is A Religion [View All] cleanhippie Fri Oct-07-11 09:16 AM122
- I can't choose to NOT be an atheist-but-- [View All] digonswine Sat Aug-13-11 12:27 PM119
- Sinclair Lewis got it right... [View All] cleanhippie Sat Nov-19-11 12:01 PM119
- Intelligent Design: Atheists to the Rescue [View All] rug Mon Dec-05-11 11:19 AM119
- Not a single example of knowledge gained from some "other way of knowing" has been produced. [View All] cleanhippie Wed Nov-23-11 06:26 PM114
- DU skeptics don't make thread after thread attacking astrology because [View All] ZombieHorde Tue Nov-01-11 11:31 PM114
- What is Your Argument Against God? [View All] cleanhippie Wed Sep-07-11 01:40 PM109
- Atheist Billboards in Brazil pull no punches [View All] pokerfan Fri Aug-05-11 06:31 PM108
- Atheist display: Skeleton Santa nailed to a cross [View All] rug Sat Dec-10-11 05:28 PM108
- The Most Effective Argument for Atheism That I've Ever Seen [View All] rug Mon Sep-19-11 08:40 PM107
- 10 Myths Many Religious People Hold About Atheists, Debunked [View All] SecularMotion Sun Sep-18-11 12:24 AM105
- Can a Christian please list what are Christian values? [View All] Humanist_Acti... Mon Aug-01-11 08:08 PM104
- Are the details of your religion important to you? [View All] Silent3 Mon Sep-26-11 08:06 PM103
- Is it just me or has "rabid" now segued into "militant"? [View All] Fumesucker Tue Sep-20-11 08:32 PM102
- Why All Religions Are Scams [View All] cleanhippie Thu Sep-01-11 06:21 PM100
- Cross Removed From Whiteville Tower; Sort Of [View All] rug Tue Nov-01-11 01:16 AM100
- another catholic priest scandal [View All] Liberal_in_LA Thu Oct-20-11 05:20 PM98
- Art, Math, Science, Engineering, Religion are different fields with different ways of knowing things (Poll) [View All] bananas Fri Nov-25-11 04:35 PM98
- Science as religion [View All] rug Mon Nov-14-11 10:13 PM97
- Why Assaulting Religion With Science Is Nuts [View All] tinrobot Fri Oct-21-11 12:05 PM96
- Is atheism an inherently bigoted belief system? (Poll) [View All] laconicsax Sun Nov-06-11 08:29 AM96
- Delighting in Hell. [View All] MarkCharles Sun Nov-20-11 12:43 AM96
- MILITARY: Atheist group objects to memorial cross at Camp Pendleton [View All] rug Tue Nov-22-11 04:46 PM94
- I like Jesus. How about you? [View All] socialshockwa... Mon Oct-10-11 12:09 PM93
- Half of New Testament forged, Bible scholar says [View All] cleanhippie Thu Sep-22-11 05:10 PM92
- [View All] cleanhippie Fri Oct-28-11 07:47 AM90
- Why are insults so acceptable here? [View All] Rainbowreflec... Fri Nov-25-11 10:21 AM89
- Has the religion/theology forum been invaded by atheists? [View All] MarkCharles Thu Nov-10-11 08:56 AM89
- Can religion tell us more than science? [View All] rug Fri Sep-23-11 05:47 AM87
- The New Atheism [View All] rug Mon Aug-29-11 04:11 PM87
- Protecting Native American Sacred Sites [View All] rug Wed Nov-02-11 02:29 PM86
- I, for one, am glad there are no more "magic" or "miracles" [View All] Taverner Sat Aug-13-11 12:15 PM86
- Is the presence of Nazareth in the New Testament an anachronism? [View All] ChadwickHenry... Sat Oct-08-11 02:19 PM85
- Christians Are Forcing Their Beliefs on People With Ground Zero Cross [View All] SecularMotion Tue Aug-02-11 08:52 AM85
- Penn Jillette's 10 Commandments for atheists [View All] DonCoquixote Fri Nov-04-11 03:46 PM84
- Are atheists morally superior, more intelligent, or more mentally sound compared to theists? [View All] rug Mon Aug-01-11 06:07 PM84
- Why the New Atheism is a boys' club [View All] rug Wed Sep-28-11 08:14 AM84
- Memo to Religious People: Many Atheists Don't Want to Hear That Their Loved Ones "Are in Heaven" [View All] SecularMotion Wed Aug-24-11 11:28 PM84
- Shouldn't this forum be re-labeled "Science versus any and all faiths"? [View All] MarkCharles Sat Dec-10-11 08:49 PM83
- If the God of the bible were real, then I'd want everything to do with his destruction [View All] Taverner Tue Aug-09-11 12:28 AM83
- Disbelief Is Not a Choice [View All] cleanhippie Sat Sep-17-11 03:07 AM83
- With the 99% ers [View All] Thats my opin... Tue Oct-18-11 05:34 PM83
- Is being an Atheist genetic? "I did not choose to be an Atheist" article... [View All] MarkCharles Sun Nov-13-11 10:51 AM83
- If I tell a Christian I am an Atheist, 7 times out of 10 they see red [View All] Taverner Wed Sep-14-11 08:02 PM82
- Another fucked up execution: Saudi Arabia beheads a man for "sorcery". [View All] backscatter71... Sun Sep-25-11 04:36 PM81
- The Doctrine Of Willful Ignorance [View All] cleanhippie Wed Oct-12-11 02:50 AM81
- Religion Relies on Social Consent [View All] cleanhippie Thu Oct-20-11 11:45 AM81
- The church confesses a terrible evil [View All] Thats my opin... Fri Sep-30-11 09:19 PM80
- What's God Up To Now? [View All] LAGC Sun Aug-21-11 03:51 PM78
- Spectrum of theistic probability [View All] War Horse Sun Oct-30-11 10:38 PM77
- NY elementary school teacher apologizes to 2nd grade classroom after telling them there is no Santa [View All] cleanhippie Thu Dec-08-11 12:02 PM77
- Why I Am Not An Atheist [View All] rug Fri Aug-12-11 07:42 AM77
- Welcome, Atheists. But, Really, Why Are You Here? [View All] rug Sat Oct-22-11 12:34 PM75
- The concept of cherished beliefs is an odd one, and indeed dangerous as well... [View All] Humanist_Acti... Fri Nov-04-11 12:06 AM75
- Majority of American Catholics support transgender rights [View All] rug Sun Nov-13-11 06:57 PM75
- OWS adopt code of ethics [View All] Thats my opin... Sat Nov-19-11 11:03 AM75
- Atheists' Billboard Falsely Attributes Quote To Thomas Jefferson [View All] Sal316 Fri Oct-28-11 11:47 PM74
- The MANY WAYS TO GAIN OR ACCESS KNOWLEDGE! .... [View All] MarkCharles Tue Nov-08-11 10:33 PM74
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