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- Last one in DU2 Election Reform, please turn out the lights... demodonkey Started: Dec-10 09:25 PM7
- Report: NY State Voting Machines Really Suck (Mother Jones) Bill Bored Started: Dec-08 07:52 PM12
- !!!New optical-scan voting devices confused New Yorkers and led to tossing of 60,000 votes!!! kpete Started: Dec-06 12:30 PM10
- RUSSIA: rigging was still there-it's just that the loss was so big it couldn't be disguised... kpete Started: Dec-05 11:14 AM5
- Hero Election Board Dismissed By Judge In Middle of Ongoing Investigation demodonkey Started: Dec-02 07:40 AM9
- SHAMEFUL: NY DEM Election Lawyer says recount should NOT be allowed! Bill Bored Started: Dec-01 01:54 AM3
- mod mom Started: Nov-29 10:23 PM4
- Onlne poll: Should ballots be publicly available (transparent) for counting after elections? Land Shark Started: Nov-28 05:28 PM13
- IVCS - any advocates know 1.a non-verbose info source about it long till it exists sam11111 Started: Nov-28 03:42 AM6
- Lawmakers meet SUNDAY to revisit Photo ID for North Carolina Voters - seriously! WillYourVoteB... Started: Nov-26 12:48 AM3
- Paper Ballot Election Results Flip in UT After 'Recount' Finds Original Tally 'Extremely' Wrong (X) kster Started: Nov-23 11:31 PM3
- Dark Money: "Americans Elect" Wants to Pick Candidates Via Internet Voting Bill Bored Started: Nov-21 08:36 PM6
- Disenfranchise No More groovedaddy Started: Nov-18 12:28 PM3
- Election officials and technical experts will participate in national discussion on Thursday SugarShack Started: Nov-17 01:11 AM0
- Franklin County Ohio NO Polling Stations Were Able to Print at the End of the Day mod mom Started: Nov-12 08:57 AM4
- What? No election results or discussion? Bill Bored Started: Nov-10 12:44 AM2
- Willie Brown is helping Ed Lee steal the SF mayor's race EFerrari Started: Nov-09 12:29 PM8
- Phillipsburg (NJ) man discovers voting machine error Kire Started: Nov-09 12:19 AM5
- Who Gets To Vote? groovedaddy Started: Nov-08 12:25 PM0
- Block the Vote: Ohio GOP Bars Early Voting to Suppress Pro-Labor Turnout kpete Started: Nov-07 09:56 AM10
- The BRAD BLOG's Recommended #OWS 'Demand'... BradBlog Started: Nov-04 03:28 PM5
- US Lab Says Electronic Voting Machines Easy to Hack OKIsItJustMe Started: Nov-02 04:29 PM5
- Rep. Keith Ellison: Introducing the Same Day Registration and Voter Access Protection Act kpete Started: Nov-02 09:49 AM7
- Microsoft researchers propose using crypto technique as temp Band-Aid for making e-voting secure. Renew Deal Started: Nov-01 10:54 AM9
- It only takes $26 to hack a voting machine X kster Started: Oct-27 11:13 PM4
- buying elections Thats my opin... Started: Oct-26 01:03 PM0
- GOP Election Director Calls Into 'Malloy Show' on Probs With PA County's E-Voting Systems MaggieTheVote... Started: Oct-20 11:04 AM7
- What is your ballot question? zacherystaylo... Started: Oct-18 11:35 AM3
- This is kind of on/off topic, but I need your help Kelvin Mace Started: Oct-17 01:10 PM7
- Sorry, your vote has been lost, hacked, miscast or recordered twice. Nov 2004 Popular Science Ellipsis Started: Oct-16 02:27 AM5
- Want to know why we should get rid of voting machines and have verifiable election counts? kster Started: Oct-16 01:10 AM0
- OH Supreme Court ruling throws 2012 elections into chaos mod mom Started: Oct-15 04:49 PM6
- Voter suppression in Ohio & HB 194 mod mom Started: Oct-14 09:43 AM1
- X-post: Republican manipulation of voting laws is only fair. bleever Started: Oct-13 10:57 AM2
- Demonstrators gather at Capitol to protest redistricting process (Utah struggle4prog... Started: Oct-04 12:27 PM1
- nashville_bro... Started: Oct-03 05:46 PM4
- Paper ltr to Sec of State Re: e voting Gari Started: Oct-03 11:23 AM0
- NC Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue Wants to Suspend the 2012 Elections! [View All] BanTheGOP Started: Sep-27 05:50 PM21
- DU this Fox News poll on Electronic Ballots, please Yellow Horse Started: Sep-27 12:49 PM3
- NPR: Voters May Face Slower Lines In 2012 Elections Wilms Started: Sep-26 06:57 PM7
- The Hidden Hands in Redistricting: Corporations and Other Powerful Interests mod mom Started: Sep-23 11:22 AM0
- Do New Voting Laws Suppress Fraud? Or Democrats? - NPR nashville_bro... Started: Sep-18 09:43 AM3
- FLA elections chief to OUTSOURCE processing of absentee ballots - Pasco Co. nashville_bro... Started: Sep-17 11:27 AM8
- This voter id thing would be funny if it wasn't true... Sancho Started: Sep-14 01:40 AM5
- The Obama administration has many praiseworthy accomplishments. BUT ... (x-p) Fly by night Started: Sep-08 08:10 AM0
- Sad News for Election Integrity: Demodonkey's Mother MaggieTheVote... Started: Aug-29 08:35 PM14
- Can anyone tell me how trustworthy is the Sequoia-AVC Edge II ? eowyn_of_roha... Started: Aug-16 08:35 AM18
- Hand Counted Paper Ballots Now! Here's just another reason why: In Truth We T... Started: Aug-14 09:48 PM6
- Bob Fitrakis discusses OH HB 194 w former OH SOS Jennifer Brunner tonight: mod mom Started: Aug-10 12:08 PM0
- Architectural Journal displays an election fraud cartoon: mod mom Started: Aug-09 06:43 PM7
- "Students Who Vote And Pay Out-Of-State Tuition Are Committing Voter Fraud" mod mom Started: Jul-27 07:59 AM6
- New Threat? For DU Investigation: "Americans Elect" snot Started: Jul-25 09:46 AM14
- Blast from the Past: Link to big ER news story BeFree Started: Jul-21 10:54 AM0
- Ok ER Forum Gurus: Our Last Chance BeFree Started: Jul-21 10:33 AM9
- Help me decide BeFree Started: Jul-21 10:06 AM5
- Thom Hartmann on election rigging, today mojowork_n Started: Jul-18 08:44 PM4
- BadgerKid Started: Jul-08 10:50 AM5
- The Influence Industry: Some campaigns point to donor numbers over dollars alp227 Started: Jul-06 10:40 PM2
- Now.. who still believes voting isn't rigged?---Hacker allegedly breaches Florida voting database kpete Started: Jul-04 03:59 PM5
- Not all public campaign financing will raise Supreme Court ire alp227 Started: Jun-30 12:37 AM1
- Full 1984 Grand Jury Report Undermines Threat Of Voter Impersonation mod mom Started: Jun-24 10:01 AM4
- WaPo: A vote against voting mod mom Started: Jun-22 11:33 AM1
- Florida's New Anti-Voter Fraud Law Eligibility Requirements kpete Started: Jun-21 05:55 PM3
- [View All] kpete Started: Jun-17 05:20 PM22
- Aides To Former Maryland Gov Indicted For Ordering Calls To Suppress Votes kpete Started: Jun-17 09:49 AM1
- Court Backs FEC on Disclosure struggle4prog... Started: Jun-16 10:25 PM1
- Election Reform; controlled by the public. zacherystaylo... Started: Jun-10 11:15 AM3
- DIRTY TRICKS: Ozaukee Republican files to run as Democrat kpete Started: Jun-10 10:41 AM15
- It's been a while - I posted a video in DU youtube which some oldtimers may find interesting.... althecat Started: Jun-10 07:39 AM3
- They Want to Make Voting Harder? (NYT editorial 5 June) struggle4prog... Started: Jun-09 01:51 PM1
- Endorsing Obama's Executive Order PACmenDotOrg Started: Jun-07 07:12 PM2
- toon kpete Started: Jun-04 10:55 AM3
- Wisconsin Anomaly 2011, a recount reflection. L. Coyote Started: May-31 09:38 PM0
- FL: Elections supervisors in key counties refuse to implement Rick Scott's new law kpete Started: May-31 05:01 PM2
- Anyone have info on where to see the kloppenburg press conference? and which time zone? robinlynne Started: May-31 11:10 AM4
- Eternal vigilance: In memorium and in preparation (x-p) Fly by night Started: May-29 07:47 AM0
- Elections supervisors in key Florida counties refuse to implement new (voter suppression) law seafan Started: May-27 08:58 PM7
- In honor of the real Rapture:driving the unholy Mother-frackers from within our sacred temples (x-p) Fly by night Started: May-22 08:30 PM0
- Come sign up in DU3. There were only 24 folks in the ER forum Melissa G Started: May-21 07:28 PM8
- If all y'all wonder why Tennessee's politics are so Reich-like, read this (long) exchange (x-p) Fly by night Started: May-20 01:35 PM2
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